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Are you an impulse buyer? Don’t know??

Well, there’s a story- a girl always goes on shopping to buy a list of products. But, the problem is that she always purchases a couple of things impulsively, which she never going to use it.

Hmmm…Did you find this situation similar to you?

Oh yes! So, you are an Impulse Buyer. Impulsive shopping or buying is basically an unplanned buying behaviour when a person decides to buy a product or service spontaneously and those who make these decisions called ‘Impulsive Buyer’. It’s a common behaviour when people generally buy something without any pre-intentions. You go shopping and purchase whatever you like without giving any second thought. It’s like ‘You want It, You Get It’!

According to research, 84% of all shoppers have made impulse purchases. Sometimes, impulse buyers suffer a lot from this action because they buy many products that are of no use. This all happened because of the lack of self-control.

Here are some of the clever ways to avoid Impulse Shopping:

Always have a plan and a Shopping List


Well, this is the first thing that you have to always take care of. One should have to make a plan and a list before going to shop or a mall. A shopping list makes aware of our need and the budget we have.

Use cash instead of cards

use cash

Okay, the second thing you should have to stick with the plan to always use Cash instead of Debit/Credit Cards. The limited cash you have the limit you’ll purchase. People never think twice when they use cards while shopping that how much they have to invest.

Think before buying!

think before buying

Absolutely yes, determine what you want to buy, its uses and how much you’ll spend on it. Think twice before you decide to invest money.

Remember the last impulse purchase

Always remember the last purchase that you made. You feel regret every time when you see that pair of clothes in your cupboard.

Keep your budget in mind 

keep budget in mind

Always follow a budget, before going shopping. A good budget plan will prevent you from the disruptions.

Don’t get lured by special discounts and sales

don't get lured

According to a survey, 63% of buyers do impulse shopping because of the special offers and discounts. So, whenever you see Exclusive Offers try to avoid them because you’ll tend to invest your precious money into it.

Always be conscious of your investments and savings. Try to avoid buying things which are of no use!

Salman Khan, a well-known name that is ruling almost 25 years in Bollywood. This megastar doesn’t need any introduction, his stardom says it all. He is one of the actors who has a huge fan base, that calls him ‘Bhaijaan’ Pyar se not only because of his movies but because of his persona and fame. Some people generally criticize him because of his acting skills and no storyline movies but still, we cannot ignore some of his best movies.

He may not be in the list of Best Actors of Bollywood but certainly, he is one of those who changed the face of Indian Cinema, nationally or internationally. From a sweet lover boy in ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ from daring and courageous Police Man in ‘Dabbang’, he almost played many different characters.

Here we’ll talk about 5 MUST WATCH movies of dear Salman Khan.

  1. Sultan (2016)

    Image Source – Google

Salman played a character of a local wrestler, named Sultan Ali Khan who fell in love with a woman state-level wrestler. This movie was hit on the box office and his acting was so impactful on the audience.

  1. Bajrangi Bhaijaan (2015)

    Bajrangi Bhaijaan
    Image Source – Google

One of the promising actings of Salman Khan, we bet you fall in love with him. He played an honest, daring and simple man who taught us the real meaning of humanity and religion.

  1. Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam (1999)

    Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam
    Image Source – Google

This was a blockbuster hit! And a boon for the career of Salman Khan. He played the chocolaty boy character in this movie who was in true love with the heroine. This movie won several awards at the 45th FilmFare Award and became one of the game-changer movies of Salman’s career.

  1. Andaz Apna Apna (1994)

    Andaz Apna Apna
    Image Source – Google

One of the best Hindi Comedy films loved by the audience. This movie has still a different forever Fan Base. Salman played the role of Prem, one of the hilarious characters of this movie.

  1. Maine Pyar Kiya (1989)

    Maine Pyar Kiya
    Image Source – Google

Salman made the debut with this film in Bollywood and guess what he and this movie got all the attention at that time. Salman and his debut went viral in one day. And the rest of the history you know!

Salman Khan- a gem in Bollywood. A name that Bollywood will always remember, his fans will always adore him.

When someone asks you, your favorite Bollywood fashion icon that gives you fashion goals, then what would your answer be? Without a second guess, many of us would say, Lolo, our very own Karisma Kapoor. She was not only excellent in her acting skills but also played the fashion game incredibly. Karisma Kapoor, one of the most successful actresses who ruled 90s Bollywood, still is the style icon of every teenager and adults to date. From mini-skirts to slip dresses, from denim to velvet, she has aced it all.

Karisma Kapoor is one of the actresses who carried any apparel gracefully, be it Indian or western. Below are 5 of her dressing styles that are still in fashion trend!

Denim over Denim:
Denim over Denim
Image Source – Google

Denim is an all-time favorite and it’s astonishing how Karisma carried it in her 90s movies. She looked like a million bucks and even today girls are religiously carrying denim over denim everywhere for casual outlooks.

Boyfriend Shirt or Oversized Shirt
Boyfriend Shirt or Oversized Shirt
Image Source – Google

Fashion repeats itself.

Oversized Shirts are now in super trend and girls appreciate and rock it for the cool look. Check out Karisma’s oversized multi-color shirt, isn’t she killing in it with mom jeans?

Crop Top:
Crop Top
Image Source – Google

How can we forget that sassy blue crop top that Karisma paired it with a sizzling skirt in ‘Dulhan hum le jaayenge’? She carried it tremendously with matching boots to give it a bossy look.

Denim Skirt:
Denim Skirt
Image Source – Google

Denim skirts are now in trend and frankly speaking, Karisma already rocked those years ago. Look at the astounding denim long slit skirt which she pulled off with a white T-Shirt and a denim hat.

White Sneakers:
White Sneakers
Image Source – Google

White sneakers can totally steal the show! And who pulled off these white sneakers better than Lolo with the unusual multi-colored top and ribbon scarf. Girls are following this style statement unfailingly even today.

These style trends prove that 90s darling Karisma Kapoor will always be a Style Diva!