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Experiencing problems with your periods because of hormonal imbalance? You’re at the right spot to know you might be dealing with this condition commonly known as PCOD or PCOS. Here we’re going to talk in length about the term, symptoms and what causes this. And furthermore, how fit lifestyle can affect this condition.

What is PCOD/PCOS?

What is PCOD/PCOS?
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Polycystic Ovarian Disorder or Syndrome fashionable popular as PCOD or PCOS. To begin with, there’s a difference between the two. PCOS is an endocrine system disorder whereas PCOD is a condition that arises due to hormonal imbalance. In PCOS, the production of higher levels of androgen hinders the development and releasing of eggs process. Wherein PCOD, the hormonal imbalance causes a pile of mature eggs that cannot be released resulting in the symptoms of the condition. The exact cause hasn’t been discovered but hormonal imbalance or hereditary plays a pivotal role.

Causes and Symptoms

Causes of this condition have not yet been determined. But with high levels of androgens, i.e. male sex hormones results in ovulation imbalance, acne breakout, and excess body hair growth. The symptoms, in the beginning, are mild. Here are a few symptoms:

  1. Acne Breakout

Sometimes PCOS or hormonal imbalance causes an increase in testosterone. This increases sebum and skin cell production. Which results in acne. The most affected areas are the lower half of the face such as cheek, chin, neck, chest and upper neck. Apart from PCOS or hormonal imbalance, there’s a bacteria, Propionibacterium that can result in acne and inflammation.

  1. Weight issues, more likely facing difficulty in losing weight
Weight issues
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With the rapidly increasing body weight, there are a lot of other some severe disorders following you up. Few of them are Type 2 diabetes, High blood pressure, sleep apnoea and endometrial cancer and obesity on the edge. Not everyone who has PCOD is overweight. Not everyone has to lose weight.

  1. Excess body hair growth

Thicker and darker hair growth on parts of the body and thinning of hair on the scalp.

Increased level of androgens or male hormones results in excessive body hair growth. Although females do produce androgens an increased level can lead to hirsutism

  1. The irregularity of menstruation

Some women experience no periods at all while some bleed for days and months.

  1. Fertility problems in older women

The increase in androgen does not allow eggs to discharge that affects the fertility. It lessens the chances of pregnancy.

  1. Depression (Of course! Has to be there after all of this )
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Oh with everything this comes handy after all the symptoms that one has to deal with. Rapidly increasing weight issues gradually take down an individual’s self-esteem and confidence to lead a healthy life and have options of leading a happy life. There are various other disorders that follow depression like anxiety, mood disorder etc.

Treatment of PCOD/PCOS (How exactly fitness cures PCOD)

To treat this, it is more important to diagnose and control insulin resistance than to suppress hyperandrogenism and ovulation induction. The treatment of PCOD aims at relieving and preventing long-term health problems. PCOD can be treated without any medication with some healthy lifestyle changes. Yes, you heard it right! It doesn’t require any medication. Neither allopathic nor homeopathic nor any ayurvedic medicines has to be consumed. All these women who have PCOD need to be aware of this. There’s no permanent cure to this. There is no magic pill to prevent you from this condition. We just need some healthy changes and adapt them to incorporate them into our regular routine.

  • Weight loss isn’t just the key to cure this. You must keep working out regularly and has to keep a watch on the numbers! Walking is an ideal exercise you may opt for. Turning yourself towards the gym can make a huge difference. For some, it gets even harder there. But hey, who said it’s going to be easy? You’ll only cherish it if it comes to you after a struggle. Keeping a track of losing weight can change a lot of things. The menstrual cycle gets a bit regular.
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  • It’s the world’s first problem to avoid some tempting fast food. That’s the healthy change we’ve been talking about. Changing the way you nutrients can change the entire game for you. You should eat heart-healthy food that includes vegetables, nuts, fruits, whole grains, and beans. And you must avoid foods that contain saturated fats, i.e. fried food, cheese, and meat. The right diet can help you go a long way in dealing with PCOD. Including more fruits and vegetables in your diet and avoiding dairy-based products, sugar, jaggery, honey and refined cereals like Maida, sooji and white rice. Pick foods with a low glycaemic index such as wheat pasta, whole grain, brown rice, whole wheat etc.
diet food
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  • Quit smoking as smoking increases the androgens level in the body. Women with PCOS are at the high risk of metabolic syndrome, which may be exacerbated by smoking. Smoking worsens the androgen levels and the metabolic profile in women with PCOS/PCOD.
quit smoking
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  • Birth controlling pills to an extent does help women infertility and ovulation but it worsens the situation for the longer run. So, we here wouldn’t recommend. But for more knowledge over this point, women with PCOD/PCOS must consult a gynecologist.
Birth controlling
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This is somewhat in a nutshell, what every woman dealing with PCOD must know and follow. Consulting a gynecologist is a must for an early diagnose to start with the treatments to cure the symptoms. Remember, this condition can be treated but can’t be cured. All the best!

Treat PCOD
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Netflix has been giving some major chilling options. Good movies on Netflix are not always the easiest to find. Look no further for your browsing needs, for the time being, here’s a compilation of 2018 huge buzzing movies that almost everyone has watched and enjoyed. Go ahead, take a look!

Alex Strangelove
Alex Strangelove
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Cast- Daniel Doheny, Antonia Marziale and Madeline Weinstein

The story revolves around how a high-school boy who’s planning to lose his virginity to his girlfriend. Things get complicated when he meets this handsome & charming boy who unwittingly make him go on this roller coaster ride of sexual identity. Alex dating Claire when he meets Elliot and finds him to be equally loveable. The relationship goes in awry. The struggle to explore the new and true aspect of Alex’s life can make you feel the emotion. It isn’t easy to come out of the closet after so many years and dating a girl! How he comes out and reacts to everything and handle his feelings is a must watch. This comedy gay teen drama has won quite a lot of hearts.

Sierra Burgess is a Loser
Sierra Burgess is a Loser
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Cast-Noah Centineo, Shannon Purser and Kristine Forseth

Shannon Purser has been a known face since she’s playing Ethel in Netflix’s popular Riverdale. A mistaken identity incident that leads to an unexpected romance. When a most popular-school-mean girl Veronica deliberately gives out Sierra’s phone number to our very own heartthrob Jamey. The virtual romance starts to take place. The story revolves around how Sierra falls in love with Jamey and stalls all the possible situations to face him. What happens with her self-esteem is a scenario that all the girls out there can relate to.

This teen rom-com made a buzz but for all the fail reasons. Whereas Sierra has been portrayed as a well-mannered girl, in the beginning, is seen catfishing Jamey. This one did make a buzz but is a reminder for what all the teen loves stories have been showing, which to an extent isn’t the time anymore. Let’s be honest, Noah still won our hearts 😉

Lust Stories
Lust Stories
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Cast- Kiara Advani, Vicky Kaushal, Radhika Apte, Neha Dhupia, Bhumi Pednekar, Akash Thosar, Neil Bhoopalam, Sanjay Kapoor & Manisha Koirala

This multi starrer Netflix original from India definitely made a huge buss around. The compilation of four stories by Zoya Akhtar, Karan Johar, Dibakar Banerjee, and Anurag Kashyap goes around respective intimate encounters. The first story by Anurag Kashyap starring Netflix’s favorite Radhika Apte (Kalindi) and Akash Thosar (Tejas), where Kalindi is a college professor and Tejas is her student. They both are in a constant back-and-forth sexual relationship where Kalindi Develops feelings for Tejas and then leaves him overwhelmed by telling him how she’s married.

The Next story is by Zoya Akhtar starring Netflix Debut Bhumi Pednekar (Sudha) and Neil Bhoopalam (Ajit). Bhumi plays the maid working for Neil as he lives alone. The two are sexually involved when his parents arrive with a Rishta and Sudha is shown hurt and leaving the house as yet another day at work.

The third plot by Dibakar Banerjee that includes Manisha Koirala (Reena), Sanjay Kapoor (Salman) as her husband and Jaideep Ahlawat (Sudhir) as Sanjay’s friend. Reena and Sudhir are secretly involved in an extra-marital affair with each other. The story turns interesting when Reena decides to confront and Sudhir wants to back off because of his family.

The final plot, but the most interesting one by Karan Johar starring Kiara Advani(Megha), Vicky Kaushal(Paras) as a couple and Neha Dhupia(Rekha) as Megha’s friend. This one gets humorous when Megha finally have sex with her husband but is unsatisfied and looks for alternatives. The situation where one might go laughing and amazeballs when Megha experiences charam sukh in front of her entire family and that leads to an unfortunate divorce.

Lust stories made a huge buzz and is definitely winning hearts and laughter.

The Kissing Booth
The Kissing Booth
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Cast- Joe King, Joel Courtney, Jacob Ellardi

Based on The Kissing Booth by Beth Reekles, Joey (Elle Evans) and Joel (Lee Flynn) was born on the same day has been best friends ever since. To keep the special friendship, the duo made some rules. One being #9: Relatives totally off limits! Especially Lee’s big brother Noah played by Jacob Ellardi. He’s the most handsome and Elle’s first crush. Elle and Noah hit off leaving Lee unaware of it. How Elle tries to handle her relationship and friendship is a treat to watch. The beautiful love story wraps up when Noah leaves for High School and Lee finally understands his best friend’s feelings and forgive her for breaking the rule.

Nappily Ever After
Nappily Ever After
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Cast- Sanaa Lathan, Lyriq Bent, Ricky Whittle

A young black woman(Sanaa Lathan as Violet) whose mother has always kept her dolled up that even when she wakes up right next to her fiancés(Ricky Whittle as Clint) side, she gets her make-up done before he opens up his eyes. Sounds disturbing right? Violet’s mother has never let her hair down while growing up. A soulful barber (Lyriq Bent as Will) helps her to live life to the fullest after an accident at his hair salon and makes her realize she is not living to the fullest. Will’s daughter wins a soft corner in Violet’s heart and helps her lead a life worth more than just her looks and hair. By the end of the movie you might feel as empowered as to no matter what, how you look, you might find a way to live life and make it big!

I Feel Pretty
I Feel Pretty
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Cast- Amy Schumer, Michelle Williams

The entire high-concept-body-image satire talks about a woman (Renee) played by Amy who thinks she’s not beautiful and turns out to be confident as ever and the prettiest when she hits her head at the gym on the bicycle. Wakes up with a nasty concept in her head as a schlubby character an empowering shot of self-confidence. The story is liable to be hilarious. This one absolutely made a buzz with all the young girls or all the internet influencers popular for portraying themselves as pretty as unreal fairies with all the makeup and camera stuff!

But to be honest, Amy is loved for her body image confidence. The message delivery denouement was merely belaboring. But the message was loud and clear-whatever you accomplish, you do it with self-confidence in the same body you were born with! “I feel pretty” would obviously make you feel empowered and with a hint of you should love yourself more often feeling.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before
To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before
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Cast- Noah Centineo, Lana Condor, Israel Broussard and Janel Parrish

High school girl Lara Jean Covey writes letters to all the boys that she ever felt passionately about and her latest letter was for her childhood friend who’s also her sister, Margot’s boyfriend, Josh. Margot and Josh break up since she’s leaving for college. Lara feels awkward hanging out with Josh. And her childhood best friend Andrew (Greg) is mean to her who’s dating Noah (Peter). Surprisingly, Lara had written a note to Peter Kavinsky as well. The story wraps up beautifully around Lara and Peter’s relationship after Peter broke up with Greg. The relationship is the most adorable love relationship one would ever come across movies. Peter has officially become a national crush, girls go woo-woos over his smile! This lovely duo gives us some major #relationshipgoals and a reason to fall in love all over again but in an old-school way.

If you’ve already watched all of the movies mentioned you must relate to a thing or two.  But if you haven’t already you’re missing out on something for sure. Do give these ones a watch. Enjoy your Netflix and Chill J


“Agar firdaus bar roo-e zameen ast

Hamin ast-o Hamin ast-o Hamin ast

-Amir Khusro

Until I visited North East, I was living under a rock about the existence of a heavenly place on Earth. It wasn’t just a place like heaven. It was the HEAVEN in all true sense. Amir Khusro’s words were in context to the beauty of Kashmir. Well, been there done that too! It sure is a beauty but I cannot emphasize enough on the fact that North East India is sublime. A piece of advice? Go see this heaven for yourself, if you haven’t already visited Northeast India you’re missing out on a big chunk of travel experiences in India! That place is a dream! If there’s heaven on earth; it’s there, it’s there!

North East India

The Places I visited (Guwahati-Bhalukpong-Tawang via Bomdila & Sela Pass)

My journey to the northeastern side of India started with a flight to Guwahati from Delhi. I was traveling with my family. We’re a family who loves to travel and I have been a travel junkie since my first trip. Hint-hint, you might get to read more about my travel experiences! Early morning flights are so easy and hassle-free. But in the month of December, winter plays a huge part to piss any traveler off because of flights getting delayed. Well, all thanks to dense fog at 5 in the morning. We landed safely in Guwahati. And oh boy, the weather went crazy. It was foggy and windy in Delhi and Guwahati? It was humid! Guwahati is the largest urban area in the Northeast region. It’s packed with people & vehicles. We met our driver, Dheeraj, who’ll be driving us around for the entire trip. He was extremely polite & cute! Initially didn’t talk much but gradually started and was able to make our stomach hurt with all of his lame jokes. It’s fun when you have such a fun-loving company also knowledgeable. He guided us throughout with all the must-visit places. We had our trip organized by Kaziranga Tours n travels, Mr. Mahendra Nath. The company only managed our accommodations, convenience, and food. The plan of the places to visit was organized by my Uncle (another travel enthusiast! Thanks to him for passing on the legacy!) We got late because of our flight and Mr. Mahendra was so helpful with all the bookings and arranging breakfast on the first day in Guwahati when we reached there.

While we were settling ourselves down with the city, getting to know more about the place, it’s wildly diverse & home to hundreds of tribes. People are so warm & welcoming. They’ll make you feel homely. Just how our drivers and tour organizers were. We came across some really friendly and welcoming people throughout the trip. People there would help you, talk to you, they try and know about you. It’s just a heart-warming gesture. They’ll welcome you with a big smile and kids waving at you. The place had some really adorable dogs &| puppies playing around. With such kind hospitality, they work hard for their living. One can clearly see the hustle of the town and yet they’re relaxed. The relaxed pace of life is captivating.

Coming back to the food, you cannot miss the food! It was different. Tea with jaggery, Chhole Bhature but known as paranthe. I am hungry now! Off track. Okay back to our first day in Guwahati, Mr. Mahendra was a big help. He was on his toes all the time wherever we needed help during the trip. Got our stomachs filled with tempting food and went ahead with our road trip to Bhalukpong from Guwahati. The drive from Guwahati to Bhalukpong, a small town located in Arunachal Pradesh, was soothing. Kameng River in Bhalukpong makes the place so attractive. It feels like one of those ZNMD (Zindagi na milegi dobara) moments, traveling on a smooth road and a river with clear blue water and creating white foams when it hits those steady big rocks into them, flowing alongside. It’s therapeutic. Finally, after a 6-7 hours journey, we reached Bhalukpong, where we were going to spend a night before leaving for Tawang the next morning. We stayed in bungalow turned into a hotel kinda thing. It was nice and cozy. Not the best places to stay but was manageable for a night. Had our dinner and crashed into our beds.

Next morning, watching the sunrise at 5 in the morning while leaving for Tawang was one of the most beautiful mornings of my life! It was chilly, different from the first day at Guwahati. The sky was filled with sunshiny colors and had mountain ranges covered with snow peeping through the clouds. The drive from Bhalukpong to Tawang via Bomdila and Sela Pass was mesmerizing and definitely a highlight of the entire journey. We were all geared up for an entire day of road tripping. Packed our bags, filled our stomachs yet again with some really finger licking home cooked food and were all set to leave for our journey. To reach Tawang, we passed Bomdila as well. Yet another beautiful place. But to reach Bomdila from Bhalukpong you may need a permit for traveling from Bhalukpong to Bomdila. We got that within an hour and for that one hour to pass what could be the best way than to have Maggi and enjoy the cold breeze and snow-covered mountains all around you. After an hour or so, we headed towards Bomdila. The drive to Tawang from Bomdila had some crazy surreal views. BRO (Border Roads Org) has maintained the roads so well. The army and the local people together have kept the environment so clean and air that is pure & breathable! That place is so different from the rest of India. It just doesn’t feel like you’re there. For someone like me who has vertigo, driving through mountains and height I get anxiety. But the rounds are so safe and there’s help at every mile. So much respect for those people working for our country and also for maintaining the place for tourists. While driving through Bomdila to reach Tawang, you have to cross Sela Pass, a place at 13,000 ft. above sea level and beyond imagination. The region is extremely windy and cold. My words won’t do any justice to the place. With that freezing cold wind and stilled Sela Lake, the place looks dreamy and almost magical. It had a calming vibe with a little snow drizzling! I can trade anything to just be at this place. This unexplored paradise has my heart! After crossing Sela Pass, it takes another 4-5 hours to reach Tawang.

Tawang- a place that’s nothing short of a dream or just out of a movie! Not just a place with incomparable beauty but also with a history that every Indian must know. I explored Tawang and a lot of gems of Assam & Arunachal. Not to be missed I witnessed India-Bangladesh border too. How cool! But to know all of it, stay updated!

Here are some of the pictures of the breathtaking views I took!




Sela Pass