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7 Struggles People Dating a Social Media Addict Often Face

The addiction is real hard...
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In present times, social media is everywhere and unavoidable. For some, it is an occasional fun escape or source of entertainment while for others it has become a way of life. And if you happen to be in a relationship with a social media addict, you must know that the challenge is real. Your partner’s obsession with social media can negatively influence your romantic relationship, especially when you don’t like to spend much time in the virtual world.

Here is a compilation of the common struggles that all the people would relate to who are in a relationship with a social media addict.

Food should be clicked before eating
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No matter how hungry you are or how tempting the meal looks that you’ve ordered, your social media addict partner won’t let you take a bite before clicking an insta-worthy picture of the food.

Because check-in jaroori hai
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Check-in at every fancy restaurant, market or movie theatre is a must for them. Because are you even doing it if the world doesn’t know about it.

Stress of getting maximum likes & comments
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The hours of thinking and analysing goes behind putting the perfect status update and keeping the check of likes and comments.

It’s hard to get their attention
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It’s almost impossible to get heard at once. Because your partner is too busy keeping track of what’s happening in the world via social media. If you’re really lucky, you may get his/her attention in the second go.

Nervous breakdown when phone’s battery is about to die
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Been there, seen that. Yes, the social media addicts are too close to get a nervous breakdown when their phone’s battery is about to die and they can’t find a charger.

Designated photographer at every party
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Too busy clicking pictures and making videos at parties that your partner often forgets to have fun with you.

Always tagging you in embarrassing photos
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Because for a social media addict, every moment, be it happy or sad has to be clicked and shared online for the world to know.

Well, raise your hands if you relate to these struggles and let us know in the comments section below.

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