I grew up watching Bollywood movies, which means I had the most dramatic childhood. Waiting for Shah Rukh Khan to appear on the screen and narrate his romantic dialogues. Everything Salman Khan ever said about romance was like a bible, while every romantic song featuring Rishi Kapoor took my breath away.
When Imran Hashmi stopped Sonal Chauhan’s office cab, to propose her despite her refusing him several times, 15 years old me went like “Awwwwww..” (Reference Movie: Jannat)

So, you see where the problem is? Bollywood romance is great on the reel but not in reality. Since I grew up watching them, it totally ruined my idea of romance.

Here is how:

“Taani started to Love Raj after he took off his glasses”– Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
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It is not happening in real life for sure. Firstly, if someone does not love you, they don’t. You can not pester someone to love you. Secondly, taking off your glasses won’t give you the ability to dance or be unrecognizable to your wife. I legit thought that once my braces are off, it would change my luck in relationships.

“Sanjana persistently pursuing Laxman, and ignoring Percy”– Main Hoon Na
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You got to be kidding me. Bollywood has consistently shown how the college stud, who isn’t really a great guy ends up with the chic. Girl, Percy will not only be rich in the future but will treat you better. To date, I end up friend-zoning every Percy (well, subconsciously).

“Geet trusting Aditya, and then Aditya trusting her in return”– Jab We Met
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As far as I remember, my parents instructed me never to trust anyone while travelling. I am still scared of strangers while travelling alone. How and why? Geet literally asked a stranger to drop her home, spent a night in a hotel with him, and in return, Aditya tells her that he is super-rich. (In the middle of nowhere, where she could have easily killed him for his money). Oh yes, he falls for her, which of course was one-sided.

“Bunny gives up his career just to stay with Naina”- Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani
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While my boyfriend can not give up his sleep, this guy blew his entire dream. I can not give up my space, yet Naina did not do anything when Bunny constantly disrespected her choices. Millennials need to understand “pyar vyar sab dhoka hai padhle beta mauka hai” is true.

“You are supposed to cry on Airports, especially when you are dropping off your better half”– Literally Every Bollywood Movie Ever
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Parting from your partner can be painful. The first time I dropped my long-distance boyfriend at the airport, I couldn’t cry, neither could he. I literally thought there was something wrong with us, but then you know we were supposed to meet next month. It is okay not to cry every time you part from your partner, sometimes mature adults can accept the situation and move on.

“Sameer beating the hell out of numerous people because they teased his girlfriend.”– Mujhse Shaadi Karogi
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I remember when I was walking down the street with my boyfriend, and a group of guys started to stare. When I told him, he switched sides with me and asked me to keep walking. As per Bollywood logic, he should have stopped and beat the hell out of those people. In reality, 8 people were staring at me, it would have been really stupid to fight them. While in reality, fighting 8 people would have been stupid.

“Badrinath stalking Vaidehi, and she eventually falls in love with him”- Badrinath Ki Dulhania
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Firstly, doesn’t he understand the meaning of no? Secondly, where is my pepper spray. Thirdly, no I am not giving up my successful career to get married. Why would anyone?

“Bumping into a stranger, falling in love, then marry someone else, and eventually marry him because your husband died”– Hum Tum
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How many times will Karan and Rhea bump into each other? Fact: An annoying stranger sitting next to you in the flight is not your future husband.

“Rahul loves Aarohi, but he loves Alcohol more, so he ends up killing himself” – Aashiqui 2
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I believe we all know what is wrong with that movie. If you love her, give up the damn alcohol, and if you can’t, break up with her. Why kill yourself? Moreover, have you ever seen an alcoholic make such a big sacrifice for their better half? I am sure 90% of the people would answer with a big NO.

“Dancing in the rain with your beloved is the key to romance”- Every Bollywood Movie Ever
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I tried that once and ended up in bed with 102 fever. And trust me, if you think you would hear music in the background, and it would be a good idea to dance with your better half, it’s not. People around you won’t join you, instead, they would end up passing really mean comments.

So, Bollywood romance is not a real-life romance. In my cases, having similar expectations not only failed but has been a reason for friction in my relationship. But again, I would never stop watching these extremely stupid yet amazingly romantic movies.

Director: Amit Sharma
Cast: Ayushmann Khurana, Sanya Malhotra, Neena Gupta, Gajraj Rao

Amit Sharma’s drama cum comedy is not only funny but blurts out the social statement without keeping it in the spotlight. It indeed was the highlight of the movie. But there was so much more to it than just an unfamiliar situation. No, the movie isn’t about Ayushmann Khurana walking in on his parent while they’re at it. But a similarly awkward situation. Nakul (Ayushmann) at Manyavar (brand promotion is becoming a thing now) trying out an outfit for his cousin’s shaadi along with Rene (His girlfriend, Sanya Malhotra) when he gets a call that his mother’s sick. Nakul & his father (Gajraj Rao) rushes to the clinic only to find out that Priyamvada(Neena Gupta) is pregnant (major #WTF moment).

The Kaushik’s, a middle-class family living in Delhi’s Lodhi Colony. The movie showcases a typical middle-class family content with their lives and sharing a small space with 5 people. And Oh My Gawd, Dadi(Surekha Sikri) is the most savage dadi you’ll witness in the history of cinema. One has to watch the scene where the secret of this Chhota Mehmaan is revealed to Dadi and she loses it. Well, the movie revolves around how the whole pregnancy situation affects lives. To begin with, it definitely becomes embarrassing for the family but then the entire problem lies here. Why this hypocrisy? Why do we take elderly sex as an embarrassing moment? Two adults married for a long time, indulging in sex after having adult kids, why is it wrong?

‘Badhai Ho’ breaking the stereotype talks about how having sex at that age and getting pregnant *well, of course, accident* is not wrong. The movie has its own moment that’s not humor but sensible. One where Neena Gupta has been given the choice to keep the baby, their love blooming at the 50s, Nakul’s realizing how it’s okay to accept the fact that parents have sex even at an elderly age, emotional relationship between a mother and daughter in law, how the strains of the relationship of Neena Gupta & Gajraj Rao tells on the relationship of Nakul & Rene. All these things in the storyline make it more than just a comedy.

Furthermore, the movie also had some not so teekha but funny tadka to it. Like every other Indian middle-class family would have. Rene’s mother’s dialogue “His family is a circus I don’t want to buy tickets for” surely etched her snob-high society character on the audience, which ends up breaking apart the duo. While the entire family is ashamed of the pregnancy, Soon-to-be-parent-for-the-third-time parents seem to be enjoying the time. It was heartwarming to watch the two of them romancing each other like the good old-gold days. The love you don’t get to see in the new-age cinema. It was all fun and games until this emotional scene where Surekha Sikri (Daadi) blurts out some home truths. She defends her daughter-in-law when in other circumstances she would constantly bicker her.

The film’s first two acts are mundane and the final sequence is effective, strong & honest. The story’s narrated in a completely straightforward manner with situational comedy for the narrative to stay afloat.

Badhai Ho is a welcome change for the hypocritical society that we live in. It keeps up with the context, relatable but not at all common. And oh, had the condom not been stolen by Shardul Rana, they wouldn’t have gotten a sister that dances to the tunes of Morni Banke in the end. One song you just cannot resist but DANCE!