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In present times, social media is everywhere and unavoidable. For some, it is an occasional fun escape or source of entertainment while for others it has become a way of life. And if you happen to be in a relationship with a social media addict, you must know that the challenge is real. Your partner’s obsession with social media can negatively influence your romantic relationship, especially when you don’t like to spend much time in the virtual world.

Here is a compilation of the common struggles that all the people would relate to who are in a relationship with a social media addict.

Food should be clicked before eating
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No matter how hungry you are or how tempting the meal looks that you’ve ordered, your social media addict partner won’t let you take a bite before clicking an insta-worthy picture of the food.

Because check-in jaroori hai
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Check-in at every fancy restaurant, market or movie theatre is a must for them. Because are you even doing it if the world doesn’t know about it.

Stress of getting maximum likes & comments
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The hours of thinking and analysing goes behind putting the perfect status update and keeping the check of likes and comments.

It’s hard to get their attention
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It’s almost impossible to get heard at once. Because your partner is too busy keeping track of what’s happening in the world via social media. If you’re really lucky, you may get his/her attention in the second go.

Nervous breakdown when phone’s battery is about to die
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Been there, seen that. Yes, the social media addicts are too close to get a nervous breakdown when their phone’s battery is about to die and they can’t find a charger.

Designated photographer at every party
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Too busy clicking pictures and making videos at parties that your partner often forgets to have fun with you.

Always tagging you in embarrassing photos
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Because for a social media addict, every moment, be it happy or sad has to be clicked and shared online for the world to know.

Well, raise your hands if you relate to these struggles and let us know in the comments section below.

Travel is always about the experiences, not the destination.

– Anonymous

Travelling changes the way you look at life. It fills you with excitement and turns you into a curious person who is always ready to explore and learn new things in life. Travelling is a life-changing experience that helps you improve as an individual and makes you more interesting.

Well, travelling with kids is a great concept to offer them new experiences and memories in life. And also a great way to keep them occupied during the holiday season. We understand travelling with kids requires a lot of planning, patience, and pain. But think of the ways you’ll be able to bond with them with ample time in your hands and teach them to be smart, strong, and independent.

Here we have listed some great reasons why you should travel with your kids.

  • To show them that there is a huge world out and this vast Earth is their playground.
  • To teach them to get out of their comfort zone and experience great things in life.
  • To teach them how to handle responsibilities and overcome any obstacle that life throws at them.
  • To help them learn how to patiently deal with difficult situations.
  • To expose them to new cultures, languages, foods, and traditions and let them discover new things in life.
  • To let them unplug from technology and spend some quality time together and develop a strong bond with them.
  • To develop a sense of adventure among them so that they can explore the world and gain new experiences.
  • To help them learn how to deal with change and accept it positively.
  • To help them experiment and uncover their hidden talent. It also promotes self-confidence among children.
  • Exploring new places and meeting new people help kids see things through fresh eyes in a whole new way.
  • To help your kids create wonderful memories that they can cherish for a lifetime.
  • Also, travelling with your kids is a great way to teach history than to actually have them learn through textbooks.

The immense joy of travelling with your children will be worth all the stress, challenges, and expenses.

FOMO is an abbreviation for Fear Of Missing Out. It is a phenomenon that is becoming increasingly common and can affect anyone. FOMO, in general, refers to the feeling that others are having more fun or experiencing better things in life than you are.

The feeling of FOMO generally starts with a slight bothering among people when they miss out on something, which in turn can create anxiety and lead to the feeling of inferiority.

The advent of social media has made FOMO an even bigger issue especially among young people who are always online checking posts and updates by their friends. They get addicted to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to an extent where checking up on what others are doing, where they are travelling or what they are eating consumes all their time. So, when they miss a party or a vacation, it makes them feel a little less cool and inferior to people who were actually present there and posted photos online.

The consequences of FOMO can be quite harmful at times:
  • People suffering from FOMO keep their attention focused on others and forget to live their own lives
  • They may lose their sense of identity and suffer from low self-esteem
  • FOMO affected people have a lower level of satisfaction in life, which makes them vulnerable to serious mental health concerns
  • They have a constant urge to compare their lives with others
  • The more time people spend on social media keeping track of others’ lives, the higher is the level of stress and depression in their lives.
  • If this FOMO becomes massive, these people may end up with anxiety and depression too
How to cope with FOMO?
  • People with FOMO can keep a track of negative thoughts and feelings and determine what they need to change to feel better about themselves in life
  • When they find themselves saying something negative to themselves, they can replace the thought with something positive to divert their mind from going down the dark path
  • Take a break from social media every once in a while to erase the negative feelings that FOMO causes
  • It is important to have the self-realisation that they cannot possibly be everywhere and do everything. But this also does not mean that they are missing out on something
  • They can practice focusing on what they are doing at the moment rather than concentrating on others’ lives
  • They should understand that not everything they see online is true. No one lives a perfect life even when social media allows them to pretend that they do.
Last but not the least, they should learn that life is far bigger than a mere social media handle.

The chilly cold weather can sometimes make it hard to keep your style game at the top. Winter is a beautiful time of the year and nothing should stop you from looking your best during this season, not even the chill. There are certain dressing items that can help you stay warm and look stylish and classy. Read further to know.

Leather Jacket
Leather Jacket
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A classic piece of clothing that every man should have in his wardrobe. You can wear a leather jacket with a casual t-shirt or pair with a hoodie when the temperature drops. Irrespective of the age, the leather jacket looks fantastic on every man.

Knitted Jumper
Knitted Jumper
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A knitted jumper is the perfect piece of clothing to stay warm in winter. A bold colour knitted jumper paired with black or blue denim will look awesome and make you ready to head out in style within a few minutes.

Puffer Jacket
Puffer Jacket
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A puffer jacket is a right choice for chilly, windy wintery days. It is easy to match with lots of different outfits that will take your style game a notch higher. The puffer jacket will keep you warm and stylish at the same time.

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Turtleneck is an essential piece of clothing for a man’s wardrobe. During extremely cold days, it can be layered under a jumper or wool blazer. Or you can wear it under a loose-fitted, short-sleeved t-shirt for a more edgy look.

Beanie Hat
Beanie Hat
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Getting a headache from cold is the last thing you would want. Therefore, a beanie hat is a great option to trap the heat at the top of your head and look stylish yet sophisticated. This accessory can complete an outfit and grab eyeballs wherever you go.

Wool Overcoat
Wool Overcoat
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As the temperature takes a dip, a warm wool overcoat is a great way to dress up like a model and look and feel warm at the same time. Available in a wide range of colors and lengths, a wool overcoat will match well with the rest of the clothing items in your wardrobe.

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There are different ways to pair a cardigan during formal and casual occasions. You can opt for a t-shirt and cardigan to wear under a long woolen coat. Or you can opt for a more casual style by wearing a fitted cardigan under a blazer or jacket. In both scenarios, you’ll look like a million-dollar.

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The muffler is a muscular and stylish accessory to complete a winter outfit on formal and casual occasions. You can wrap it around your neck or let it hang loose, there are so many ways to style a muffler and look amazing during chilled winter days.

Leather Gloves
Leather Gloves
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Leather gloves are a great way to keep your hands warm during winter. Black and brown color gloves are excellent options that blend well with any outfit and make you look fantastic. They will instantly amplify your overall look, so make sure you have a couple of them in your wardrobe.

Wool Socks
Wool Socks
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Dot forget to keep your feet warm during winter with the help of wool socks. Fluffy and cozy, they look well paired with chunky boots and rolled up jeans. Keep the color of socks neutral to pair with the office attire and keep your feet warm all day long.

These wardrobe essentials will help you look stylish from head to toe during extremely chilly winters.

Parenthood is one of the most beautiful joys in life. But no one ever tells you that it is not as easy as it seems. It takes a lot of thinking and planning at parents’ end to give the right upbringing to their kids. And the situation may get quite challenging at times. But when the going gets tough, parents do not shy away from telling funny yet harmless lies to their kids. All the parents reading this blog would totally agree that most of the time these lies work brilliantly and put kids in the right place.

Let’s have a look at some common & funny lies that Indian parents often tell their kids growing up.

About Tea

Kids are often fascinated by tea and want to taste and savour it just like adults. But parents who don’t want their kids to have tea at a young age and often scare them by saying that- drinking tea will make them dark.

About Eating Veggies

The green vegetables are healthy and essential for the growth of kids. So whenever the child makes excuses to not eat veggies, a white lie is thrown right at them that – not eating the vegetables will stunt their growth and weaken their eye-sight.

About Eating Chocolates

Eating too many chocolates will decay your teeth- the white lie we all have heard from our parents in childhood. Or whenever we opened the fridge looking for chocolates and couldn’t find them there, our parents told us that ‘the cat took away all the chocolates.’ And we believed them. Sigh.

About Chewing Gum

Don’t swallow chewing gum or your intestines will stick together- the most popular lie in the history that parents still tell their kids in the 21st century.

About Buying New Toys

These toys are for little kids and you are a grown-up now. You shouldn’t play with these toys anymore otherwise your friends would tease you.

About Washing Hand & Feet at Night

If you don’t wash your hands and feet before going to bed, then you’ll have scary dreams about witches and ghosts.

About Drinking Milk

If you don’t finish your glass of milk, all your teeth would fall off and never grow back again. This is the epic lie of all times that parents love to tell their innocent kids.

About Babies

Not all lies are meant to get things done from kids. Some lies are told just to keep their innocence intact. Like, the lie about how kids are made and born is one of them. When asked by kids, parents often say that God comes from heaven and put the baby in mummy’s tummy, which kids believe instantly.

About Santa

If you don’t do your homework on time, don’t drink milk or don’t sleep on time, then Santa won’t bring you any gifts for Christmas. This is one of the best white lies that always make kids behave properly.

About Watching TV

Watching too much TV will weaken your eye-sight and then you’ll have to wear a pair of big, round spectacles for the rest of your life.

About Doing Mischief

If you do any mischief and don’t be a good guy/girl, then we’ll send you to the boarding school. This is the lie we all dreaded during our childhood.

About Sports

“Padhoge likhoge banoge nawab, kheloge kudoge to banoge kharaab” – a lie that all Indian parents tell their children growing up just so that they pay more attention to studies than sports.

Once the kids grow up, they have a good laugh about these lies and how they used to believe them blindly.

Being in love is a magical feeling. It feels like you are floating on a cloud. Having someone by your side makes you feel special all the time. Being smitten with the love bug fills the life with beautiful moments. But while falling in love seems the best feeling in the world, it can cause people to do stupid things as well. Read further to find out the stupid things people do in the name of love.

Celebrate monthly anniversaries

Yes, you must have friends or colleagues flooding your Facebook or Instagram timeline with their 1-month, 2-months, 6-months or 9-months relationship anniversary. Every month their celebration of the relationship is followed by a cake-cutting ceremony and exchange of gifts. Forgive them, they are just two people too much in love with each other and want to show it to the whole world out there.

Give silly nicknames

Babu, Shona, Cutie pie, Buttercup, Sweety pie so on and so forth. No, these aren’t the cute baby names. These are the silly nicknames that newfound lovers give each other. They love calling each other by these nicknames in front of friends just to show how lovely their love is.

Lot of PDA

PDA is a weapon that lovers use to drive people away from their vicinity. Just kidding!! But yes, you can often find lovers displaying their affection for each other in public places and bugging other people off. They forget the concept of time and space and start to believe that the whole world is nothing but their love nest.

Talk about their relationship all the time

If you have a friend or a colleague who just got into a relationship, then it is very obvious that they tell you about it at least 10 times a day. Magically, everything happening around reminds them of their relationship or partner somehow. And then you have to listen to every little detail of how they feel about it and blah blah blah.

Lose sleep over late-night calls

Lovers do lose a lot of sleep at night over endless phone calls. There’s isn’t anything important that they have to tell each other. They just want to stay connected with each other even if it is just over a call. Just asking and telling the same mundane things every day.

Get matching tattoos

Getting matching tattoos is another level of stupidity that lovers tend to do. Because being practical and giving it a thought what if their relationship doesn’t work out is too mainstream. They just go and get inked for a lifetime to support their love for each other.

Listen to love songs on repeat

Oh God, yes. This is the favorite thing that first-time lovers love to do. Listening to all the famous love songs on repeat. Whether they are eating, taking a shower or working on a project, you’ll always find them listening to mushy romantic songs and associating them with their love life.

Lose touch with their friends

Mesmerized by the affection and beauty of their partner, people often tend to neglect their friends after getting into a relationship. They keep finding excuses to spend time with each other and forget that there’s a world outside their love nest.

Share passwords

Sharing passwords of your emails or social media accounts with someone is not just technically unethical but unsafe as well. But what could you possibly tell two people who are in love and believe that everything they own or possess belongs to their partner?

Think of getting married

First-time lovers often believe that their fairy-tale has come true and they are meant to be together. So, they jump upon the idea of marriage and get their whole life planned in their heads. Marriage seems the next feasible step to them so that they can spend their entire life together.

So, these were some of the stupid things that we believe lovers often do. If you have anything to add on to the list, do let us know in the comments.

Travelling involves a lot of planning. You need strategic planning to ensure a smooth journey and a pleasant stay. It is always exciting to travel to new places, explore new cultures, and learn about new traditions. And this excitement doubles up when you have to take your first trip overseas.

Travelling internationally for the first time can be a bit overwhelming. You may feel thrilled and scared at the same time, which is very obvious and happens to a lot of us. But efficient planning can ensure a stress-free first trip to a foreign land.

Here is a list of simple yet important tips to ensure your smooth sailing in a foreign country.

Get Your Passport Ready

The first and foremost tip when travelling abroad- get your passport in order. Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months before you enter a foreign country. Don’t forget to carry hard copies and soft copies of your passport just in case the original one gets lost or stolen.

Check If You Need Visa

Make sure if you need a visa to travel your chosen country and how long it may take to process. There are also some countries where you can travel without a visa or receive one on arrival. You need to check this before booking your flights and making travel arrangements.

Check Immigration Requirements

You need to get ready with all your immigration documents that state your reason for travel or what you intend to do in a foreign country.

Check Entry & Exit Fee

There are some countries that ask travelers to pay entrance and exit fee. And always remember this fee is not included in your flight ticket charges.

Make Photocopies of Travel Documents

It is always advised to carry photocopies and scanned copies of all your travel documents, including Passport, Visa, proof of identity, and permission letter of entering the country. Keep them in a separate folder so that they come handy if you lose your original documents.

Get Vaccinated

Depending on the country you are travelling, you may require to get specific vaccines or medications as a precaution against the diseases floating in the air. Check with your doctor to ensure you have all the proper vaccinations. If you are already taking any prescribed medication, make sure you have stocked enough to cover the duration of your travel. Don’t forget to carry painkillers and antibiotics for occasional headaches and stomach issues. Ensure whether your medical insurance is valid in the country you’re travelling or if you need to add extra coverage.

Take Care of Your Finances

Before you travel overseas, check the exchange rates to get a fair idea of how much you are going to spend. Make sure you exchange the currency at banks and ATM’s as they won’t charge anything extra. Talk to your credit card and debit card providers to check whether your cards will work in the country you’re visiting. Always try and carry local cash whenever commuting through public transport like trains and buses.

Make Bookings in Advance

Make flight and hotel bookings 50-60 days in advance to get a good deal. Look for discount coupons while booking tickets online. There are many search engines that offer attractive discounts to students on flights and accommodation. It is important to have pre-booked exit flights for each country as many airlines won’t let you board the plane if you have a one-way flight.

Get an International Driving Permit

If you are planning to drive on the roads of a foreign land, then make sure you have an international driving permit. Get familiarized with the local driving laws of the country you are travelling. You can also get in touch with the foreign embassy regarding official rules and regulations of driving in that country.

Get Necessary Electronic Items

Electrical power points are different all over the world. Make sure you have adapters that allow plugging your electronic devices into foreign sockets. Check the strength of the electrical current of the country you are visiting to make sure your devices are compatible. Invest in portable phone chargers and laptop charges to keep your devices fully charged.

Prepare Yourself Mentally

Last but not least, you need to prepare yourself mentally when you are about to go on your first international trip. Be open to connecting with people from other cultures. Take it as a great chance to learn something new in life. Don’t stress much and embark on a new journey with confidence and positivity.

“Every piece of jewelry tells a story”

Gem Hunt

Minimalist jewelry is clearly trending. Whether you have to accessorize an office look or a glamorous date look, to arm yourself with sleek minimalist jewelry pieces is the best choice. These elegant and dainty pieces are easy to pull off that can glam up even the most usual everyday looks. That’s why everyone from popular Instagram bloggers to Bollywood celebrities is in awe of minimalistic jewelry. To be honest, considering their charm and the way they make your looks exciting, it’s hard not to fall in love with the minimalist jewelry trend.

Ranging from dainty rings to cuffs and bracelets to chokers, the minimalistic jewelry pieces rule the fashion world and embodies the ‘less is more’ approach. Read further to discover the best websites where you can shop for classic minimalistic jewelry online.


The tagline of Miscaro goes by – Make Luxury a Habit. They believe in offering statement jewelry pieces for women that they can wear every day, forever. From diamond rings and bracelets to necklaces and earrings, they create fine jewelry that oozes charm and elegance. When shopping from Miscaro, you don’t have to choose between high quality and accessible prices. Because you get both quality and fair pricing on every purchase. All their jewelry pieces are available in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold variants that you can pick as per your style and preference.



If you are a fashionista, who likes to pair statement jewelry with casual and formal attires, then PipaBella is the right place for you. Ranging from fashion jewelry to sterling silver jewelry and Swarovski jewelry, they offer a variety of options with durable and high-quality options that are stylish and always on-trend. You can also customize your jewelry at PipaBella by choosing the base metal and crystal. They also have a gift shop section, where you can browse jewelry gifts according to the occasion, category, and relationship.


Shop Lune

Shop Lune’s mantra is to offer modern and minimalistic jewelry for new-age women. From necklaces and bracelets to rings and earrings, each piece is designed in a unique way that would go well with your attire and enhance your overall personality. Their abstract jewelry designs are meant to embrace that will fit like a glove. The prices are quite reasonable with jewelry pieces starting from as low as Rs. 850.



VelvetCase is another famous name in the ocean of minimalistic jewelry. Crafted with utmost love from jewelry designers across the globe, each piece is elegant and affordable. Whether you are seeking modern, classic or contemporary designs, the jewelry items offered at VelvetCase will suit your style. From classy rings to dainty earrings and sophisticated bracelets, their jewelry items will surely amp up your everyday look and help you stand out in the crowd. 100% customer satisfaction is their top-most priority and they always stand by their high-quality products.



Blinglane offers a classic range of fashion jewelry and sterling silver jewelry for women worldwide. Whether you have a knack for minimal bling or handcrafted personalised jewelry, Blinglane offers quality products at affordable prices. So that you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to get what you desire for. Their iconic jewelry designs, be it earrings, anklets, rings or bracelet will speak to you in a unique way and you would end up adding them to your cart.


Have fun shopping for your favorite jewelry pieces at these famous online websites.

Sitting on a chair and gazing continuously at computer screens for at least 8 to 9 hours every day pretty much sums up the corporate life. After the long working hours, people do not have time or they are too exhausted to hit the gym and workout. It takes a toll on their fitness level and often leads to declining health. In addition to health problems, the long working hours start affecting the productivity and creativity of employees that hit their self-growth and development of the company.

We understand you may not have the golden choice to limit your working hours. But there are some quick and easy fitness tips that you can try during office hours to feel fresh and energetic throughout the day. Read further to know the tips that will help you stay fit and healthy at work.

Take Short Breaks

Make sure you do not stay at your desk for too long. Try to take short breaks every 1-2 hour. Even if it is just a small walk from your work desk to the washroom or a 5-min walk around the block. The short periodic breaks will recharge your brain and increase your ability to concentrate more on work.

Stay Hydrated

It is crucial to drink plenty of water not just for your body, but the mind as well. When you are having trouble concentrating on work or you are low on energy, say hello to hydration. The water will ward off your tiredness and boost your mood.

Cut Down Your Caffeine Intake

A cup of black coffee may give you instant energy in the middle of the shift and help you stay active for the rest of the day. But caffeine isn’t a good long-term strategy from the health perspective. Too much dependence on caffeine can have severe side effects and lead to gastrointestinal problems leaving you feeling shaky. Do not completely quit coffee but make sure you don’t overdo it.

Take a Walk after Lunch

The lunch break is the only time that people have to themselves during the entire busy day at the workplace. It is the perfect time to give your mind some rest and feed your body. Go for a walk after lunch or take a stroll around the block. It will help burn calories, regulate the digestion process, and refresh your mind.

Maintain a Good Posture While Sitting

Sit up tall and straight in your chair. As sitting in a bad position for a long time can cause neck and back pain. You need to make sure that your eyes should be level with the top of your computer screen. While sitting in the chair, your shoulders should be relaxed and not hunched up. Your lower arms should rest on support instead of being held up. The screen of the computer should be a full arm’s length away from you. The upper back should be straight and the curve of the lower back should be supported by your chair.

Mini Workout at Your Desk

Do you know there are exercises that you can do at your desk? Or we better call them desk-ercises. Try leg planks. You can simply sit on the edge of your chair where your knees bent and feet on the floor. Now, extend the right leg out in front of you until it is straight and parallel with the floor. Hold on the pose for at least 10 seconds, then release and repeat with another leg. Similarly, there are strengthening exercises, such as foot drill, back twist, shoulder raises, and chair dip that you can do sitting at your work desk to improve your well-being.

Keep Healthy Snacks for Cravings

Those cravings in the middle of the day are inevitable. But you can always regulate what you put in your body. Instead of chips, trail mix, and bakery items, stock up your drawer with healthy snacks, such as nuts, dried fruits, protein bars, etc. So that whenever you feel hungry, you can feed your body healthy snacks and keep it fit.

As quoted by Joe Frazier, “A sound body keeps a sound mind.” A few changes to your routine will allow you to stay healthy and productive at work.

If someone ever asks what according to you the most desirable thing in the world is, what would your answer be? You’d probably say money, fame or success. These might be the right answers in the long run. But what most of the people desire more than anything else is- to have a flat and toned tummy. Yes, the Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner sort. It’s a dream of millions.

Does measuring the circumference around your waist disappoints you at times? Or maybe you want to remove the muffin top that gets particularly noticed in everything you wear. Well, guess what? Getting rid of those love handles may be hard but not impossible. There are just a few food items that you should avoid or limit to lose the stubborn belly fat.

Avoid Sweeteners & Sugar-Sweetened Drinks

Too much sugar consumption is bad for you. If you have diabetes, then having sugar will increase your blood sugar and triglycerides, which can be a risk factor for heart disease. The soft drinks or soda might make you feel good and energized for some time. But they leave you craving for more that increases blood sugar level and leads to the accumulation of fat around the belly and other areas of the body. You can try and swap the artificial sweeteners with natural sweeteners like honey or maple syrup.

Ditch Dairy Products

Gas and bloated tummy are usually the symptoms of lactose intolerance. If you suffer from a mild or severe case of this ailment, you can try and swap cow’s milk for lactose-free milk or nut milk. Limit your cheese and yogurt consumption. Doing so will help better your digestion and aid the loss of belly fat.

Cut Down Unhealthy Snacking

We all often try and satiate the midnight cravings with snacks like salty potato chips or French fries. These snacks are loaded with unhealthy hydrogenated oils called trans-fat. It contributes to increased cholesterol, increased weight, and heart diseases. Potatoes are healthy when consumed boiled, not fried. You can try and replace potato chips with nuts or baby carrots to satisfy untimely hunger pangs and cut down those extra pounds.

Eliminate Processed Baked Goods

The processed baked goods may come across as a convenient or delicious snack but they aren’t easy to digest. These high-carb foods are loaded with refined sugar and preservatives with very low nutritional value. Including them in your diet may never allow you to achieve your dream body and make you look all puffy and bloated.

Say No to Fried Food

The fried chicken wings may cater well to your taste buds but they don’t do any good to your body and heart. Loaded with sodium and trans-fat, fried food has very little vitamins or minerals. They contribute to weight gain and cholesterol levels that can clog the arteries over time. Therefore, you need to learn to say no to fried food for a flat tummy and a healthy lifestyle.

Cut Back on White Carbs

White carbs are processed which are digested rapidly by the body to be stored as fat. If you want to achieve a flat tummy, then you should replace white bread, rice, pasta with fiber-rich whole grains, such as brown bread and rice.

Minimize Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol and losing weight don’t go hand-in-hand. Alcohol has significantly more calories but low in nutritional value and drinking too much of it can completely crush your weight loss efforts. It can also lead to dehydration and water retention that may leave you feeling bloated and puffy. You should try and minimize your alcohol consumption to achieve a flat tummy and better overall health.

Avoiding these food items will help you maintain a healthy diet and lose those unwanted pounds around your belly.