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Fashion is a tough nut to crack, especially in winters. This winter, we round up some weird fashion fails that can make you say ‘what the…?’ One needs to understand that winter can look fashionable yet comfortable. Why is ‘Skin show’ a fashion statement, specifically in winters? If you ever find out an answer to this, do hit us up in the comment section below!

Here are some wackiest fashion trends of winter:

Ripped Jeans

Ripped Jeans
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There are things that can make you doubt their existence. Ripped jeans are one of them. They look cool in summers but in winters? What’s even their purpose? We see girls walking around in thigh/knee high boots, sweaters and ripped jeans! Such fashion statements can make you go bonkers. There’s still some winter breeze going through the tiny distressed holes, sister! You may want to take care of that.

Crop Sweatshirts/Sweaters

Crop Sweatshirts/Sweaters
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Next on our list is yet another brainstorming fashion trend, crop sweater or sweatshirts. When we hear the word sweater, all we could think of is a comfy, cozy & warm clothing item. But fashion has evolved. And this evolving fashion goes over our head.  A lot of women find them cute or let’s say ‘dope’. Last time when we checked, the purpose of sweaters were to keep us warm during the cold weather. Sweater and sweatshirts being cropped can still be considered when the weather is mildly cold. We still won’t take them into consideration. SMH

Cold Shoulders

Cold Shoulders
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Talking about crop sweaters and sweatshirts, we cannot skip cold shoulder sweaters. While this looks super cool and airy in summers, it looks equally discomforting in winters. Why would someone wear a sweater but with two big holes on either of the shoulders? The sight of it gives me chills, reminds me how cold it is! Well agreed, it can still be worn in mildly cold weather like in fall. But to take it further in winters…it’s just sheer stupidity.

Netted Sweaters

Netted Sweaters
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With cold shoulders, crop sweaters, there’s another one that just cannot serve the purpose it is supposed to go with its name! Netted sweaters- still a better option if you wear something underneath, something warm and layer it with something, still looks comfortable. But it still makes me doubt its existence!

Finger Cut Gloves

Finger Cut Gloves
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Saved the best for the last, finger cut gloves! Gloves are supposed to keep our hands warm and we get it, with the evolving lives that requires interaction with technology. Technology like mobile phones, laptops, biometric and etc. The option is either you wear it or you don’t wear it. Leaving your fingertips, just the tips exposed to cold, they get numb! Raising the question, why? I’d suggest you wear it while you travel and once you’re inside your office/school/college/homes, you can easily work with warm-enough hands! It does make sense right? Fingerless gloves do serve a purpose but it still makes us doubt the purpose of warming our hands while the fingertips are peeping out of them!

End Image
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Fashion is evolving. And how! This blog pretty much talks about some silly stuff that many of you might not relate to. “Fashion” is about comfort and feeling good. What’s the point if you are not comfortable because it is quite visible that when you wear such pieces, you’ll shiver and shrink! Why keep your health at stake because of making a statement or impressing anyone? Confidence is the key to make any fashion trend to stand out and make an impact! If you’re not confident enough to pull it, it definitely is going down. Winter clothing can be classy and fashionable too. Try trench coats, high waist jeans, knee high boots, and a lot more. Want to know few basic that can make you look fashionable and stylish even in winters? I’d get back with another blog with few basics to style and be equally fashionable but comfortable and confident! Self-confidence is the best outfit, so style it and rock it! Alas, it’s your choice. Maybe they’re comfortable, just not to us!

Girls, Bollywood inspired lehngas are our dream dress! We all daydream about Sabyasachi and Manish Malhotra’s designer pieces. And yet we know, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to afford the same. But “shaadi karungi toh Kareena wala lehnga pehen ke karungi nahi toh dulhe ko bolo tata-bye bye ho jaye”, as quoted by Alia Bhatt in Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya, we all want it to happen. As easy as it may sound to hush away the ladka wallas just for a lehenga, it’s not. Growing up watching Karan Johar’s grand weddings set up, we somewhere have pictured ourselves wearing the heavy, embroidered, and embedded with stones blinding us with their shine lehngas. Hands down, it’s our DREAM to walk down to our handsome grooms wearing that. Alas, it’s all in a dream, we know it. Now if we’re done with the nostalgia, let’s come back to the reality. And coming back to the reality here’s a happy news for you, we bring you the ultimate gem for all you beautiful brides-to-be!

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As much as we know what we want for our D-Day, we know Chandni Chowk is the hub for some really gorgeous looking ethnic designs also because of the affordable prices this place offers. Adding to your excitement, this treasure is loaded with lehngas that are breath-taking.

How to reach to Navya Collection Chandani Chowk Delhi?

To reach Navya Collection, we suggest you take the metro considering the fact that the place is flooding with humans at any given time of the day! You’ll eventually experience this once you start exploring the place. FYI, Do not travel by road to get there on weekends, you may get stuck there for life (Over exaggerating is our thing!) De-board the metro at Chandni Chowk Metro station and start walking towards jalebiwala or take a rickshaw to Dariba Kalan. Once you reach spot Nav Nidhi shop and right adjacent to it you’ll find Navya Collection.

Navya Collection, Chandni Chowk

Navya Collection
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This store offers you bridal, non-bridal, girlish, party gowns lehngas with the price range starting from Rs.750 to according to your liking. Here comes the star of the show, you can also find BOLLYWOOD DESIGNER REPLICAS. The quality of these replicas is nothing to compromise for. This hidden gem brings you replicas of Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra, and few higher-end designers.  For what it’s worth, we loved the collection. Their 2018 premium & exclusive collection has some really magnificent designs that are actually to die for. In such an affordable range, this deal is a steal.

Furthermore, if you lack knowledge of quality and design, you need not to worry. The staff of the store guides you through your experience. They’ll let you know the make and the elements that you’ll be enticed to buy the attire! Rather than spending all your money on the designer lehngas and gowns, invest in such replicas or in their original designs because they’re worth it! Navya Collection is a lifestyle or fashion bloggers’ favorite if they’re residing in Delhi. You’ll find a bunch of videos to witness their magic while you sip your tea. But we urge to go and see for yourself as it offers you with the best of their collection of different colors & designs. So now that you know the secret to your #weddinglookgoals, slay and steal some hearts this shaadi season.


In the century where everyone is health conscious and a weight watcher here’s yet another diet that skyrocketed lately. The Keto Diet- as interesting the name sounds, the diet has a lot of different interesting aspects to it. But foremost unlike any other diet, this one has a lot of science going on throughout. A diet that is super low on carbohydrates, which makes it difficult for all the vegetarians in India as all those protein elements have got some sort of carb. We’ll get to vegetarians for keto diet further in the blog. There’s some serious threshold if you want to execute the Keto Diet. This has to be the most effective fat burning diet!

Some studies show that one should stay below 50g of carbs but with experienced people’s take, they prefer staying below 20g of carbs. While you’re on a Keto Diet you need to account every single thing. Keto diet has to include everything home-made and strictly no junk or fast food. And ideally, you must cook for your own meal because then you need to keep a track of the proteins & carbs (needs to be under 20g). Keys to a successful keto diet is when you focus on two points:

  • Stay below 20g of carbs
  • Avoid a teeny tiny trace of sugar!

(Anything with slightly high sugar component shouldn’t be consumed!)

The Science of Keto

The Science of Keto
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Our body’s favorite source of energy is through carbs. And keto diet is all about Ketosis and Low-carb. Having said that & going with the rumors that keto is a low carb diet, well sorry to burst your bubble, there’s a difference between the two. Firstly let’s understand what Ketosis is,

Ketosis is a normal metabolic process where the body does not have enough glucose for energy, it starts burning the stored fat in the body. This results in a build-up of acids called Ketones. So basically,

No Carbs → No Glucose

Body starts draining glucose from glycogen as fat in your body and turns it into Ketones (the fat cut down element).

Keto Diet is an ultra-low-carb diet, which causes the production of ketones. Ketones are produced when the body runs out of sugars (carbs). Now you know the science behind the diet and why it actually works! So if now someone comes up to you and say “But how does your brain work?” You’ll have the answer; the blood glucose is saved for the brain, and the body converts fatty acids into ketones. These can cross the blood-brain barrier to fuel the brain. The muscles do not use ketones – instead, they can directly metabolize fatty acids. Ketones are the fuel source just as glucose that is gained from carbs and 1g of Ketone is better than 1g of glucose!!!

Not all is magic and fun about this diet, with all the pros comes one major downfall that is ‘THE KETO FLU’.


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It is not as scary as it may sound, just like any other flu, the keto flu is a collection of symptoms experienced by some people when they first start the keto diet. It is experienced initially when you start the diet, which is draining muscles off the glycogen. But here’s the solution, if you work-out you may not experience this as severe as others who don’t. But not to scare you off, this doesn’t last for more than 4-5 days. When you work-out glycogen runs fast so that the ketosis happens fast and this reduces the duration of the “Flu”.

Symptoms of “THE KETO FLU”:

Symptoms of “THE KETO FLU”
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  • Stomach aches or pains
  • Dizziness or confusion
  • Nausea
  • Irritability
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Muscle cramping or soreness
  • Lack of concentration or focus

People go through these symptoms as their body is adapting to a new diet which consists super low carb.

“Must and Must not” of the Keto Diet

Must and Must not of the Keto Diet
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The food items listed below can be included in your meals. You should them majorly on these.

Food that you can have and shouldn’t include are:

food list
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  1. Fats: Butter & cream, cheese but unprocessed like Cheddar, blue, mozzarella, goat or cream cheese. You may include nuts but must be taken in very low amount as it also has carbs, seeds(healthy snack like chia seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds)
  2. Healthy Oils: You can cook your meal or add these oils to your meal olive oil, avocado & coconut oil.
  3. Flesh: Meat, fatty fish, eggs (preferably omega-3 whole eggs)
  4. Low carb veggies: Vegetables will prevent constipation after all the fat & meat intake and keep you healthy. Make sure you include these in your meals, spinach, cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, and zucchini.
  5. Breaking the hoax, peanut butter is not exactly healthy for a ketogenic diet. If you’re strictly following the diet, you must know that peanut butter has 14g of net carbs which is why it is recommended either not to consume or if taken, then you need to maintain the serving size.
  6. Also, you must avoid dairy products of the fat content in them.

Pros of Keto

Pros of Keto
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The high amount of fat in keto diet minimizes the carb craving. Here are a few pros listed below that you attain if you execute this diet.

  1. This diet supports weight loss.
  2. Because it suppresses appetite which eases the efforts of losing the weight.
  3. Lowers cholesterol
  4. This also helps in controlling blood pressure.
  5. Enhances mood, mental focus, sleep.
  6. Improves cognitive function.
  7. Regulates hormonal balance which means this diet can help women with PCOS/PCOD or people with thyroid issues.
end image
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This was pretty much what you must know before you begin your keto diet. Remember, no diet would help you enough if you aren’t working out or being a tad bit active. Coming to an end, I’d like to inform you that I am no health expert, these are bits and pieces acquired from the internet and a few from personal experience. Hope you achieve the set health goal. It’s definitely worth a try! Good luck!

It’s difficult for someone to deal with anxiety and it gets even more difficult when someone else has to suffer the consequences. Dating someone with anxiety can be awfully horrible. You cannot help to whom you fall for, but you can choose to fight and stick by each other. Anxiety is like the third person that wriggles in between you & your partner making it difficult for the relationship to thrive.  This person constantly sows doubt & confusion. There isn’t anyone out there training you with how to deal with the problems but with understanding anxiety in general can make you connect and love in a new way.


Anxiety disorders causes nervousness, fear, apprehension, and worry. These disorders alter how a person processes emotions and behave, also causing physical symptoms. Mild anxiety might be vague and unsettling, while severe anxiety may seriously affect day-to-day living.

Anxiety is a normal and an unpleasant part of life. One where an individual feels worried about the fears. When it comes to relationships, the anxiety is generally about the other person’s behavior & wellness. Certain questions that an anxious person might over think about are:

  1. What is he doesn’t love me as much as I love him?
  2. What if he’s lying to me? What if he’s lying to me?
  3. What if he’s hiding something from me? What if he’s hiding something from me?
  4. What if he’s cheating on me?
  5. What if he likes someone else better? What if he likes someone else better?
  6. What if my anxiety ruins our relationship? (Anxiety about Anxiety)
  7. What if we break up?
  8. What if he doesn’t text me back?
  9. What if I’m always the first one to reach out?
  10. What if he leaves me?

A lot of you wouldn’t agree because these seems like normal questions that one might think. But trust me when we say its anxiety, this gets pretty deep and intense with each thought. Few of the individuals show extreme caring nature which to an extent is their concern but after that it’s their fear taking over.

If you’re dating someone with anxiety, these are the thoughts that runs through your partner’s brain. And they most likely spend time worrying and ruminating about anything and everything that can possibly go wrong with the relationship.


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You might get stressed & agitated with the constant nagging, doubts and confusion but it’s much more than that for that one person. Anxiety is real mental health issue and nothing made up. It is normal, everyone has it but it’s an issue when it’s severe. One cannot imagine about how anxiety can be debilitating illness for one to function a normal life. Situations can make them experience fight or flight reactions and stress about their partner cheating and leaving. An individual suffering with anxiety disorder can over think about the pettiest of things and consequences that can be life threatening. Anxiety doesn’t have a fix cure to it. One’s who have it wish they didn’t have it. They oftentimes feel like a burden on people that they are connected with. There are anxiety-motivated behavior that people experience:

  1. Anger and irritability
  2. Being Controlling
  3. No focus and being distracted
  4. Avoidant or passive aggressive behavior
  5. Perfectionism

5 Tips That Can Help You Deal with Your Partner’s Anxiety

  1. Trying Couple Therapy with Your Partner
Trying Couple Therapy with Your Partner
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When you truly care for someone and you want to encourage them to battle with their stress, trying couples therapy can be a huge help. You can gently guide your partner to see a therapist for it doesn’t harm anyone. The therapist can work on their anxiety as there might be reasons from the relationship as well. Therapy not necessarily has to be for your partner. Couples therapy offers you tasks and issues that you both work on together, making you understand the condition with your partner and for them it makes them stress a little less.

  1. Creating a balance
Creating a balance
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We often go back and forth assessing over what needs our attention the most; our partner’s attention, ourselves, or the need of the relationship. It’s fulfilling when we fill these needs respectively and accordingly. But when our partner is suffering from something that isn’t going away, we don’t have to ignore our own needs because then with time it gets greater. Balancing the needs accordingly is what is required. You need to work on your own needs that require immediate attention and then your partners. It’s rightly said, set your priorities right! (Not in a negative way)

  1. Be supportive
Be supportive
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With that constant fear of losing you, comes the immense need of affirmation that you’ll be there or you’re there. Showing that you care and supporting your partner with the suffering can not only make a difference to them but on the relationship. All they need is for you to be around them. With today’s technology, you can still be around even when you’re not.

  1. Stay Positive!
Stay Positive!
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Focusing on the positive parts of the relationship can be the biggest attributes of the relationship. Doesn’t matter how your partner is feeling, you don’t have to focus solely on the suffering. That is the time when you need to remind yourself the many reasons why you care for them in the first place.

  1. TALK!
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There’s nothing that a conversation cannot resolve. Talking to them about their fears can make them feel that they’re heard. There’s someone to listen, there’s someone to hold on to. Talking is the first and the foremost way of taking the fears out the mind. And in fact it might make it easy for you to understand what you’re partner’s going through. There are chances that the conversation may not go well but that is when you need to focus on the words and not the gestures & actions. Communication is the key to any relationship. For you, you might be busy but for them, they feel disconnected!

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Anxiety doesn’t have to put your relationship in jeopardy. By using the right coping strategies, you can have a healthy relationship and stop anxiety from causing too much stress.

Mensuration, Chums, Down Time, ‘That time of the month’ etc. is really a tough time for the fairer sex. Your body is going through a phenomenal time and the hormones are all messed up. From resting to putting hot water bottles on the stomach, you have literally tried everything to ease the pain. However, when nothing works, FOOD helps! Food is the only comforting thing in the whole wide world. Period. Yes, during periods too. What is your go-to comfort food while your ovaries squeeze your life out of your body? These are our go-to comfort food items.

While we women bleed for 5 days straight or more, we NEED nutrients to survive. And with nutrients, I don’t mean carbs, protein, and blah blah. Who cares what nutrients the meal has or the number of calories? Spending stressful nights thinking about the stains and spots, and crying rivers over the menstrual cramps, and let’s just please agree that it’s the most dreadful thing ever.

And then amidst all the pain & sorrow comes FOOD *lovestruck emoji*. Comfort food is a staple for anyone who craves a hearty meal & little taste. Well, for women it’s the antidote for PMS! Comfort food that you need to function all along with bloating & cramps. Here are 5 comfort food that every woman needs to deal with the blood storm every month.

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Chocolate is a woman’s best friend beside diamonds & bags. Indulging in the chocolaty affair with choco delights like a plain dark chocolate bar or Cakes. Stuffing your face with chocolates should be your priority. Believe it or not chocolate is actually good for you when you are on your period.

  1. PIZZA & FRIES…Nom nom
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Craving for fast food is the first few things that come along periods. Be it early in the morning or late at the wee-hours, Pizza, French fries, pasta and etc. can comfort us to next levels.

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We need coffee in the IV during our periods. On your period, your body rebels with a vengeance and coffee is your best friend.

  1. CHEESE all the way!
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Hogging onto everything cheesy can make your periods easy. Cheesy fries, mac & cheese, cheese balls, cheesy nachos, cheese this and cheese that, everywhere cheese! Binge watching your favorite show or movie with Cheese along can be heaven.

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You are anyway going to scream your head off at some point in time of your period for no reason, might as well make it about getting your favorite flavor of ice cream! The frozen delight can make you relax.

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As your mood swings from depression to elation, these yummy treats will let you forget your agony for a moment or more!

Director: Amit Sharma
Cast: Ayushmann Khurana, Sanya Malhotra, Neena Gupta, Gajraj Rao

Amit Sharma’s drama cum comedy is not only funny but blurts out the social statement without keeping it in the spotlight. It indeed was the highlight of the movie. But there was so much more to it than just an unfamiliar situation. No, the movie isn’t about Ayushmann Khurana walking in on his parent while they’re at it. But a similarly awkward situation. Nakul (Ayushmann) at Manyavar (brand promotion is becoming a thing now) trying out an outfit for his cousin’s shaadi along with Rene (His girlfriend, Sanya Malhotra) when he gets a call that his mother’s sick. Nakul & his father (Gajraj Rao) rushes to the clinic only to find out that Priyamvada(Neena Gupta) is pregnant (major #WTF moment).

The Kaushik’s, a middle-class family living in Delhi’s Lodhi Colony. The movie showcases a typical middle-class family content with their lives and sharing a small space with 5 people. And Oh My Gawd, Dadi(Surekha Sikri) is the most savage dadi you’ll witness in the history of cinema. One has to watch the scene where the secret of this Chhota Mehmaan is revealed to Dadi and she loses it. Well, the movie revolves around how the whole pregnancy situation affects lives. To begin with, it definitely becomes embarrassing for the family but then the entire problem lies here. Why this hypocrisy? Why do we take elderly sex as an embarrassing moment? Two adults married for a long time, indulging in sex after having adult kids, why is it wrong?

‘Badhai Ho’ breaking the stereotype talks about how having sex at that age and getting pregnant *well, of course, accident* is not wrong. The movie has its own moment that’s not humor but sensible. One where Neena Gupta has been given the choice to keep the baby, their love blooming at the 50s, Nakul’s realizing how it’s okay to accept the fact that parents have sex even at an elderly age, emotional relationship between a mother and daughter in law, how the strains of the relationship of Neena Gupta & Gajraj Rao tells on the relationship of Nakul & Rene. All these things in the storyline make it more than just a comedy.

Furthermore, the movie also had some not so teekha but funny tadka to it. Like every other Indian middle-class family would have. Rene’s mother’s dialogue “His family is a circus I don’t want to buy tickets for” surely etched her snob-high society character on the audience, which ends up breaking apart the duo. While the entire family is ashamed of the pregnancy, Soon-to-be-parent-for-the-third-time parents seem to be enjoying the time. It was heartwarming to watch the two of them romancing each other like the good old-gold days. The love you don’t get to see in the new-age cinema. It was all fun and games until this emotional scene where Surekha Sikri (Daadi) blurts out some home truths. She defends her daughter-in-law when in other circumstances she would constantly bicker her.

The film’s first two acts are mundane and the final sequence is effective, strong & honest. The story’s narrated in a completely straightforward manner with situational comedy for the narrative to stay afloat.

Badhai Ho is a welcome change for the hypocritical society that we live in. It keeps up with the context, relatable but not at all common. And oh, had the condom not been stolen by Shardul Rana, they wouldn’t have gotten a sister that dances to the tunes of Morni Banke in the end. One song you just cannot resist but DANCE!

Apple cider vinegar is a member of Vinegar family. It’s made from apple, sugar & yeast. It’s organically used for salad dressings, food preservatives and for chutney. ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) is used for a lot of health benefits, many of which is supported by science. People are unaware of the benefits of ACV. ACV is an ancient folk remedy for health benefits and cooking purposes. Here are 5 of the few other benefits of this scientifically proven magic!

1.  Hair Savior
Hair Savior
Image Source – Google

Hair often go crazy, like they have a mind of their own! Every morning after a hair wash, it just seems difficult to manage them afterward. ACV isn’t harsh on hair, unlike other chemical products. They sort of damage them after a while of being used. However, this not only fights just one but four major hair problems. Hair related issues like dandruff, lice, frizzy hair is a seasonal gift to us (hmph!) and let’s just all agree we are living for that salon- ready -shiny –absolutely-Kareena Kapoor like hair. Apple Cider Vinegar saves you from all of this!

Mix equal parts of cider vinegar and water, and use it after you have washed your hair. Like a serum, rub it all over and then leave it for 5 mins. Wash your hair with cold water and experience the magic. So now, you have the ultimate solution to attain some #hairgoals. Thank me later!

2.  Anti-Bacterial
Image Source – Google

ACV works like an anti-bacterial for skin & nails. It kills pathogens like bacteria. It treats nail fungus & ear infection. Our ancestral doctors used this to treat wounds as it prohibits bacteria to multiply and grow. This can be used as a disinfectant. ACV can also be used to treat acne. Dabbing a bit of ACV mixed with water on cotton onto your skin can lighten the acne scars and pigmentation. Apple Cider Vinegar replenishes acidic layer to ward off the germs from our skin. And when you’re overdone your sunbathing, use ACV for soothing the burns. It might as well be used as a skin toner & exfoliator. ACV can make you help gain “shine from within” charm.

3.  Weight watchers favorite
Weight watchers favorite
Image Source – Google

A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar has only 3 calories which are extremely less and a delight for weight watchers. Half a glass of water mixed with 2 tbsp of ACV in the morning can help you keep a track on your weight. Surprisingly it has been loved by many for its weight loss benefits. Giving out an honest opinion, weight loss only works when you’re working out & eating healthy. This let alone wouldn’t work any wonder on fat loss. It might help you keep it under control but there’s nothing like spot reduction as it’s popular for losing belly fat! However, it does work well with indigestion. So you might want to give it a try for getting rid of those burps and…well, constipation!

4.  Teeth Whitener
Teeth Whitener
Image Source – Google

Are you afraid of smiling with all teethes showing? Because you’re embarrassed by the yellowness on your teeth? Well, we all have been there. Another magic that ACV does is on whitening your teeth.  When you wake up, before brushing your teeth, gargle a mixture of water & ACV and then brush them. You’ll be able to figure out difference within a week or two. This may also cure your bad breath issues. Don’t gargle but drink it, simple! Now don’t shy away to pass on a smile.

5.  Leg Cramps
Leg Cramps
Image Source – Google

And then there are those sleepless nights because of leg cramps! These can happen out of nowhere. Whether you had a tiring day or not, these may just come your way. To get rid of these leg cramps keep a glass of water mixed with vinegar and 2tbsp of honey, by your bed. Have it when you feel like they’re troubling you. This may actually relieve you from them. Have a good sleep!

Apple cider vinegar is not exactly a miracle but it definitely has some health benefits that has actually worked for a lot of us. Try this magic potion for yourself and let us know in the comment section if it did any wonder to you.

Teeming with all the feelings and still unbeknown to what and how to plan something really special and romantic for your significant other? Take a cue from here and try out some ideas to bring the romantic flavor to your next date!

  1. Cuddle up, Drive-in
Cuddle up, Drive-in
Image Source – Google

Well the concept of the drive-in in some parts of the country in the US is making a comeback. Lucky Y’all! Although India would still be longing for such a thing. Watching a movie is cliché but passé. Cuddle up in the coziest blanket and watch a movie together in a Drive-In. Lean back and enjoy the movie (or whatever else).

  1. Drunch by the ocean
Drunch by the ocean
Image Source – Google

Drunch just like Brunch (Breakfast + Lunch), is a portmanteau for drinks and lunch. Genius, right? Going further, drinks, a delicious lunch, and the never-ending ocean would be a perfect idea for a date where you just want to talk & know each other a lil more. Getting drunk over lunch sounds weird but what’s the fun when you cannot be weird together!

  1. Learning an art together
Learning an art together
Image Source – Google

Learning an art together can turn out to be learning about each other and that’s an art in itself though! Dance is one the most romantic & smart ways of knowing each other intimately and up & close. There’s nothing that brings two people closer like dance or pottery. There’s something utterly romantic about learning an art together. Try it out!

  1. Being Adventurous
Being Adventurous
Image Source – Google

Find an adventure that you two might want to explore together. Adrenaline-spiked adventures like skydiving, scuba diving, kayaking, trekking or even camping can make it fun and romantic at the same time. These unusual and adventurous date ideas can make a big impact on you two. Bring an intellectual and physical thrill in the relationship.

  1. Star Gazing
Star Gazing
Image Source – Google

Inspired by “A Walk to Remember”, as cliché and bookish it may sound this one is a classic. All of us, hands down want someone to lay down on the ground and gaze the stars and the constellations with. And for true romance, get along some fine wine. To plan this date, winters can be the perfect climate as the skies are clear. Watching the stars holding hands is a timeless date idea. Ah! What vibes!

When date night’s approaching and you need some ideas? Get inspired by any Hollywood or Bollywood movie. They’re the best! And there’s nothing like “Ye sab sirf kitaabo aur filmo mein acha lagta hain”. Romance doesn’t have to be a try-hard thing, it’s effortless. And an effortless effort is beautiful.

We all have been there. Doesn’t matter if it’s a month end, or if you’re a college goer, running short of cash is one thing we all have been through. And the real stress is when we’re needy of new clothes, shoes and bags and the list goes on. Not every time malls & brands can satisfy our shopping needs, especially when we’re on a budget. And let’s just be honest with our soul, STREET SHOPPING is the best! Here are few options for all those sisters and men (imagine the shy monkey emoji) seeking for help.

1. Sarojini Nagar
Sarojini Nagar
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Nearest Metro Station- INA (Yellow line/ pink line) or Sarojini Nagar

Sarojini Nagar has our heart! You get to explore everything there. There’s clothes, shoes, bags, home décor and some cheap and first copy make-up products (not recommended). Shopping paradise for girls, in a nutshell. You might find some really trendy and fashionable items. The happiest part is you get few branded items like from Zara, H&M, Kappa, forever21,, old navy and a few more at 1/4th of its original price. Jaw dropping right? Basically, Sarojini Nagar is the hub for all the rejected items from the brands, the clothes or shoes that couldn’t make it to the real store because of some tiny little defect.

Here’s the clue guys, stay aware while shopping, you can score a product that has a defect; so look carefully. On top of the branded shopping on a budget, bargaining is at another level! One has to be skilled to bargain. Yes, you heard it right. Bargaining requires skills too.  For our beloved men, you don’t have to be disappointed. Sarojini Nagar has a lot to offer for you too. From branded shoes to sporty t-shirts to fake first copies of watches and Raymond shades, SN is here to your rescue! Explore this delightful gem.

2. GK Market
GK Market
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Nearest Metro Station- Greater Kailash

GK Market is divided into two zones GK-1 & GK-2.  GK Market is popular for its innumerable options in clothes, accessories & shoes and most importantly food! Take your favorite pick from silver jewelry to jhumkas. The clothes are as cheap as Sarojini Nagar and the staff is really helpful and sweet. Yet again the bargaining part is the fun. Spot some really pretty chappals and shoes. Get some ethnic clothes as well at flat prices. The market has some sort of sale going on all the time.

3. Rajouri Garden Market
Rajouri Garden Market
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Nearest Metro Station- Rajouri Garden (Blue Line)

West Delhi audience has one prominent market. For all the fun shaadi shopping and casual shopping, Rajouri garden market offers a huge variety of brands (local and high end as well). From chaats (street food) tickling your taste buds to Sarojini-esque items, nail salons & swanky bars, this market has got it all. The market is known as B.K Dutt market. The market has a lot of varieties in clothes to offer. From casual to ethnic, and all sorts of the price range; from 250 to prices going as high other high-end brands.

This market can satisfy budget shopping cravings. It also has a fair share of home décor items. Home décor shops that can take care of your whole house. With Mini So (a Japanese brand) opening in Rajouri Market, it has attracted a lot of shoppers lately. Mini So offering Bags, home décor, kitchenware, make-up products, eau de toilette, stationery and so much more at affordable prices. This market just as Sarojini Nagar has a lot to offer and might as well be a mini Sarojini.  Ladies, try your luck!

4. Lajpat Nagar
Lajpat Nagar
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Nearest metro station- Lajpat Nagar (Violet Line)

Known for its popular central market. This place is a residential and commercial hub in South Delhi district. It’s yet another heaven for all the needs. Central market famous for garments, textiles, shoes & eateries. This market has a plethora of shops and vendors. If you’re on a budget, this heaven not only satisfies your shopping needs but also your taste buds. If not, you can always enjoy the food. From furniture to wholesale ethnic garments, you get to witness everything here. You might as well spot dry fruits shops and bookstores. The place is crowded most of the times of the day. But I bet you can steal some really good deals.

5. Liberty Village
Liberty Village
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Nearest metro station- Saket (Yellow line)

The first venture of it’s kind. Liberty Village is a flea market, with items from brands like Lulu & sky at throwaway prices. This place not only fulfills your shopping hunger but also offers a quirky ambiance to click pictures. This is a hidden gem that hasn’t been explored until. Reason to get to here are – clothes from brands, fragrances, home décor, makeup products, and jewelry at the lowest prices. The most amazing deal that you can steal is here buying a pair of shoes that is from Lulu & sky at 1/4th of its original price. With winters approaching and our greed for those gorgeous block heels boots is undying. To score that explore this gem of a place. You might get surprised by the quality and prices. Liberty Village lies at a corner in Champa Gali. Popular for some cool cafes and hangout spots. Explore this and get surprised.

6. Street Style Store
Street Style Store
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Nearest metro station- Hauz Khas or Green Park (Yellow line)


While talking about budget shopping, there’s one more hidden gem in Delhi that is not only known but loved by many. The only drawback for the store is that they have an e-commerce website for the janta. Street Style Store is largely popular and known for its amazing versatility of shoe styles & prices at which they come at. When on budget shopping and needy of some really fun & good looking shoes, reach out to this store or website. Even if you’re not on a budget, you can actually consider them for some amazing deals. From knee-high boots to chappals, finish your OOTD with their footwear. At this price, one might wonder about the quality but we assure you, you shouldn’t doubt them. They’re the best lately in their business. So for all the upcoming shaadi byahs and parties, hit them up!

So now you have all the budget-friendly options for your next shopping spree. Explore-treat yourself and repeat! 😊

People often wonder what puts off a woman and makes her lose interest in a particular person. Ever wondered what makes a good guy? While physical attraction plays a great role but there’s a lot more going on in that head to pick out one guy for herself. Oftentimes, it’s the little things that make the most of the impact rather than some grand gestures. So, to go further and get that pretty woman for yourself, focus on the good to get rid of the bad.

Here are some of the deal breakers for a woman. Start making notes you boys!

Unhygienic Stud!

It doesn’t matter if you go to the gym, work-out, look good and all of that jazz but if you’re not hygienic then my boy, you’re definitely out of the game even before it starts!


Well, are you the one who keeps talking about yourself and your awesomeness? You really need to consider going back to school to learn what confidence and overconfidence actually mean? Stop bragging about your grand plans!


You DO NOT want to fall into this category. Ignoring your woman and being adamant about what to she has to do and what she needs to decide. Decide for yourself not for her. Don’t be a snob! You’re not right, not always! You can figure these ones out from a distance if you find them fighting over the “RIGHT” thing because they cannot be proven WRONG!


Men with an awful schedule, life routine, messed up sleep timings or some weird family issues. They come with a baggage. A woman has to think real hard about how to talk to them or be with them. Generally, they aren’t worth the trouble! Move on, Darlings!

Male Chauvinist

Talking about these makes me feel eecky! They feel they’re the elite breed because they’re MEN! Well, guess what, we’re women. We’re elite but with brains (Something that you lack). If you disrespect a woman just because of the fact they’re women and all they could do is cook, give birth and die, you are, out of all, the worst one!

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It isn’t about traveling. It’s about his eyes. The lecherous eyes that wander around and gleefully check out other women. What-a-shame! Definitely a turn-off.

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We all know one or two. And they know all other women. All of them are their “Friends”.

They eye all types or women. These ones can never be satisfied with one woman.

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Why so clingy bro? Boys who keep touching their partners, cheeks, shoulder, thighs & try indulging in serious PDA are a big NO! There are things that are fine within the four walls. So much of touch can piss off any woman.

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Knock on the door, pull a chair out, hold the door, offer help, be gentle and kind, be polite with people in need, are some basic etiquettes that have to be taught while growing up. Women like men with manners.

Social Filter

This might get embarrassing if you’re dating one. Someone who blurts out everything that’s on his mind without giving it a second thought. These people require social filters.

Full of Himself
Full of himself
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I know I have mentioned a type before above. But it’s different here. These types are actually “FULL” of themselves. They do not care even if you’re breathing (Okay, too much!), they don’t care if you’re even present there. All they be doing is talk about themselves, think of themselves, plan things for themselves or what they like without keeping you in consideration. It’s like YOU DO NOT MATTER. And that’s annoying.


If that man isn’t a man of principles? He cannot be your man. He can never stand for a woman. You don’t need them. Period.

Compulsive Liars
Compulsive liars
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They do one thing, you question them and there comes another lie from that dirt mouth. It’s may get disturbing after a while for you to deal with all the lies that come out naturally from their teeth.

Possessive…OVER Possessive!

Being possessive is cute at the time. But being over possessive about everything that you do is annoying. “Don’t do this, don’t wear this, don’t go here, don’t talk to him” says people who don’t have a life of their own. They’re buzzkills, BIG TIME!

Horny? Ok, PLEASE!!
Horny? Ok, PLEASE!!
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Another one featuring all those men who like to get intimate in every possible situation and any given moment. No sense of time and place. And if you’re not around they look for alternatives like we all know we shouldn’t be getting indulged in. Kick these ones out right away!

Addicted to His Addictions
Addicted to his addictions
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Lastly, someone who’s addicted to drugs and substances. Alcoholics would work if it’s occasional. Smokers too. Addictions can turn out a girl or anyone for that matter. It’s hard to keep them going along.

Traits that are deal-breakers from a women’s perspectives. At the end of the day, you want the best for you. Women don’t need to compromise with something just to be there. If you’re unhappy with any of the deal breaking traits, leave and stay happy. There’s definitely something good for everyone out there.