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Nothing visualize love better than our very own Bollywood. Bollywood movies make us laugh till our stomach hurts, cry our eyeballs out, and of course make us fall in love with love. At, Bollywood love never goes out of trend. But what makes us feel the same emotion is the chemistry between two actors. Over the span of 106 years of Indian Cinema, we’ve seen hundreds of pairs making us believe in their emotions with their acting skills. It’s amazing to watch these talented people emote so many emotions and it isn’t even easy to make the audience feel it too, kudos to them!

There are quite a few pairings that hold a special place in our hearts. Reason being their on-screen chemistry is so on point that it’s hard to not believe they aren’t in love. Bollywood perfectly influences us to dream big. Let us look at some of the most perfect 10 (the chosen ones) Bollywood on-screen couples, which are memorable & our absolute favorite. Over the years, these couples have helped us set some “Unrealistic” expectations from life. See, if yours on this list or not!

Let’s reflect on some of our favorite & memorable couples:

Shah Rukh Khan-Kajol
Shah Rukh Khan-Kajol
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The Bollywood King, SRK & his on-screen leading lady, Kajol, is arguably the most romantic on-screen couple. From Baazigar in 1993 to Dilwale in 2015, the pair have acted together in 7 films and Kajol has done cameo roles in 4 of SRK’s movies. The couple truly makes us believe in love that is made in heaven!

Ranveer Singh- Deepika Padukone
Ranveer Singh- Deepika Padukone
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Ever so energetic, Ranveer Singh & the beauty with elegance, Deepika Padukone, made a three-film contract with Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Started with Ramleela in 2013, and oh boy, they took the world by storm! The pair have given 3 epic historical movies and the on-screen love was transfigured to real-life marriage in November 2018. The couple was madly in love and hence made it to our list because of their unmatched on-screen chemistry as well.

Akshay Kumar- Katrina Kaif
Akshay Kumar- Katrina Kaif
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In 2006, Akshay & Katrina was first paired for Humko Deewana Kar Gaye. The romantic drama was a huge fail at the box office but in 2007, another movie that had the duo was a hit! Namastey London, the unique love story about East meeting the West. The chemistry between Jazz & Arjun won the audiences’ heart. For all their fans, the good news is the pair are reuniting in Sooryavanshi, a Rohit Shetty Film in 2020.

Abhishek Bachchan- Aishwarya Rai
Abhishek Bachchan- Aishwarya Rai
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Yet again a real-life couple that turned to the real-life couple, Abhishek Bachchan & Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Abhi-Ash’s first movie together was Dhai Akshar Prem Ke, after which they have acted in 7 other movies. For aam aadmi, to witness Bachchan couple has etched their minds, but the couple is one of the rare jodis that has shone on the silver screen.

Shahid Kapoor-Kareena Kapoor
Shahid Kapoor-Kareena Kapoor
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The real dilemma, do we love Shahid & Kareena or do we love Geet & Aditya? Kapoor Duo appeared together for the first time in Fida (2004). They were dating at the time and sadly ended after 3 years while shooting Jab We Met (2007).  The chemistry between the two pulled at the heartstrings of millions. They had given few flops but the one that remains with the audience is Jab We Met. They did reunite for Udta Punjab but wasn’t paired opposite each other.

Ranbir Kapoor-Deepika Padukone
Ranbir Kapoor-Deepika Padukone
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Kapoor & Padukone are undoubtedly Bollywood’s best on-screen couple. Once real life couple too has kept all everything in the past and moved on to keeping a healthy & friendly connection now. The duo appeared in Bachna Ae Haseeno for the first time together. Both these actors together have given some really good films to their audience. Fans cannot get enough of these two sharing the same screen space.

Juhi Chawla-Aamir Khan
Juhi Chawla-Aamir Khan
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This pair has given the Indian Cinema a golden & an evergreen movie of all time, Qayamat se Qayamat Tak. The couple has delivered some great movies together, Tum Mere Ho, Ishq & Andaz Apna Apna.  The notorious perfectionist, Aamir Khan and Juhi Chawla seem to have won hearts with their chemistry. Duo catapulted into stardom with Qayamat se qayamat tak, and ever since have been favorite for a lot of people. One cannot miss the innocent charm exuded out of this on-screen pair!

Nargis Dutt- Raj Kapoor
Nargis Dutt- Raj Kapoor
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The Golden Couple of Bollywood, have worked together for 16 movies. The couple has given some of the greatest hits in their time. The chemistry shared on-screen, between them was unmatched. The rumors had it, the pair translated this chemistry to a real-life romance which caused a ruckus in their personal life. But alas, the couple was perfect together!

Deepti Naval- Farooq Sheikh
Deepti Naval- Farooq Sheikh
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Handsome, Farooq Sheikh & Girl Next Door, Deepti Naval, won hearts with their chemistry on-screen. Oozing with romance, this couple starred in some of the blockbusters namely, Chashme Buddoor, Katha, Ek Baar Chale Aao & Listen…Amaya. It took 30 years for the two to reunite again and they gave Listen…Amaya! Their real & reel life chemistry won millions of hearts in the 80s.

 Sridevi- Anil Kapoor
 Sridevi- Anil Kapoor
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This iconic on-screen pair shared sizzling chemistry and has given 12 movies together. Kapoor & Sridevi share a personal relationship as later Sridevi married Anil Kapoor’s brother Boney Kapoor. Unfortunately, we lost the evergreen actress in February 2018. But the duo remains the same fiery on-screen couple.

These were some of the few on-screen couples that have given us some cult classics. Share which one is your favorite.

We all know at least one or many (in some cases) blockhead in our lives. It gets worse if any of you have fallen for one. It’s after a while, that we girls start to notice the red flags billowed by this nutcase (all sorts of synonyms for you know what sort of “Boys”). In this blog, I’m going to talk about the 5 typical types of these “Nutcases” we come across in our course of dating period. Taylor Swift’s I Knew You Were Trouble When You Walked In” is all about such commitment fearing boys. There are more terms to define them, we’ll read them as we proceed. They’re plenty of boys who you might know or have dated whose behavior is Double Dutch to you now.

Boys, don’t fret if you fall into one of these categories—we are humans, we can stoop down to different levels! Be glad that you made to someone’s list, be even happier if you’re on the top! But no offense, recognition is the first step towards change. As quoted by William Shakespeare “I will find you twenty lascivious turtles ere one chaste man”. 403 years later, nothing really has changed, you will have to date 20 douche bags to win that one perfect man.

The types of “I knew you were trouble…..” guys are commonly, globally known as F***Boys, which is why the title…
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Now there are numerous definitions for this term, Urban Dictionary says “F***boys know what girls want to hear but they hurt so many girls. While doing my research for this blog (Yes I did research on them. Imagine my life, like having met them wasn’t enough!), I came across the term “F***Boy Syndrome”. Which means an incurable disease that leads to perpetual immaturity and disrespect towards most women. Common symptoms may include but are not limited to: no communication skills, living in their mother’s basement, never-ending weed smoking, no job, constant GTA playing, and refusal to grow up and act like the adult that they should be. This pretty much sums up why are exes used to behave in a certain manner. Hope they all get well soon!

Too much said, let’s look at the types now:

Warning: You may experience nostalgia or Déjà vu!
1.   The One who’s Faux-Gentleman
The One who’s Faux-Gentleman
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How to spot the one pretending to be the “Gentleman” is he’ll have chiseled face, well-groomed beard, waxed chest, abs popping out from his tucked in shirt. Who wouldn’t drool over such a good looking man? This man is too hot to handle, his Instagram famous-self flourishes with the attention he gets from girls. You’ll find him clicking macho face selfies, or making hookah (Vape) videos in the corner of a club, or getting clicked with some of his female friend curled up in his arms. This Gentleman is well not so gentle and would definitely drop you when things get real. He’s in a constant search of that Instagram-worthy beauty because otherwise, his relationship won’t have a point. He spends most of his hours building that body but can someone let him know to strengthen his ego? Because darling, why get offended so easily!

2.   The One who’s a Pseudo-Lover
The One who’s a Pseudo-Lover
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Have you been hearing “I love you” more than the times you breathe? Dump Him before he goes on planning your future kids’ names as well or eventually vanishes. It’s easy to spot these because all they can do is lie to your face. And you’ll get the vibes too! They’ll fall in love with you within two months, would let their friends know they’re dating someone, like the perfect guy. You wouldn’t once think if he’s lying, but one day you’ll get to know there’s much more to his super-chivalrous gestures! He’ll be emotionally unavailable! Conversations elicit fear inside them, fear of “what if she gets serious?” Dude, you were the one going gaga over my soul!

You’ll be surprised, they won’t even have any reason for this detachment. Next, you know is he’s ‘wifey-ing’, ‘baby’, ‘boo’- ing someone else! Oh, he also warns you about him ending his life for you if you won’t say yes to him! Like “yes, please go ahead! Cut those nerves, slit your neck, and stop that ugly heart from beating!” (One less Fboy in the crowd. Yay!)

3.   The One who’s a Ghoster
The One who’s a Ghoster
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The term GHOSTER isn’t about the guy ghosting on you, well that’s one point we can say which is actually correct. But let’s mention the ghosts who want to control your life, like an evil spirit. He may think of you as a possession. Such guys desire to control in their life. Beware, because he doesn’t acknowledge you as a woman, for him you are an easy target. Get out of it before it gets out of hand.

4.   The One who’s a Chaser
The One who’s a Chaser
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He’ll be a chaser until you fall for him! Chaser guys would chase you until they get the required attention and god knows what joy they get. Maybe it’s like feeding his male ego, of making a woman falling in love with his disgusted soul & ugly heart! He’ll pretend to be The One you always wished for, says the right things at the right time, treats you well but drops you like a brick. (Hit his head with the same brick) His mission’s accomplished when you fall in love with him and after some time he’ll just leave! Don’t let your dreams of being with The One come crashing down!

5.   The One who’s Needy AF
The One who’s Needy AF
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Oh! We know these ones too well! All they want is some action! And to make it more “Exciting” (for him) he’ll send a picture of his genitals. C’mon, who needs a conversation with him?! Don’t let yourself get fooled by such needy & greedy douchebags. They’re all over the internet! Guys who do such ill exhibitionism, are well aware of not being able to impress women, so let’s just scare them off! Eww!

Okay, frankly they’re all Greek to me. All the Fboys got more excuses than you can count, don’t be ho to his boat. You deserve much more than someone trying (Literally) to be just there for his own good. Patience is truly a key to something worthy. Wait for your right person, you’ll eventually know if he’s worth it. He might resemble some of the types but the one meant for you, won’t change over time.

When in love, actions definitely speak louder than words. The phrase ‘I love you’, over the years has lost its charm. But what works like magic are a few gestures that are not only romantic but can convey your love swiftly. These are the signs that you know someone’s head-over-heels in love with you. And if your partner does nothing like these, we’re pretty sure they love you but maybe in a different way!

Now if you want to express your love through your actions, these are the things that you need to follow. Or if you want to know if he/she feels anything for you, you can tick them off from this list!

1. Love Letters

Love Letters
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Now, these old school love expressions have faded away over the generations. Nevertheless, they are actually pretty adorable. Pouring your heart out on a piece of paper is the easiest way of letting your feelings out of your system. Make your partner read them and let them know how much they mean to you. Love letters are precious and can be treasured for life!

2. Making a Playlist

Making a Playlist
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Sharing the same love for a particular music genre is a steal! If you and your partner can listen to the same playlist and enjoy, then go ahead and make one with all the songs that express your heart’s sayings divinely. You can combine the lyrics of their favorite love songs into one song!

3. Three Taps

Three Taps
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Whenever you are out in public, hold their hand and tap thrice. They’ll know, they adore you at the moment and want to say ‘I love you’ but cannot! Isn’t that adorable?

4. Ride Together

Ride Together
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Take a ride together to work! If you both work, and live separately. Just drive together. If he/she shows up after work to pick you up just because they want to see you is an absolute heart melting gesture!

5. Back Rubs

Back Rubs
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Back Rubs work both ways. If your girlfriend/wife is on her periods or if your boyfriend/husband is sick, rub their back for a little relief. The big relief is they will know they have you! Now even if you’re tired at the end of the day, rub their back to sleep. The feeling of having someone to take care of us is so romantic!

6. Hold Hands

Hold Hands
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Holding hands all the damn time gives a sense of touch which makes your heart warm & relaxes at the same time. Go out on random walks holding hands! Explore places whilst holding hands! The sudden demonstration of affection will definitely have your partner smiling from ear to ear.

7. Forehead Kisses

Forehead Kisses
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Forehead kisses scream love! I personally love them. No intimate gesture is as romantic as this one. This romantic gesture speaks volume of your feelings or your partner’s.

8. Cook up a Storm

Cook up a Storm
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Chill, it’s an idiom. If you’re bad at cooking or specialize only in boiling water, then you surely can nail this gesture. If your partner enjoys food cooked by you, they surely are in love with you. It’s a thoughtful gesture of cooking for someone when you don’t know how to cook, but it’s more about the other person if they don’t complain! Embracing our partner’s flaws and accepting them is the true meaning of loving someone.

9. Random Texts

Random Texts
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When in love, they’re our favorite notification. And receiving random texts from them is the highlight of any regular day. Now the text could be anything, text that says miss you, love you, thinking about you, kiss & hug emoji, or something that they want to talk to you about. It simply means, you matter! They’re thinking of you at that very moment. Don’t only receive them, send them too! They too deserve to know they’re special! Calls work the same charm as texts!

10. Getting Gifts

Getting Gifts
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Who doesn’t love gifts? It’s as amazing as receiving texts or calls. Show that they mean the world to you with getting them gifts. One doesn’t need occasions to shower your lover with gifts. Spoil them with their favorite things, tickets to someplace they want to go, gadgets for your man, make-up or a dress for your lady, book if they love reading. It’s definitely the thought that counts here.

If you aren’t brave enough to say those three magical words, just think of gestures that can convey the same. But at times, it’s important to let your partner know with words as well because it’s always special to hear those little somethings that aren’t little!

9-5 jobs in metropolitan cities can be boring. Are you one suffering from the same boredom? Here are the top 5 ideas for you to pack your bags and hit the road right away (or just wait for the weekend). But if you also love traveling and want to wander off to someplace near for a change, you must totally try these places out. The places mentioned aren’t some places you haven’t heard before, but you surely can check them out during a long weekend. Since 2019 calendar is packed with so many long weekends, you can invite your friends, family, colleagues or your partner to go somewhere near and chill! And also no more hankering for leave approvals.

1.  Nainital- The Lake District of India
Distance- 337 Km
Image Source – Google

Nainital is India’s most popular hill station. It’s always as fun as the last time if you visit this place more than once. This charming gem of Uttrakhand is just 337Kms from New Delhi which is just 6 hours’ drive away. The epicenter of the town’s popularity and beauty lies within the gorgeous volcanic Naini Lake. This quaint little place is also known as ‘City of Lakes’, because of the seven lakes. Nainital is perfect for avoiding the scorching heat of Delhi for a day or two. You can go for boating, relish some local dishes, go shopping in the Tibetan market or enjoy the ropeway ride. There’s actually quite a lot that you can do over the weekend.

2.  Mussoorie- The Queen of Hill Stations
Distance- 299 Km
Image Source – Google

This tranquil place is just 299Kms from Delhi. If you wish to plan a getaway in the laps of mountains, untouched nature, Mussoorie is the place to be. The pristine beauty is nestled amidst the foothills of Himalayan Ranges in Uttrakhand. The pleasant weather throughout the year, snow-capped peaks of Himalayas, makes this place the perfect hill station. The colonial vibes because of the British archaic architecture, tops of the churches and hotels make the hill station truly stand out. The hill station is 7 Hours away from Delhi if you drive. Kempty falls and the mall road are the main tourist attractions but there are so many places that you can visit to please your mind & eyes. Lal Tibba, Lake mist, Cloud’s end, Dhanaulti (yet another hill station from Mussoorie, must check out!), Nagg Tibba trek, and many more. Start planning your itinerary now!

3.  Kasol- Krush over Kasol
Distance- 517 Km
Image Source – Google

Hippie-small Himalayan Village, situated on the banks of Parvati River, is another place with mountains and river that you can plan your escape to. If you’re driving, this place is 11 hours. The road journey could be beautiful and fun but if you wish to save some time, you can opt for air traveling. The flight is only till Kullu. Kasol is bagpackers’ delight. One can find hippie destinations in this place to hang out. You can take a walk by the river Parvati, visit Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara, and try Israeli food or shop. To explore more, you might want to visit neighboring places, hit the trek to Tosh, Malana or Kheer Ganga. Kasol is another great hideaway to unwind in the lap of nature.

4.  Lansdowne- The Black Hill!
Distance- 287.2 Km
Image Source – Google

Perched amidst the Garhwal hills of Uttrakhand, this place is also known as ‘Kaludanda’ which means ‘Black hill’ in Garhwali. Lansdowne is known by Lord Lansdowne, is a small cantonment area in Uttrakhand. This hill-town is not really as famous as other hill stations known in India. Tourists, bag packers still need to explore this place. The town is 287kms away from Delhi, so you can easily drive there. It takes about 6 hours. Lansdowne is perfect for a hideaway from the hush and rush of the cities since it’s the quietest hill stations in India. Famous for Garhwali Museums and Bhulla Tal (man-made lake), the place has a lot more to offer than just its beauty. Lansdowne has an interesting history with the British Raj which is for sure a must to explore or to-do things when you visit this place. The summers are the perfect pleasant time to visit here, which also means, the perfect time to escape horrible summers of Delhi.

5.    Auli- The Ski Destination of India
Distance- 495Km
Image Source – Google

The best way to reach Auli is to take a bus from Delhi to Rishikesh. This is an overnight journey. From Rishikesh, either you can take a private cab direct to Auli (9 hours). The journey can get a little tricky to reach this place but the destination is totally worth it. Dotted with the apple orchards, old oaks and pine trees there is no dearth of natural beauty in Auli. This place resembles the mountain ranges in Switzerland, in literal terms. Apart from skiing, the place offers beautiful treks. It is no less than any European Village in Asia. Though the best time to visit is November-March the place is so serene and has a stunning landscape that you can visit in summers as well because of the pleasant weather it offers. The activities that you can do there include Camping, Trekking to Gorson, Tali, Khulara & Tapovan, experience amazing views of Auli from a cable car ride, relish the highest artificial lake in the world. The place is ideal for calm and peaceful getaways, & I guess you are looking for one!

You have top 5 peaceful & amazing places that offer great times, so start planning your itinerary for next weekend getaway.

Usually considered a woman’s drink, little do people know it’s magical for health. For every celebration, birthdays, anniversaries, a little get together, celebrating life’s little moments, relieving stress, if Red Wine is your go-to drink then you might as well know its benefits. Yes, the alcoholic beverage is beneficial. Only if taken in a moderate amount! If consumed more than required, any alcohol with any sort of benefits would turn harmful. After all, life’s about balance, so is alcohol! By the end of this blog, you would know the health benefits that Red Wine provides.

We’re all aware of how the beverage is made. Red Wine is made of grapes that contain beneficial elements, such as catechins, resveratrol, epicatechin, and proanthocyanidins.

Nutritional Value

*Value per glass












Consumption Quality
  • 1 drink per day for women
  • 1-2 drink per day for men
Here’s a list of benefits of Red Wine:
Red Wine Benefits
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  1. Prevent Cavities

Red Wine is believed to kill more cavity-causing bacteria than any other alcohol.

  1. Boosts Heart Rate

Antioxidants present in the drink can increase the level of good cholesterol which prevents cholesterol build-up. This ultimately prevents heart diseases.

  1. Fight Diabetes with Red Wine

Polyphenols in alcohol help managing blood sugar level.

  1. Fight Pancreatic Cancer too

Red Wine is rich in resveratrol. They cripple the function of the pancreatic cancer cells’ core energy source.

  1. Reduce the Risk of Depression

Since heavy drinking is associated with mental health. Consuming a moderate amount of red wine can prevent recurrence of depression.

  1. Combat Obesity

Resveratrol present in Red Wine converts bad fat to calorie-burning brown fat and it can combat obesity. This also prevents metabolic dysfunction.

  1. Reduce Post Effects of Smoking

Red wine reduces inflammation and the aging process in cells which accelerates post smoking.

  1. Prevents Vision Loss

Resveratrol is really beneficiary. It helps prevent vision loss that is caused by the uncontrollable growth of blood vessels in the eye.

  1. Prevents Sunburn

If your skin is prone to severe sunburn, sun allergy, Red Wine is your way to go! UV Rays activates ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) that oxidizes fat & DNA, which eventually harms the skin cells causing sunburn or rashes. Flavonoids occurring in Red Wine restricts the ROS in skin cells.

  1. Fights Breast Cancer

Als (Aromatase inhibitors) in Red Wine reduces estrogen levels in women approaching menopause, cutting down chances of breast cancer.

footer image
Image Source – Google

Here are a few more reasons to have Red Wine. But in no way, I am encouraging alcohol consumption. Consuming a moderate or required amount of alcohol can be beneficial. But overconsumption can obviously result in damaging your health. Keep a track of Vino!

Home décor is like everyone’s personal style. Some might like it way too loud & bright some might go subtle & contemporary! This gem that I’m talking about has it all. If you’re looking for some décor for your new abode or if you’re updating, this is one place you can head over to and give it a shot! I am so happy to have discovered this market. People in Delhi/NCR are profound jugaadu! And this is one more jugaad that is equally amazing to Sarojini Nagar.

If you are in Delhi/NCR you must check out this flea market in Gurugram.

Name- Banjara Market or Chappan ki market

Location- IILM Institute, Sector 56, Gurugram, Haryana 122003

How to reach-Nearest Metro Station Huda City Centre or Sector 56 Rapid Metro.

When I first heard of Banjara market, I didn’t think of it as a huge gem. Once you step down to this treasure you can find a plethora of furniture, décor, metal or brass décor pieces, handicraft, frames and so much more. What amazes more is the prices of all the stuff.


The sense behind Banjara is that the people who sell there, are nomads basically. The market is run by nomadic Rajasthan people. This also is one of the biggest flea markets in Gurgaon/Gurugram. You can literally find a variety of antique furniture, mirrors, frames, idols, and festive décor for not only your home but office too.

Image Source – Google
Things to Know for Shopping in this Market

The trick to shopping here is that you don’t have any specific shops. You have to dig in the pile of things to find something that goes with your home’s vibes. Talking about vibes, the things that you get here can enhance any sort of décor. The market offers a huge variety of décor since there’s no particular type or category that you wish to shop. You can literally get a teeny-tiny jewelry box to a massive piece of furniture.

Image Source – Google

Coming to shopping in this market. Bargaining is the name of the game here. These people may quote extreme prices but do not hesitate to go as below as 200 or 150 for a décor piece quoted for 700-900. You’ll be amazed to know that you can actually bargain for 5000 rs furniture for 1000-2000 rs. There could be stuff that is priced high, but they surely are way less than what you might get in showrooms and malls. One thing that you might take care of while shopping in this market is to check for damages in the products. Since they’re just lying there in the pile, there’s a possibility of breakage or cracks.

Ceramic Pots
Image Source – Google

The market not only offers wooden furniture, but you may also find brass, metal, plastic and ceramic items too. You can find frames of all sizes and mirrors too, to decorate the tiniest corner to a huge wall of your home. The items might look a lot dusty but once you make the purchase, they will clean it up and pack it accordingly.

Image Source – Google

So if you’re looking to update your interiors, you must give this market a try. It’s affordable definitely and offers you so much to pick the best from. What are you doing this weekend? Well, now you have a plan I guess!

Happy Shopping!

I oftentimes get asked, “what’s your height?”  I answer 5’7.5”. The following comes “Itna lamba ladka kahan se milega? (Where would we find such a tall guy?)” You don’t have to find because nobody asked for it, not me at least. Being a woman I have always been the tallest among my friends, classmates (except few guys), college mates, or in my office. I was an active basketball player of’ course because of my height moreover I had my own interest as well. My height never was an issue until I grew up and wanted to date. I don’t really consider myself tall (and this thought trigger my friends to kill me). Reason being I have seen quite a few women taller than me (sulking in the corner over my insecurity). It would be surprising but I actually wanted to grow a little taller. When you’ll reach the end of this blog, you’ll know the advantages & disadvantages of dating a tall woman!


If you’re a tall woman and afraid of dating short men, here’s why you actually should be afraid other than just the tall men preference.

Bye, Bye High Heels!
Bye, Bye High Heels!
Image Source – Google

Wearing heels or even the thought of it is so wrecking when you’re dating a smaller man. Maybe he doesn’t feel awkward about it, perhaps! But we do, sure WE DO! (How ironical is it to be dating a smaller man and actually writing about the cons of it! Well, love really is blind!)

Kissing, if only they can reach delectable lips!
Kissing, if only they can reach delectable lips!
Image Source – Google

It definitely gets weird while kissing. You just cannot kiss while standing and hence, the monotony kicks in. And this may trigger his Napoleon Complex! (Oh boy, that’s mean!)

You don’t want to look like his Big sister or MOM!
You don’t want to look like his Big sister or MOM!
Image Source – Google

The last thing on this planet that you would want to worry about being a tall woman. You surely don’t want to look like his sister, let alone MOTHER!

Problem clicking selfies, such a tragedy!

The era being the gram generation, relationships and the perspectives about physical appearances all this leads to SELFIES. A relationship just isn’t complete without a few of them. And for gorgeous tall women, no Selfie is a tragedy! (How is she supposed to validate her relationship otherwise?)


Dating shorter men also have some advantages, maybe not for you but for them! Let’s check them out:

“Oh, he’s dating a model!”
“Oh, he’s dating a model!”
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With the thought occurring to you that you might look like his mother or elder sister, it isn’t the same for the stud. Your duo becomes the talk of the town because you’re stratospheric. His people would often question him about you being a model or an athlete! (Darling, you’re a knockout!)

He’s got so much ‘More’ to love!
He’s got so much ‘More’ to love!
Image Source – Google

Being tall means, more of you to love. The legs are the most tempting thing about a tall woman after her IQ (if that’s a preference!). If you love legs, tall women have more of them. Not like more legs, they only have two of them unless you’re dating a giant spider.

She gives the Best Hugs!
She gives the Best Hugs!
Image Source – Google

Tall people, in general, give the best & warmest of hugs! You can literally curl up on her arms because she has those long limbs to have you all cuddled!

Spoon however you want!
Spoon however you want!
Image Source – Google

When she’s taller, you guys can spoon however you want. You can be the little spoon and he can the little spoon too! *Win-win*

Mastered the Art of Sarcasm!
Mastered the Art of Sarcasm!
Image Source – Google

If you like a brainy woman with long legs she’s the one for you! After getting all sorts of weird questions about her height, she has mastered the art of sarcasm so you just take a backseat and enjoy watching her conquer the world with her wittiness!

She’s never getting lost!
She’s never getting lost!
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So if you guys ever go to a crowded place, swarming with humans, don’t worry! Your woman isn’t getting lost. You can spot her from far away! (Worry if you get lost though!)

Dating a tall woman is almost every man’s fantasy because c’ mon who doesn’t like whatever we have mentioned. She has been different all through her life and like literally stands out of the crowd. They look absolutely stunning because their closet is filled with clothes that fit them best and gives them confidence. And being tall is being powerful, you would agree if I’d say that if you look at a tall woman and see strength & confidence. They are an absolute dream! Would you or would you not date a tall woman? Tell us in comments below.

It’s summers! This tangy and lip-smacking alcoholic beverage is perfect for your parties or get together(s)! Learn how to make a piquant sangria for all your friends when they come over next time. This easy-peasy-lemon (citric fruits)-squeezy (literally) recipe would help you make the tastiest sangria!

For the first step,

What is Sangria?

Sangria is an alcoholic beverage made with red wine, traditionally. It has hints of fruit juices and brandy. The drink originally from Spain is now worldwide known and loved. The modern versions of this drink are also made is with White wine, obviously, however, people prefer.

Now let’s get making!

Prep time-5 Mins

Ingredients Needed-
  • Apples- 2 (Diced)
  • Orange- 1(Diced)
  • Lemon Juice- 2 Tbsps.
  • Spanish Red Wine- 750ml standard bottle
  • Brandy- 1/4 cup
  • Orange Juice- 1/2 cup
How to make-
How to make
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  • In a pitcher or a big glass jug, fill it with all the fruits.
  • Pour the Red Wine (Quantity as preferred) in that pitcher and stir it well.
  • Your Sangria’s ready! (That Easy!) Refrigerate before serving for about 3-4 hours. Overnight preferably.
  • Stir it well again before pouring into the glasses.
  • You can also add sparkling water to give some bubbles!
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*Special Note*

This drink can be stored in the fridge for 2 days.

It was this easy and quick to have this zesty drink! Get partying with your friends or treat ‘yo self!

At first, it seemed like we landed in Goa or Kerala but it was Sri Lanka. The streets/roads resemble so much so that you might want to check your boarding pass. Probably because of all the palm trees, weather & people that look no different than ours. A country with endless beaches, timeless ruins, unexpected weather, welcoming people, rolling turf and so much more making Sri Lanka irresistible.

Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, over the past few years has definitely scored a point on people’s bucket list. The undiscovered place that offers the best of nature and history. The country itself has 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Back in 2016, when I visited Sri Lanka, it was exciting & surreal. There were a lot of interesting things to know about the country like if you hail from India, you have to know this that Sri Lanka hardly has anything about Ramayana. The country is 90% Buddhist (which gives you one more reason to visit this place). Being a Buddhist myself, the country is packed with knowledge about Buddhism or Lord Buddha and it indeed is enlightening.

Here in this blog, we have listed Top 10 Places to Visit in Sri Lanka, if you’re planning an itinerary. It’s that place if you haven’t been to, you should.

1.  Sigiriya
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One of the top tourist attraction in Sri Lanka is Sigiriya. The place is located in Northern Matale District in Sri Lanka. Sigiriya is an ancient rock fortress and is famous for its palace ruins on top of 200-meter high rock surrounded by the remains of extensive gardens, reservoirs & other structures. It is renowned for Ancient Paintings, frescoes. Also, Sigiriya offers a 2.5 hours once in a lifetime opportunity Village Tour including a food & tour guide. The tour starts with a boat to reach the village and then a bullock cart to explore the village. One cannot miss the food that the localities have to offer. Being an Indian and especially from UP, I absolutely loved the dal & rice and the green leafy salad. We strongly recommend this place.

2.  Anuradhapura
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One of the 8 UNESCO World Heritages in Country, is the sacred city of Anuradhapura. It is the ancient capitals of Sri Lanka, famous for its well-preserved ruins of ancient Sri Lankan civilization. This city was established around a cutting from the “tree of enlightenment” brought there by Sanghamitta, the founder of an order of Buddhist nuns. The place is dense, extremely humid in summers, but with the splendid site with monasteries, palace ruins & monuments.

3.  Polonnaruwa
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Yet another UNESCO World Heritage is Polonnaruwa. Interestingly, it was the second capital of Sri Lanka after the destruction of Anuradhapura 993. As the most beautiful archeological site in Sri Lanka, it was inscribed in the UNESCO world heritage list in 1982. The place within itself has a few more places that you cannot miss. Do visit gal vihara, sathmahal prasada (royal palace), royal audience hall, royal bath, golden pinnacle stupa, alahana piriwena.  All the places are located within a distance of 10 minutes, so either a bus or walk would do.

4.  Dambulla
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Again, the place is located in Matale District, Central Province in Sri Lanka. Dambulla houses, Dambulla Cave Temple, the biggest, best-saved, cave temple complex in the nation. The place has over 80 caves few of which are used by monks as meditation locations. The major attraction is spread over 5 caves, which includes paintings & statues about Buddha’s life. You cannot miss this place if you’re planning to visit Sri Lanka, you’ll be amazed to look at the intricate details of the paintings and statues.

5.  Yala National Park
Yala National Park
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The second largest national park in Sri Lanka and the best places for sighting Wild Elephants is, Yala National Park. Located 300kms from Colombo, is spread across 979 square kilometers, with parts of the park reaching to the water and touching the Indian Ocean (the view of never-ending blue water is breathtaking) This national park is home to 215 bird species, Leopards, Monkeys, Crocodiles, wild Boars & Bears. The Park is divided into 5 zones. Zone 1 and 5 are open to public & tourists and the other zones are reserved for only professional research & documentary filming. The safari is safe & goes through checkpoints. If anything can compete with it is its wildlife! The park closes for September for Leopard’s breeding season.

6.  Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage
Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage
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Get up close and personal with elephants at Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. The highly commercialized place in Sri Lanka initially opened for protecting abandoned or orphaned elephants in the jungle. There are about 100 elephants, of all ages. The conservation organization is obviously beautiful and interesting but is a big source of income, with Rs 100 million per year. But it’s all worth it when you see baby elephants being fed and bathe in a stream of water cutting through the forest and the city.

7.  Ella
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It’s said the views from the train ride are surreal. They surely were. Ella also has breathtaking viewpoints & waterfalls. Ella and few other places in Sri Lanka have spread out of tea plantations. Ella’s tourism has soared in recent times and why not, it’s got the best-picture-perfect views.

8.  Kandy
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Known as the sacred Buddhist site, popular for The Temple of Tooth Relic (the sacred tooth of Buddha) was the last capital of Sinhala Kings. It is also Sri Lanka’s second largest city. The places you cannot miss in Kandy are The Temple of Tooth Relic, the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kandy Lake, The White Buddha Statue soaring above, and not to forget to take the world’s most beautiful train ride to Ella! Kandy is just 4 hours away from Nuwara Eliya. Talking about…

9.  Nuwara Eliya
Nuwara Eliya
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Often referred to as ‘Little England’ because this place has a British Village Vibe to it. Treat yourself with tea plantations, vegetable plots, hills for scenic views. This magical stop has quaint colonial buildings & cascading waterfalls to offer to its visitors. Stroll around Lake Gregory for relaxation. The weather is usually chilly, stay aware of the rain forecasts (it literally can rain anytime). Don’t miss out the sample of Ceylon Tea. Enjoy this Little UK!

10. Colombo
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Last we have the current capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo! This place is a haven for history lovers and culture vultures. Plan a walking tour to city’s historic Forts & Pettah Districts. Shop at Paradise Road, a sure paradise for shopping lovers. Colombo has a plethora of temples and kovils, few of them that you must visit are the Asokaramaya Buddhist Temple, having a spectacular grandeur and Kathiresan Kovil. Take some time out of your itinerary to take a stroll around the Galle Face Green, the landmark of the city.

These were the Top 10 places that we strongly recommend if you plan to visit Sri Lanka. Hope this helps you while planning an itinerary. Happy traveling!

For women, they feel their hair is their asset. No doubt hair can make or break the look. Women are beautiful in their own way, but hair sure does enhances it more. Good hair is basically influenced by a lot of factors. That could be genetic, nutrients, age, hormones. Etc. We have all heard of food that are important in order to have healthy hair. If you have issues related to hair, you might want to have a check on your diet. For someone who isn’t blessed enough with genetics, that hair looks like commercial ready hair, that’s where nutrients-required-for-healthy-hair-enriched-food comes in. A lot of women complain about hair thinning while ageing, age’s a major factor where to have hair issues. Again, to combat hair thinning or any other issue while ageing one need proper nutrients enriched diet.

If you get influenced by fashion bloggers, actresses or commercial models looking like a dream is because they have tons of filters in their pictures, gets their videos photoshopped and layers of chemical making them look like that. Filters and photoshopping are not possible in real life, but chemicals are. But why torture your hair where you can get them to look naturally good. In this blog, you wouldn’t read anything that hasn’t been said before but if it’s being told so many times it works. Read further to know the 5 foods that are best to have a lustrous mane!

1.    Egg
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Eggs, world known remedy for healthy locks. They are enriched with Vitamin B- a vitamin that is required to help with hair growth. If you’re diet lack biotin, you’re more likely to experience hair loss. Eggs aren’t everyone’s preference, like vegetarians. For them, the alternatives for biotin are almonds & avocados. Including eggs in your diet or if you cannot intake try an egg hair mask (best home remedy for hair ever).

2.    Fish
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Deficiency of iron can keep shining odd from your dome. To have a fair amount of balance of iron in your body, try Fish! Healthy omega 3 acids in the body help foster hair growth & sheen. Salmon is the fatty fish for hair. For people who cannot have fish, can have these nutrients through supplements or leafy vegetable, flaxseeds, soy or canola oil works just how fish does. These would provide the omega 3 acids to your body & hair.  One way to have omega 3 acids for hair is by using fish oil.

3.    Soymilk/Soybean
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Soybean is a popular choice for nutrients in the diet for vegetarians. It’s a rich source for omega 3 fatty acids, iron, calcium, vitamins B & K, protein. Soybean perfect hair food fights three issues at one time, dry hair, hair loss, & hair that has lost shine. Combat all this with soybeans and soymilk. They provide the proper nourishment and is definitely beneficial for damaged hair.

4.    Citrus Fruits
Citrus Fruits
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This category of fruits includes lime, oranges, grapefruits & lemons. They have a high citric acid content and contains a high level of Vitamin C. To have shiny, soft & long locks make citrus fruits your friend. Vitamin C is a magic nutrient for healthy hair. Citrus fruits help in fighting dandruff, strengthening hair and also prevents hair loss. It locks the shine in your hair and removes the dullness making them look dreamy.

5.    Figs (Anjeer)
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The last food on this list is Fig or Anjeer in Hindi. Not a lot of you might be aware of this fruit providing all the right nutrients one needs to make hair grow fast & long. This fruit or dry fruit rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, vitamins A & C. Figs also help in conditioning the hair.

We are sure you’re somewhat sorted but if you still encounter hair issues even after a healthy diet you can consider a hair dermatologist. But give these ones a try and we’re sure the results would reflect on your mane.