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We all know Herbal Tea! But, Do we? Most of us know Herbal Tea as a hot beverage made from herbs & spices. I wouldn’t say that is wrong, but there is more to it. Did you know that herbal tea is not actually tea! Tea is made from the Camellia sinensis plant. Herbal tea is not! No tea leaves are used in herbal tea.

Herbal tea is a blend of various other leaves, flowers, roots, barks, herbs etc. Apart from having various health benefits, herbal teas usually have a vibrant flavor.

So, let’s beat the winter breeze with Herbal Tea. Here are 3 must-try tea flavors and their benefits:

Thyme Tea
Thyme Tea
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Thyme is a Mediterranean Herb from the mint family. It has many health benefits and if you’re looking forward to adding it to your daily diet, start with Thyme Tea!

Thyme tea is rich in antioxidants, vitamins & minerals.

Some health benefits of Thyme Tea are:

  • For Respiratory Problems: Thyme tea is really good for respiratory problems. It helps in relieving coughs & congestions. It is one of the most known solutions for curing a cough! Coughing non-stop? Thyme tea will make it go away!
  • Weight Loss: Thyme tea helps in optimizing your metabolism rate & suppress your appetite which is why it is really good for weight loss. It also boosts energy & delivers the body with valuable nutrients.
  • Menstrual Cramps: Good news for all the ladies! Thyme tea helps to ease menstrual cramps and help with your PMS mood swings. Ladies, Happy Much?
  • Improves Cognition: The most common excuse men will you give you for forgetting things or not understanding them is that they’ve got really poor cognition skills. Well, start serving them Thyme tea because Thymol helps increase omega-3 levels in the brain resulting in improved cognition. So, next time he says “Sorry, It isn’t me but my cognition!” You got a solution. It will make your life a lot easier! It also helps prevent age-related problems with cognition.
  • Improved Digestion: Bloating? Constipation? Upset stomach? The antibacterial properties in Thyme can help!
  • Strengthens Immune System: Thyme has high levels of vitamin C which helps with boosting your immune system. It helps with relieving cold & flu.

So, can you think of a better time to try Thyme Tea than winters? You can find Thyme tea bags online or if you’re fond of gardening, try growing them in your garden. They are really easy to grow!

Elderflower Tea
Elderflower Tea
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Elderflower is a flower of a tree and has many medicinal benefits. It used in many medicines and used as food flavoring. It has antioxidants & antiviral properties. Some benefits of Elderflower tea are:

  • Beat Cold & Flu: The most popular use of Elderflower tea is that it helps fight cold & flu. It is also known as the natural decongestant and helps clear up mucus.
  • Respiratory Problems: Sinus, Asthma, Bronchitis, Tonsillitis, Cold, Chronic Cough etc. have become really common. Elderflower tea helps with these diseases as it boosts up the immune system.
  • Dietary Benefits: Elderflower Tea helps to purify blood & eliminates water retention and bloating in the body.
  • Cholesterol Issues? Drinking Elderflower tea can help as it helps in reducing cholesterol levels in the body.
  • Viral Illness: As per many people, Elderflower tea is helpful in treating viral infections like measles, chicken pox, & shingles.

Why just winters? This tea is a must drink in all the seasons. Respiratory problems have become so common! Why not try this herbal tea and see the effects for ourselves.

Chamomile Tea
Chamomile Tea
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Chamomile is one of the most popular herbs, and it comes from daisy-like flowers of the Asteraceae plant family. Chamomile Tea is one of the most popular herbal tea. We all must have heard about Chamomile tea but have we tried it? More importantly, do we know about the health benefits of Chamomile Tea? Let’s take a look at them:

  • Helps with Sleep Problems: Insomnia? Or other sleep disorders? Chamomile Tea can help! It will help you sleep faster and have better sleep quality!
  • Menstrual Cramps: Well, good news for all the ladies. Apart from being delicious, Chamomile Tea helps ease the pain of menstrual cramps.
  • Skin Problems: Acne? Sunburn? Dark Circles? Apply Chamomile teabags on the affected areas and see it for yourself!
  • Stress Buster: In today’s world, stress has become really common and this is the most common line you are going to hear around. Well, Chamomile Tea might help! It acts as a relaxant and helps reduce stress levels!
  • Glucose Level: Chamomile Tea helps maintain glucose level in the body which is why it helps in controlling diabetes. It also helps in lowering blood sugar level.
  • Soothes Ulcer Pain: If Chamomile tea is taken regularly, it can help soothe ulcer pains. If you’ve gone through an operation for stones, it can help to prevent the reformation of the stones.
  • Migraines: Chamomile tea is known to be therapeutic and helps to get rid of migraines and severe headaches. It is known to give instant relief from severe headaches!
  • Hair Problems: Chamomile Tea is known to reduce dandruff and give instant shine to hair. You can mix it with henna, and you’ll see positive results for sure!
Fun Facts:
  • Herbal Tea is less commonly known as “Tisanes.”
  • It does not contain Caffeine.
  • Herbal Tea can be served hot or cold.
  • It can help you beat your caffeine addiction.

So, if you haven’t entered the world of Herbal Teas yet, you got to! This winters, make it about being healthy. Beat the cold with these delicious and hearty tea flavors. We know you love your chai and It may take a while to develop a taste for them. But once you do, you will love them for sure!

“I am so sick of that same old love”- Selena Gomez

With time everything has changed! Technology, fashion, lifestyle, and everything else. Everything around is changing, then how do we expect for the dating culture to remain the same. Remember how dating used to be about just hanging out with the opposite? Now it is about hookups! There have been so many changes in the dating culture from the 90s until now. Let us compare how the dating era has changed.

  1. Finding Dates
Finding Dates
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In 90s:

When you liked some you relied on your friends to convey it to their friends. When you wanted to date someone random, your friends set you up with their friends, or their Significant other’s friend or maybe a cousin they have! Finding dates was tough. The toughest part when you liked someone was a confrontation! You had to look for the perfect timing for you to walk up to them and confess that you like them.

In 2018:

If you like someone? Add them on Facebook! Message them on Instagram! If you have common friends, get their number and WhatsApp them! If you just want to date someone randomly, you have apps for it. Tinder is the guru of dating apps. You just need to log in and start swiping left and right. Some other ways to meet someone is at parties, at clubs and apps like Tinder, Truly Madly, OkCupid, Aisle, etc.

What I feel is BETTER?

90s was tough but it was thrilling, but now it is easier and more convenient. Tinder is fun sometimes and at times- ‘Madaaame date pe chalogi?’ sapiosexuals & travellers creep me out! So 90s WIN!

  1. Finding Out About Someone
Finding Out About Someone
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In 90s:

In the 90s the internet wasn’t really popular! The only popular form was email, and there were no social media websites. If you wanted to know about someone, you could ask your friends and hope they have common friends with them or at least some common connections with them. Your pals were GOOGLE to you!

In 2018:

Want to discover someone’s deepest secrets? No problem, Hello Social Media! You could just browse someone’s Instagram profile and tell who they’re dating, browse someone’s Facebook and you’ll get to know where they like to eat or shop, Browse through their Snapchat stories and you’ll know their taste in music, and if you want to know their views over things- Twitter is the place you go to! Finding things about someone is not really difficult in 2018.

What I feel is BETTER?

Definitely 2018! It is so much easier and convenient than asking people around.

  1. Approaching Your Crush
Approaching Your Crush
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In 90s:

You had to convey your messages through a friend, send them a love letter and if you’re brave enough, you could simply stand outside their college/office and wait there with flowers. Moreover dropping hints was tough yet sweet. Sharing your handwritten notes with them, taking their side while an argument in the group, & offering help them with little things.

In 2018:

You don’t have to approach them directly! You can drop a message on their social media, or as per Indian rappers, you just declare your love by a huge gesture and no matter what they have to accept your proposal because you are so cool! Dropping hints means you gift things, ask them out to meet you alone, or flirt.

What I feel is BETTER?

The 90s it is! Although making the first move and dropping hints were difficult but, it was sweet and romantic.

  1. What is My Type?
What is My Type?
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In 90s:

Determining your type in the 90s was really simple, you followed the activities they took up in college or the classes they took up. Even simpler- Hey, what is your sun sign? A Scorpio? I am Cancer. Till death do us apart!

In 2018:

Figuring your type has become much more complicated in 2018. You look for the type of Netflix shows they are interested in, whether they eat Vegan or Non-Vegetarian, What are their career aspirations, What is their height, What kind of friends do they have, and the list goes on.

What I feel is BETTER?

I am old school which is why without any doubt, the 90s! It was sweet and less judgmental. It is so complicated and tough now.

  1. Who is going to propose first?
Who is going to propose first?
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In 90s:

It had to be the guy! The guy was expected to approach the girl because the girl was expected to be Sanskaari. Haye Taube for the girls who approached guys!

In 2018:

Gender does not matter! If you like someone, you tell them.

What I feel is BETTER?

Definitely 2018!

  1. Exploring Your Sexuality
Exploring Your Sexuality
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In 90s:

Same sex dating has always existed. It was just a little more submissive in 90s. People did explore their sexuality, but again they didn’t come out so soon or expressed themselves in public.

In 2018:

We’re living in the time where Section-377 has been decriminalized! Same sex dating is no more a taboo or well, maybe it is for a few people, but the law approves it so YAY! It is definitely a good thing!

What I feel is BETTER?

Definitely 2018!

  1. Staying in Touch
Staying in Touch
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In 90s:

Staying touch meant meeting in college or school, calling on their landline & waiting for them to come online on yahoo messenger. There was an excitement to talk to them because it was tough!

In 2018:
Messaging on Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, & other social media platforms all the time. Along with texting, you talk for hours & hours over the phone because everyone has a mobile phone!

What I feel is BETTER?

This is a bit tricky because while staying in touch is easier in 2018 and was difficult in the 90s but, I would still say 90s was better. Since it is easy to talk to your better half, people have started taking each other for granted. That excitement & passion has faded away!

  1. Deciding a Place for the Date:
Deciding a Place for the Date:
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In 90s:

There were few selected cafes and places where you’d go on a date. If someone is really special, you’d take them to your go-to place.

In 2018:

There are so many places you’d go on a first date. As time passes by, Netflix & Chill are your dates with them.

What I feel is BETTER?

There is no comparison between the two eras. While dating in the 90s was authentic, and how a date should be, in 2018 it has become more comfortable and casual.

  1. Commitment
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In 90s:

If you’re going on a second date, you’re officially Girlfriend & Boyfriend!

In 2018:

When you ask your friend about someone they’ve been seeing for a while, they reply “We are keeping it casual. We don’t want any tags.”

What I feel is BETTER?

90s Rule! Good things do take time but why are people so afraid of commitment in 2018?

  1. Post-Break Up:
Post-Break Up:
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In 90s:

After a break-up, the only way you’d know something about them would be by asking your common friends. You’d see them only if you’re invited to a common party!

In 2018:

After the break-up, it is so easy to know what’s going in their life. You have the option of stalking them on social media platforms. Off course, if they don’t block you!

What I feel is BETTER?

Definitely the 90s! While it is easy to keep a track of your ex in 2018 but why do you need to? If you aren’t with someone, you don’t have to know what they’re up to. It is only going to be tough on you!

There are many differences between dating then and now. Every era has its own advantages & disadvantages. I would say that I love how people dated in the 90s and respected each other, the admiration for each other, the excitement & commitment for each other. In 2018, it is amazing how dating same sex is not a taboo anymore, how asking out for a date is no more about chivalry or how comfortable it is to decide the date venue.

Dating isn’t about what era we’re living in. Date as per the era you liked more!

Traveling once in a while is always refreshing and often people say that traveling works as a stress reliever for them. Travelling gives you a new perspective about things, you get to meet new people, it helps you develop skills you didn’t know you had & you get to try new food!

To some people traveling is an adventure, to some, it is educational, for some it is a passion while others travel just to rejuvenate themselves. There is so much about traveling one can enjoy, but if you go on a vacation with the wrong people, it can slaughter the fun in pieces. There are people who don’t like to travel but do not spoil the fun for other people & then there are pseudo travel lovers. If you go on an excursion with them, Say hello to drama and whining! Here are 10 types of people you wouldn’t like traveling with:

  • The Cheap One
The Cheap One
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We all have this one friend who never pays! When you go out with them they will keep suggesting you cheaper places to stay at, cheap places where you can eat, and cheaper ways to travel. They might seem resourceful at first, but after a certain point of time, it is just annoying. Moreover, they will always say “Abhi tu dede, mai baad me deta hu tujhe.” This ‘Baad me’ never comes.

Like seriously, No Ken I can not pay for you! Carry your own damn wallet, you cheapskate!

  • The Social Media Addict
The Social Media Addict
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No matter what it is, social media addicts have to update it! They update stories of everything you eat, every activity you do, every place you go to, and other miscellaneous things on EVERY damn social media app. They are constantly texting on WhatsApp, tweeting, updating pictures & stories on Instagram, updating their location on Facebook and you’ll often find them putting your personal business on their Instagram live!

Come on Britney! Enjoy the moment and leave your Instagram followers alone, they do not care or else I’ll throw your phone away.

  • The So in Love Couple
The So in Love Couple
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Going on a trip with couples is okay but not with the ones who can’t seem to keep their hands off each other. They act as if they’re on their honeymoon! The babu, jaanu, baby talks are followed by PDA. Their cheesy talks get really annoying while you’re trying to enjoy what the world has to offer! They don’t stop here, they fight. There comes a moment when they fight over nothing which is enough to ruin the entire trip. Most probably they’ll be fighting over something really stupid, and this will effectively ruin your mood.

Get a room Dave & Rachel!

  • Self-Proclaimed Travel Guru
Self-Proclaimed Travel Guru
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They have been to every damn place on this Earth or read about it. They have done it all. Sky Diving? Done! Going to a new place? They have read about it! And before you discover things, they’ll shower their unasked knowledge on you. If you say something, they’ll correct you with your pronunciations, facts & other stuff.

If they’ve already been to the place once, they will bore you with their stories they have from the last visit.

No Eric! I do not want to listen to you, I want to experience things on my own. Please shut your mouth and stand in a corner.

  • The Negative Friend Who Can’t Keep Their Mouth Shut
The Negative Friend Who Can’t Keep Their Mouth Shut
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Your negative friend will kill the mood for everyone. Nothing makes sense to them! You suggest shopping, they’ll reply with a ‘sab kuch toh milta h waha’

You suggest something adventurous, they’ll reply ‘Too dangerous!’ or ‘Nahi yaar. Bakwaas h wo!’

They master in killing the mood.

Moreover, they will have strong opinions about the state/country you visit. About the economy, cleanliness, politics, productivity etc. These opinions won’t be positive.

Go back home Simon!!!

  • The Photograph Maniacs
The Photograph Maniacs
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They have to take a picture of everything and everyone. They see the world with their camera. It is okay to click pictures but not every 5 mins! They will click like 50 pictures before they leave the hotel room & 50 while in the cab. They are so obsessed with pictures that they will take selfies with everything & everyone.

The worse part of traveling with them is that they would waste your time by asking you to click pictures of them until they get like 100 shots at each and every step.

Stop clicking pictures, Britney! Clicking pictures will not accommodate your low self-esteem.

  • Question Bank
Question Bank
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They will have a question about everything. Moreover, their questions will be super irrelevant. How is this done? Why do they do it? When did the king die? Why did the queen wear red and not orange?  They are the ones who encourage the Travel Gurus to be even more obnoxious.

Shut up, Karen! I am here for the first time, just like you.

  • The Lazy One
The Lazy One
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The lazy one is worse of all. They will wake up late, will take forever to get ready and yawn through the day. Their idea of a vacation is sleeping all day in the hotel room.  The only thing they enjoy is chilling out in their room.

Get your lazy bum off the bed and go shower, Dave!

  • The Drunken Friend
The Drunken Friend
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Drinks on a vacation? Sounds fun!  Who would say no to it? Well, there is nothing wrong about drinking while you’re on a vacation but your drunk friend will take it to another level. They want a drink with every meal. It is like their vacation is all about getting drunk! They often end up puking because they drink way too much. They have a FOMO when it comes to drinking. Do you really want to spend your time cleaning up their mess than enjoy the holiday?

There is just one thing I want to say to all my drunk friends out there:

Get your shit together Eric! Stop with the Whiskey already.

  • The High Maintenance Friend
The High Maintenance Friend
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They are the worst kind to travel with! Travel is about new experiences and meeting new people. You would have to be prepared for all kinds of situations while you are traveling. Your high maintenance friend will just not accept the change or adjust to any situation. If they miss a meal, they will start to feel dizzy. Your high maintenance friend is inconsiderate about other people and if something doesn’t go the way their way, welcome drama! They resist coming out of their comfort zone which is not at all fun.

Get a life, Nadia! Your butler wouldn’t be around all the damn time.

Holidays and Vacations are about having fun not stressing out. You deserve to go out have fun without any restrictions or someone to bug you. Cut out the negative people and travel with someone who believes in the phrase ‘live and let live!’

Fashion! It is an ever-changing industry. Fashion Trends keep changing every few months. What was considered trendy in July won’t be trendy in December and this is the beauty of this industry. Designers come up with new ideas every single day by putting their heart and soul into it. Moreover, it often makes a comeback like the Big Loose Shirts from 90s made its way back to 2018, bell sleeves from the 70s or patchwork denim from 80s. Good fashion choices always find their way back.

But apart from all the amazing fashion trends, there are some disastrous ones too! The trends which are followed by many but no one actually understands them. Not everything titled as the latest fashion trend looks good. Here is a list of 5 fashion trends I do not find as trendy as they sound:

Too Much of Ripped!
Too Much of Ripped!
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Don’t get me wrong, I love ripped jeans. Ripped jeans are amazing and they do make your outfit look trendy. What I fail to understand is that why did people take this trend to another? They have started to wear not only ripped jeans but super ripped jeans. Wearing ripped jeans is one thing and wearing torn is another. You can’t just wear something which looks torn and roam around the streets. When you look someone wearing super ripped jeans, you might think they took it too far but hey, no! Ever seen people wearing ripped jeggings? Yes, that’s what taking it too far looks like. It is not the right material to rip and it looks terrible.

Furry Slides
Furry Slides
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I always wonder why do people wear furry slides. I mean what purpose do they serve? Do they look good? No! Do they keep your feet warm? No! Do they make one look sloppy? Yes! Why wear something which looks terrible and makes no sense.

You do not have to follow every fashion trend celebrities follow. Their life is way different than ours. They do not have to use public transport wearing those fashion trends. STOP wearing Furry Slides people!

Sweater Crop Tops
Sweater Crop Tops
Image Source – Google

Last time I checked, sweaters were supposed to make you feel warm. They are supposed to cover you when it’s cold not make you feel cold. Does it make any sense to wear something warm which isn’t covering you or protecting you from the cold? Just because it looks good, doesn’t mean you have to fall sick. Most people who wear Sweater crops tops complaint about being cold! Why wear it, people? Didn’t you decide to wear a sweater because you were cold?

Fake Tanning
Fake Tanning
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Now this is pure hypocrisy! We mock people for a darker skin shade and yet want our skin shade to be darker? Do you realize that it makes one look fake and stupid! Whereas people with a darker skin colour want to be fair? Stop messing around with your skin colour. Every shade is beautiful and even if one wants to go for a tan, then why do you go for over tanning? It does not look good! Remember Ross from friends with his Tan look? Yes, that’s how you look with a fake tan.

Extreme Eyebrows
Extreme Eyebrows
Image Source – Google

So what’s the obsession with faking your eyebrows? Thick eyebrows look nice but so does thin ones. Why do people need to fill their eyebrows with eyebrow pencil? It looks good, and I understand people like doing it. What looks bad is overdoing them! Like you might have seen people with more eyebrow pencil than the real eyebrow! What’s that about? It looks fake, doll!

Image Source – Google

This is something I will never understand! Why are chokers so cool and why are they trendy? These are often referred to as bold fashion! In my opinion, Chokers are similar to a dog’s collarbone!

So, these are the fashion trends I feel shouldn’t be called trendy! Although everyone has their own comfort zone and fashion sense but hey, it wouldn’t hurt to go for something better, something which doesn’t make you look awful. You don’t have to go for everything celebrities wear. In my opinion, fashion is something which makes one feel good and comfortable, not what’s trendy!

We may have lots of Nepalese friends as it is India’s neighbouring country. India and Nepal are so close that we share many traditions. We claim to know a lot about Nepal, but do we really know the place? Do you know about Nepalese cuisine? No, it isn’t just the juicy & yummy momos and No! It is not Indian food. Nepal has a great variety of food just like its rich culture. Yes, the country shares its border with India, Tibet & China and definitely, these cultures have a great influence on Nepalese Cuisine. Despite the influence, Nepalese cuisine is unique and irresistible. So here is a list of must-try Nepalese Dishes:

1) Chatamari
Image Source – Google

Chatamari is often referred to as Nepali Pizza because of the way it looks. It is a round rice-flour crepe. It is cooked with a variety of toppings like meat, eggs & vegetables mixed with yummy spices and is garnished with fresh coriander leaves & onion. Since it is usually baked, it is really good for health and with all the toppings, trust me it is really juicy. Chatamari is usually prepared for festivals in Nepal but often served as a snack as well. It is delicious! While Chatamari isn’t easy to find easy in India, it is easy to cook this dish.

2) Sel Roti
Sel Roti
Image Source – Google

A dish between Donuts & Bagels? We have it! It is Nepal’s very own Sel Roti made by deep frying Rice Flour and is truly scrumptious. It is crispy and sweet on the outside and soft on the inside. The rice flour dough is made from milk, water, oil, sugar, butter, cardamom, bananas and other flavours.  Sel Roti is usually made on religious festivals of Tahir & Dashain but sometimes also served during breakfasts with yogurt dippings. If you say you aren’t even a bit tempted to try Sel Roti, you are probably lying!

3) Thukpa
Image Source – Google

Good news for soup lovers! Thukpa is Nepal’s traditional dish influenced by Tibet and China. It is a thick noodle soup that may include meat, vegetables or eggs. This delicacy is usually served in winters and can be found all around Kathmandu. It is a perfect blend of meat and soup which will make you fall in love with the dish! Due to its popularity, Thukpa is available in many restaurants in India. Feeling cold? Why not try Thukpa? It will pamper your taste buds, make you healthier and a perfect way to make yourself warm this winters. You can also pretend to be Joey (F.R.I.E.N.D.S.) and say ‘Ummmm…Noodle Soup!’

4) Gundruk
Image Source – Google

Gundruk is one side dish which can add flavour to anything! It is a very popular dish made by fermenting leafy green vegetables. You can also refer to Gundruk is an assortment of pickles, but that wouldn’t be right! Gundruk is enjoyed as a condiment with the main course meal. It tastes amazing and will satisfy our taste buds when we might feel like having something ‘chatpata!’

5) Tongba
Image Source – Google

Beer lovers, I have an amazing news for you. Nepal has their own Millet Beer! You heard me right. This alcoholic beverage is a traditional and indigenous drink of the Limbu people in eastern Nepal. This beverage is religiously important to the community. The beverage is consumed in a very unique way. The fermented millet is poured into a vessel & mixed with hot water. It is left undisturbed for 5 minutes and then it is ready to be served. The beverage is sipped with a bamboo straw as a tradition. Tongba is Legen-Wait for it-Dary!

So, did you know about all these dishes from Nepal? You should definitely try these amazing dishes with your friends. Do not forget to have it with Tongba! There are many Nepalese restaurants in the city. So, go ahead and pamper your taste buds with these yummy delicacies.

Main Tenu Fir Milaan Gi

Kithey? Kis Tarah? Pata Nai

Shayad Terey Takhayul Di Chinag Ban Ke

Terey Canvas Tey Utraan Gi

Ya Khowrey Terey Canvas Dey Utey

Ikk Rahasmayi Lakeer Ban Ke

Khamosh Tenu Tak Di Rawaan Gi!

Mai Tenu Fir Milaangi…”

Anurag Kashyap’s latest movie Manmarziyaan released in September and fans are going gaga over it. Abhishek Bachchan fans are happy to see him on the screen after 2 years, Vicky Kaushal fans are going crazy about him playing the hottie from tinder while Taapsee Panu, her performance has left everyone mesmerized.

Manmarziyaan is a twisted love story, a tale of raw urban love. The 3 main protagonists of the movie are Taapsee Pannu as Rumi Bagga- the free-spirited & young hockey player, Vicky Kaushal as Vicky Sandhu aka DJ Sandz- impulsive, passionate & an aspiring musician who is also a part-time DJ and Abhishek Bachchan as Robbie Bhatia- a mature, calm & twisted Banker.

Interesting Fact:

Abhishek Bachchan stated in one of his interviews with NDTV that all the 3 actors were conscious while doing the movie because it is tough to impress millennials. He even stated that this is no classic love story but a love story which today’s generation will understand.

The Plot
Image Source – Google

The tale revolves around how Rumi and Vicky are passionate about each other yet can not get married to each other. The movie starts with Rumi and Vicky being caught by the Rumi’s family in her room. Vicky is referred to as Neela Kukkad (Blue Hen) due to his unusual hair color by Rumi’s family. Since it is India, they declare that it is Rumi’s age to get married and that they should immediately start finding a guy for her. The feisty and carefree Rumi declares that if she’s going to marry anyone, it will be her tinder boyfriend Vicky. The family waits for proposal from Vicky’s family. Since Vicky is a Man-Child and is commitment phobic, he keeps on delaying the proposal and is shown ignoring Rumi’s call.

She even tries to run away with Vicky before convincing her family only to realize in the middle of the drive that Vicky has got no future plans.

Enters Abhishek Bachchan, Robbie- The Perfect Guy! When Rumi meets Robbie, she is angry at Vicky for not showing up. After failed attempts by Vicky to prove his commitment to Rumi, she decides to marry Robbie.

Throughout the movie, Rumi is confused between the perfect guy Robbie and her Fyaar (not Pyaar but Fyaar) Vicky! There are times where she clearly states that she wants to stay with her husband Robbie and there are times wherein she has an extramarital affair with Vicky.

Similarities Between Characters & Today’s Generation
Similarities Between Characters & Today’s Generation
Image Source – Google
  • The Fiery & Bold Rumi

To all the fearless girls out there! Rumi is just like one of us. She believes in herself and is never willing to compromise her happiness. She is portrayed as a bold millennial who is short tempered and does not take any shit from anyone.

  • A Dreamer & Confused Vicky

Vicky is like anyone among us. He has dreams of becoming successful and is willing to work for them but, he is confused about his career as stated by his parents. Vicky is also commitment phobic to responsibilities. He isn’t scared of staying with Rumi but fears responsibilities! Feel a lot closer to him?

  • Dedicated & Clever Robbie

Robbie is this one person who does everything to achieve the love of his life just to set her free. He stalks her on social media, he manipulates people but, he does this all in good faith. He is dedicated, intelligent & somewhat calm. We all know someone who has a personality like Robbie.

  • Rumi’s Confused Mind

As I mentioned Rumi is confused about her choices. Aren’t we all confused about something or the other constantly?

Good Things About the Movie & The Reasons to Watch

Now there so many reasons you should totally watch this movie. There are so many things in the movie people actually haven’t understood.

Reasons to Watch
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1) First Love isn’t Everything

The first and major thing about the movie is that how Rumi understands in the end that first love is not necessarily the last. She understands that she can fall in love again and that with love, one needs stability to life. She deserves to be with someone who doesn’t fear to be with her. Millennials often keep hanging onto the wrong person feeling that first love is everything.

2) The Twins!

If you have seen the movie, you must have seen these twin girls dancing on various occasions. With a change in location, the twin girls change to twin boys. Now, some people found it funny and thought it was pretty stupid. There is a deeper meaning to that. The twins depict Rumi’s state of mind. She is confused between 2 men and likes both of them just equal. She loves Vicky whereas Robbie is willing to do anything to keep her happy, hence the twins.

3) Letting Go!

What we learn from the movie is letting go. How Vicky lets Rumi get married because he isn’t sure if he wants to. How Robbie lets Rumi be on her own after discovering she is still in love with her Ex. At last, the most beautiful part of the movie where Rumi learns that she has to let Vicky go. The way she explains it to him is simply beautiful.

4) Not Giving Up

We can learn from the movie not give up easily. The characters had the will to fight for the love they deserved. They did not give up on people or situations without giving it their best shot.

5) Poems & Background Music

Background music is very important for a movie. Manmarziyaan has amazing musical effects throughout the movie. They have used music as much as possible to portray the essence of the scenes. There is a poem by Amrita Pritam-“Main Tenu Phir Milaangi”.

The poem is deep and mesmerizing! Using the poem in the background was one of the best things about the movie.

6) Faith in Love

Most of the people I know around me have given up on love completely. In the age of dating apps and internet love, we have forgotten what it is like to fall in love for real. This movie tells us that we all are worthy and will fall in love with the right person someday. It isn’t a fairy tale but reality! Hope is all that we need, isn’t it?

7) The Music & Lyrics

The music in the movie is breathtakingly beautiful. Every song from Sherni to Daryaa is simply delightful. It is not just the music but the lyrics. It is 2018 and it is no secret that musicians are using lyrics which make no sense. Amit Trivedi & Shelle left no stone unturned to make sure that the music is both, meaningful & melodious.

My personal favorite is Jaisi Teri Marzi. What is yours?

8) Abhishek Bachchan, Vicky Kaushal & Taapsee Pannu Together!

Three really amazing actors together! Their performances were phenomenal. Not only these actors are extremely talented but eye candies as well!

9) Anurag Kashyap’s take on Romance

Anurag Kashyap is not known for making romantic movies. In fact, it is a new territory for him. There is no blood, abusive content or explosions in the movie. Anurag Kashyap is known for movies like Gangs of Wasseypur, Black Friday, & Dev D. There have been mixed views about what we all expected when he touches the genre of romance. It either had to be a disaster or simply flawless. He chose a complex love story and portrayed it flawlessly.

Many people found this movie to be full of flaws but if you look closely, you’ll find meaning to every flaw. There are situations & characters in the movie one may feel connected to. There are songs in the movie which explain the state of our mind on multiple occasions. The movie is definitely worth a watch and especially if you’re a millennial in love.

“Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city.”   

– George Burns

Indian Millennials know the struggle of facing relatives. You are happy to see some and others, well you just fear to talk to. Of course, you love your family but at times, you can not stand them. It is weird when your relatives keep asking you your plans for the future and you haven’t decided on what you’re going to have for dinner! There are many awkward situations like this you face around your relatives when you do not know what to answer and end up lying. Let’s take a look at 5 super awkward and embarrassing situations:

1) When Are You Getting Married?
When Are You Getting Married?
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If you are over 25 and not married, then this is the most common question your relatives will ask you. When are you getting married is one question I fear the most! Those overly poking aunties and creepy uncles will crawl from nowhere during family gatherings and haunt you for life with this question. It seems like the sole purpose of their life is to get you married and they’ll often say ‘Umar hogayi hai ab tumhari beta’, like seriously? Getting married isn’t about age but about when one is ready.

2) Meeting a Relative You Don’t Know!
Meeting a Relative You Don’t Know!
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You’re standing in the corner at family functions, minding your own business when this aunty shows up and says ‘Pehchana? (Recognize me?)’. Now it is a really tough situation because you haven’t seen her in your entire conscious life and you don’t know what to say next. You fear that if you say no, she will be offended and if you say yes then you’ll have to talk without knowing who she is. Moreover, when they remind you of who they are, they will make sure it is embarrassing for you. The Aunty will start by saying ‘I am so and so from so and so, remember? Oh my, you have grown so much! When I last saw you, you used to run around the house naked.’

Like no aunty! I was 2 years old, you didn’t have to remind me of that. It is even more dreadful when you have to make a small talk with them and the awkward silence!

3) Political Discussions at Family Gatherings
Political Discussions at Family Gatherings
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It’s a trap! Do not say a word. It gets really uncomfortable when one of the uncles start talking about politics or other debatable topics during a family gathering. He will probably have a really strong opinion about that topic and will turn the healthy discussion into a heated debate. He will not listen to a single word which does not support his statement. If you have different opinions, then you will be caught between whether to say or not to! You might feel his way of looking at things is too narrow but, then if you say anything, he will lecture you for hours. It bothers you but, you need to stay shut because ‘Izzat! (Respect!)’.

4) Talking About Your Academics & Career
Talking About Your Academics & Career
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I am sure most of you must have come across such situations when your relatives question you about academics and career. It is okay till the time they ask you about the course you took up in college or about what your job profile is.

It starts to get uncomfortable when they start to question your choices and results. Questions like ‘Why did you take up arts and not commerce or science?’, ‘You did engineering to become a creative writer?’, ‘A model? But what after marriage?’, ‘How much do you earn?’ and the questions go on!

It is so awkward when all you need to tell them that your choices are yours to make and that you know what is best for you. You want to tell them to quit asking your earnings because it is plain rude but you just can’t answer!

5) The Aur Batao Shenanigans (Tell me more)
The Aur Batao Shenanigans
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You have successfully done your part of greeting your relatives and making a small talk without embarrassing yourself and you are ready to turn around and leave. After all this aunty ji and uncle ji are still not satisfied and use the bomb ‘Aur Batao Beta!’

It is a panic situation because you don’t know what to say while uncle & aunty are relying on you to take the conversation further.

We are from the generation of sarcasm, and when our relatives ask us questions we do not want to answer, all these sarcastic replies start to pop up in our minds. We just can’t reply with all the amazing & funny replies and that is what makes it even more awkward. All we can do is laugh, nod our heads and try not to cry or shout!

Have you heard about the new hip place in Delhi? It is The Liberty Village in Champa Gali, Saket. People have been saying that this cool flea market is the new Sarojini Nagar. But, is that true? Has Liberty Village successfully managed to grab a place in the hearts of Delhiites so well that it shares its name with Sarojini?

Liberty Village is an artsy flea market in Champa Gali also referred to as the capital’s best-kept secret. Champa Gali is not a very popular place but those who have visited it, know that it has given Delhi some of the most amazing places to hang out. One such place is Liberty Village.


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Liberty Village is located in the corner of Champa gali which is a little difficult to find at first. Once you enter the place, you will start to get a chic vibe from the place. You will not be able to ignore the grunginess of the garage yet you will feel a little gush of happiness.

The first thing you are going to notice after grunginess would be the amazing artwork on the wall. It is colorful, quirky and eye catchy. Apart from making you nostalgic, it gives the place a lively look and enhances your shopping experience. The ambiance of the place makes you feel young and frisky.

The second thing you’ll notice about this is that it is air-conditioned. This really helps, right? Delhi is popular for its extreme weather conditions. The only problem while shopping in Delhi is the heat! Walking into Liberty Village in summers is kind of a relief.

The place also has a co-working place. It has a really cool café where one can sit, chit chat, eat or maybe just read a book. This place has got a really comforting vibe.

Shopping Made Cheaper

Shopping Made Cheaper
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Now let’s talk about the main motive of going to Liberty Village, Shopping. Delhi is the fashion capital of India and if it has given a market a special place in its heart then we expect it to be really good. Liberty Village hasn’t failed to fulfill the expectations of the people.

The place has some really good brands at a very low price. The prices start from Rs. 50! Isn’t that cool? The stuff is really good as these are brand rejects. You can expect the quality to be really good but finding your size is a trouble. You also need to watch out for defects and dust on the products.

Liberty Village provides so much in one place. They have fine apparel- shirts, pants, PJs, Skirts, Bralettes, Graphic Tees, Dresses, Body Con Dresses, Maxis & so much more. They even have footwear, stationery, jewelry, accessories, funky shot glasses, mugs, home décor and loads of other cool stuff! Besides that is the type of a place where you get stuff which will make your workstation or study table look like you are one of the cool kids.

The prices go as low as:

A Top at Rs. 150/-

Pjs at Rs. 300/-

A Coffee Mug at Rs. 130/-

Heels at Rs. 400/-

A Body Con Dress at Rs. 500/-

Funky Notebooks at Rs. 130/-

Isn’t that really cheap? Whenever we get really cheap stuff, our main concern is the quality of these products. You can set your expectation level high because these are all brand rejects so the quality of the fabric is really good. All you need to do is look out for your size, dirty pieces and search a bit for the gold.

Is It The New Sarojini?

Is Liberty Village is the new Sarojini? The answer is definitely NO! Liberty Village is not Sarojini Nagar. The apparel quality in liberty village is much better than the quality in Sarojini Nagar.

The prices vary too! Sarojini is much cheaper than Liberty Village. Also, Sarojini Nagar has a great variety to shop from whereas liberty village has fewer options compared to Sarojini.

It is not Sarojini Nagar, it can never be! But it is definitely interesting. Moreover, Delhi always has space in its heart for hip shopping places.

It was opened in 2018 and has become popular within no time, this means it is definitely worth a visit. So, grab your best friend and go to Liberty Village for an amazing Shopping Spree because this place is definitely worth a visit!

Address: 3 Westend Marg, Khasra No-258, G/F Lane, Saiyad ul Ajaib, Sainik Farm, New Delhi, Delhi 110044.

Nearest Metro Station: Saket

“Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom.” –Buddha

We all know what yoga is! But what we know about yoga is it all or is there more? Yoga is not just a group of physical exercises but a spiritual and mental experience which is why it is indeed the healthiest of all.

Yoga literally translates to ‘to control’, ‘to yoke’ or ‘to unite’. Although the origin of yoga has been debated so far and there is no chronological fact other than that yoga was developed in India. That is right! Yoga, in a way, is the legacy of India. It was later introduced and became popular in the western part of the world which was around the mid-19th century. While the western side of the world saw yoga as more of a physical exercise, Indians perceive yoga as a spiritual & physical experience.

Physical & Mental Health Benefits of Yoga

Despite how uncomfortable yoga postures seems, it is a great therapy & helps improve many medical conditions. Yoga is not just another work out because it helps in improving the emotional and mental stability of a person along with the physical health benefits. Let’s take a look at some benefits of yoga:

Physical Health Benefits of Yoga
Physical Health Benefits of Yoga
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Improves your body posture & flexibility

Everyone wants a flexible body and this is the most common & known benefit of yoga. Apart from making your body flexible, yoga helps improve your body posture as well. If you work for long hours on the desk, you know what it does to your spine! And that back pain! Well, yoga can help you with that by improving your body posture.

Builds Muscle Strength

Weak muscles can result in conditions like arthritis & back pain. Yoga is the best way to prevent these falls. It helps with toning muscles which prevent frequent straining of muscles. People go to the gym to improve the strength of their body because everyone wants to physically strong. Yoga helps you balance the strength with flexibility.

Increases Blood Flow

Yoga can help the blood to regulate blood to all parts of the body properly. With exercises like headstand, the venous blood from the lower part of the body to flow back to your heart, where it can be pumped back to the lungs to be oxygenated.

Increases Metabolism & Helps with Weight Reduction

Yoga helps in increasing your metabolism which results in faster weight loss & management. You can have that summer body without the hustle of going to the gym.

Helps with Gastrointestinal Health

Studies have shown that with regular practice of yoga, indigestion can be cured. Other stomach related issues can also be cured with the help of yoga. Asanas like Vajrasana helps with improving digestion.

Helps Relieve Migraines

Yoga helps to stimulate the vagus nerve, which has been shown to be effective in relieving migraines. With the modern lifestyle, migraines are becoming more common & frequent. Yoga can not cure a migraine but help to reduce the migraine frequency & intensity a lot.

Helps Increase Pain Tolerance

Yoga helps in relieving chronic pains, which is a known fact! But very few know that yoga also helps out body become more pain tolerant. Want to be stronger? Start practicing Yoga!

Improves Lung Functioning

With the increasing pollution and today’s lifestyle, conditions like asthma & sinus have become really common. 7 out of every 10 people have breathing problems. Yoga helps with respiratory problems & increases the capacity of the lungs.

Helps With PCOS

PCOS is a really big problem for women these days. The cause of PCOS remains unknown, but there are many problems because of PCOS like acne, weight gain, anxiety, depression, pelvic pain, & so much more. Yoga helps ease those symptoms and cure PCOS.

Mental Health Benefits of Yoga
Mental Health Benefits of Yoga
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 Helps Fight Depression

Yoga helps reduce depression. Apart from the meditation technique which helps calm our thoughts, yoga helps to decrease cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is a stress hormone influences levels of serotonin, the neurotransmitter often associated with depression.

Helps increase Self Esteem

Chronic low self-esteem is becoming a common problem these days. We have all the qualities yet underestimate ourselves. If you deal with similar issues and handle this negatively by working too hard, sleep too much, overeat or self-harm. Yoga can help you change your aura to positive and deal with situations more positively.

Helps You Fight Addictions

Yoga helps recover from addictions. In today’s world, there are many people who are victims of substance abuse. Most of the people when asked to quit give reasons relating to how it calms their mind. Well, Yoga helps calms one’s mind and help fight the recovery process by increasing self-control.

Helps You Sleep Better

With the hectic lifestyle these days, the stress levels are increasing which is why many people have started to have sleep-related issues. Aasanas like Shavasana & Pranayama, sleep problems can be solved. If you are sleeping too much or too less, your body needs energy and the problem can be solved by these yoga postures.

Helps Cope Up With Schizophrenia Symptoms

Schizophrenia is an extremely difficult illness to treat. Yoga can not cure schizophrenia but, it can definitely help cope up with the symptoms. Schizophrenia deeply impacts ones social cognition, yoga helps improve social cognition. It helps the patients to recognize facial expressions more easily, understand their negative emotions & be more aware of one’s surroundings.

Helps Coping Up With Anxiety

Social Anxiety, GAD, PTSD & Panic Disorder are the main types of anxiety disorders. Yoga helps to cope up with anxiety as it helps you relieve the stress, be more aware of your surroundings, be more self-confident & relax you. It helps us be more positive when our mind is at peace & we are more self-aware.

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While yoga is still perceived as physical & spiritual by people, it is much more than that. Yoga controls body & mind functions and works on the principle of energy in the body through the science of pranayama(breathe). It is known to help with relaxation, reduce stress & improve many medical conditions. Yoga helps to relax, be more self-aware, be more positive, & achieve self-actualization.

Relationships are not like living in a rainbow land where everything goes as planned. Relationships are about getting through every situation of life together without giving up on each other. Life is too short to stay stuck in a toxic relationship. So, if you feel you are in one, you can either work upon improving it or move on. There is no point sitting around and resisting! Take charge of your own happiness.

Was your relationship all good in the beginning but it’s simply stressful now? If your being with your partner gives you stress and you can’t be yourself around them, you are probably in a toxic relationship.

What is a Toxic Relationship?

A relationship is supposed to make you feel happy and relaxed. If it does not, then you don’t have to be with that person. A toxic relationship is the one which makes you feel stressful, dumb, contaminates your self-esteem, and fills your heart with remorse and pain. A toxic relationship is the one where you feel emotionally drained and the constant fear of judgment creeps in when you are with them. It is very necessary to identify the signs of a toxic relationship because it can damage you in more ways than you think! Here are 10 signs of a toxic relationship:

1) Jealous in Every Sense
Jealous in Every Sense
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Many times we ignore the signs of toxicity thinking it is pretty normal. Well, Jealousy is one of those signs. Being jealous in a relationship is normal, isn’t it? Some might even find it cute! But, there is a very thin line between jealousy and toxicity. If they are jealous of people who flirt with you, it is natural. But if they are jealous of every person who talks to you nicely and with the slightest of threat, they ask you to stop talking to them that is toxic! You’re a human too and can’t stop living your life for them. Your partner needs to trust you and your love.

2) Criticism & Comparison
Criticism & Comparison
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You are never too good for them! All you’re ever going to hear is “Why don’t you dress up like her?” “Her boyfriend made this grand gesture for her, why don’t you ever do it?” or “You need to lose some weight, you look awful!”

Well if they criticize and compare you to other people then, they clearly don’t see you for who you are. They have an ideal image of you and want you to fit into that. This ain’t healthy!

3) Communication is a Big Deal
Communication is a Big Deal
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Communication is the building block of a relationship. Being in a relationship with someone means that you can talk to them about anything and everything fearlessly. Isn’t that’s what significant other is supposed to do? Understand you? Well, if you can not talk to them without thinking or without the fear of being judged then you are definitely in a toxic relationship.

4) They Don’t Encourage You To Grow
They Don’t Encourage You To Grow
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You grow a little every day. While you grow, you change in many ways. Someone who truly loves you will support you through those changes and hurdles of life, while your insecure partner will try to hold you back and become a hurdle in your personal growth. They will be jealous of your achievements, will not support your interest and always make you feel like you do not matter. They may often mock you & make fun of you!

5) Passive Aggressive Behavior
Passive Aggressive Behavior
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This is the most commonly approved behaviour in relationships. Fighting isn’t a good thing but staying silent and dropping hints is even worse. If something is bothering you, talk to them about it than avoiding the conversation. This harms relationships the most. Your partner may feel unwanted. Ignorance isn’t bliss and tantrums aren’t fun.

6) Constant Fear of Break Up
Constant Fear of Break Up
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Do you think it is worth being in a relationship where you constantly fear losing your partner? Being worried about losing the other person is not the sign of a healthy relationship. You may fear because they constantly threaten to break up with you, flirt with other people a lot or maybe you feel really unwanted. Either way, it is going to disturb your peace of mind and nothing is worth it!

7) Non-Stop Narcissism
Non-Stop Narcissism
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People often masquerade narcissism as self-love. If your partner is always talking about themselves and hardly care about what’s happening with you, it ain’t a healthy relationship. Self-Love is a good thing. If you don’t love yourself, you can not expect someone else to love you. But, when you commit to the other person, you need to love them just as much as you love yourself because your significant other matters!

8) Constant Need of Being Perfect
Constant Need of Being Perfect
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Everyone is mortified on their first date. We try to be perfect and try our best not to do or say anything stupid. It is okay! The problem is when you always try to be perfect around them. You hide your flaws all the time when you are around them. Have a constant fear of being judged and this makes you uncomfortable in being yourself around them. You need to be with someone who makes you feel comfortable so you can be yourself, with all the flaws! You need to let your guard down.

9) Competition & Scorecard
Competition & Scorecard
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In a healthy relationship, your partner is going to listen to your problems and forgive & forget your mistakes. In a toxic relationship whenever you share your problems or achievements, your partner is going to compare it to their own. If you say “You had a really bad day at work”, instead of sympathizing or asking what happened they will start to make you feel that their day was worse. No matter what you say, they are just going to compete with you. Your partner may even have a scorecard of where they compare ‘who made more mistakes?’

You need to understand that it is a relationship and not an academic project!

10) Privacy? What Privacy?
Privacy? What Privacy?
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Even when you are in a relationship, you are an individual and deserve some level of privacy. If your partner trusts you, they will respect your privacy. If you find your partner constantly checking your call logs, emails, text messages & social media inboxes then they definitely do not trust you. Everyone has a personal life and keeping a tab on your SO is a major sign of a toxic relationship. You are an adult and do not need a babysitter!

11) Restrictions
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People always think it is okay to tell your partner what to do and what not to do. Reality check, it is not okay! Every individual has their own life and one can’t be restricting them from doing stuff. If you find your partner controlling your every move, asking you not to talk to people, giving up on things you enjoy & controlling everything you say, welcome to a classic toxic relationship.

12) You Are Simply Not Happy
You Are Simply Not Happy
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If you don’t feel empowered and happy in a relationship then you aren’t with the right person. Your significant other is supposed to make you happy. You are supposed to become the better version of yourself with the person you love and, if you can’t then you have to find out why.

Every relationship has ups and downs. Relationships aren’t walking in the park on a sunny yet breezy day, they are about walking in the park in every season and protecting each other. Relationships aren’t all happy or all sad, balance is very important. It is very easy to land into a relationship but difficult to maintain one.

P.S. If you feel you are the toxic one in the relationship, you are not a bad person. You just belong with someone else. Let the other person go!