In present times, social media is everywhere and unavoidable. For some, it is an occasional fun escape or source of entertainment while for others it has become a way of life. And if you happen to be in a relationship with a social media addict, you must know that the challenge is real. Your partner’s obsession with social media can negatively influence your romantic relationship, especially when you don’t like to spend much time in the virtual world.

Here is a compilation of the common struggles that all the people would relate to who are in a relationship with a social media addict.

Food should be clicked before eating
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No matter how hungry you are or how tempting the meal looks that you’ve ordered, your social media addict partner won’t let you take a bite before clicking an insta-worthy picture of the food.

Because check-in jaroori hai
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Check-in at every fancy restaurant, market or movie theatre is a must for them. Because are you even doing it if the world doesn’t know about it.

Stress of getting maximum likes & comments
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The hours of thinking and analysing goes behind putting the perfect status update and keeping the check of likes and comments.

It’s hard to get their attention
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It’s almost impossible to get heard at once. Because your partner is too busy keeping track of what’s happening in the world via social media. If you’re really lucky, you may get his/her attention in the second go.

Nervous breakdown when phone’s battery is about to die
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Been there, seen that. Yes, the social media addicts are too close to get a nervous breakdown when their phone’s battery is about to die and they can’t find a charger.

Designated photographer at every party
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Too busy clicking pictures and making videos at parties that your partner often forgets to have fun with you.

Always tagging you in embarrassing photos
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Because for a social media addict, every moment, be it happy or sad has to be clicked and shared online for the world to know.

Well, raise your hands if you relate to these struggles and let us know in the comments section below.

Depression is very common mental illness. It is more common than we think. It has a serious effect on how one feels, the way they think and the way they act. There are more than 10 million cases of depression per year, and I am talking only about India.

Someone suffering through depression may feel sad, may feel numb, may lose interest in regular activities which all this can lead to emotional and physical problems. At times someone suffering through depression may seem just fine on the outside, but a storm of emotions is what they feel on the inside. It not only gets tough for the person who is suffering the load but also for the people around them, especially the spouse.

What Does Depression Looks Like?

Depression has many forms, and at times the ones suffering from it are really good at masking it. Some may seem numb, some may seem very happy, and some act aloof. Depression has many faces. But is you know someone, you may notice a change in the behavior:

  • They may feel sad or have depressive moods.
  • They often tend to lose interest in the activities they enjoyed earlier. Sometimes it is as simple as they may not feel like taking a bath, working, or going for a walk.
  • Too much sleep or trouble sleeping,
  • They may experience anxiety, guilt, general discontent, hopelessness, being numb and sadness.
  • Agitation, excessive crying, irritability, & social isolation.
  • Excessive hunger or loss of appetite.
  • Lack of concentration, slowness in activity, or increase in purposeless physical activity.
  • Suicidal Ideations.

Imagine someone going through all of it, and not confiding in anyone. It happens quite often, it may seem like they are a burden on people around them, which is not true but this is just one-way depression messes up with your head.

This behavior definitely affects people around the ones in suffering, and especially one’s partner. If your partner is suffering from depression, you may feel like they have loss interesting in you. They may often snap at you, fight with you for no reason, have sudden mood swings, or portray an image of themselves where they do not need your care. But the truth is they need your care the most, they may not say it out loud feeling like they don’t want to be a burden.

Tips For Dating Someone with Depression
  1. Understand that Depression is Complicated:

Understand that there are many faces of depression. One may have severe mood swings, and may seem aloof. It is not because they think you will not be able to support them, but they don’t feel like indulging in anything. Instead, try to understand the root cause by talking to them. Whether it is chronic depression, if they are going through a stressful period, or had gone through a traumatic experience recently.

  1. Tell Them You are Available to Talk

    People from depression often don’t talk with the fear of being judged or feeling like they are being judged. Make it very clear to your partner that you are available to talk, and will not judge them at all. Let them know that even if you are not available at a particular time in the day, you will reach out to them as soon as you can and that they are not disrupting your life. These things are not implied, especially to someone who is suffering from the demons of their mind.

  2. Arguing With Your Partner

    If your partner is suffering from depression, you may have noticed that they have become more sensitive than before. It is okay to argue, but be careful not to make any sarcastic comments. Even a small fight may seem catastrophic to your partner, so it is best to talk it out patiently with your partner. Ensure that it can be fixed, and you are willing to work on whatever the problem is. If you wish to make them understand their mistake, do it patiently than shouting.

  3. Understand You Are Not A Therapist

    It may be really tough to watch someone you love in pain. You do need to show your support and care, but make sure you do not pressurize them or yourself into situations either of you is not comfortable with. It is not a short term phase, so remember you can not fix them. Instead, you need to show your partner that you accept them just the way they are by just listening.

  4. It Is Not About You

    You need to be very patient and positive. At times your partner may fight with your, snap at you, or act aloof. Understand it is not about you. Focus on the positive things they still do and say. Empathize, communicate and understand it is not about you.

  5. Lookout For Warning Signs

    You may give them their space but understand that it can be deadly. Know when to intervene. If you feel your partner is hurting themselves physically or emotionally, step in and take a stand. If your partner seems hopeless and expresses that other people are better off without them, take the signs seriously. Make sure you talk to them about it, ensure things and reach out for help outside if needed.

  6. Do Not Forget Self Care

    Dealing with someone suffering from depression can be exhausting. Remember you need to talk care of yourself. Take care of your own mental and physical health, as it is a slippery slope. Share your life with them, and give your partner to support you. This will make your partner feel accomplished, & you will feel empowered. Know when to take a step back, and reach out from help needed.

Dealing with someone who is suffering from depression can be very tricky, but at the same time, it is lucky you found them at all.

You must have always heard that a book is a man’s best friend. That’s true because reading opens many chains of thoughts in minds of people, builds confidence, broadens the horizons, and reduces stress. If you happen to be liking a reader off late and still contemplating to go ahead with this romantic relationship or not, then, you must sit down and think about it again. Why? Because readers are extremely humble persons with great understanding and patience. They are intelligent and witty people and that’s a killer combination that many people want in their lovers. It is true that readers are also the ones who enjoy solitude and can start reading a book anytime and anywhere which might make you feel unattended or unnoticed sometimes. But there is so much more that you can absorb from a reader.

Read below to know why you should date or continue dating a reader:

Readers Are Romantic People:

Oh yes, if you want dollops of romance in your life, you should definitely not let go of that boy or girl who reads a lot. Lovers of books, these readers are huge admirers of things that takes back to the old-world charms. They don’t crave for instant love but intensely and passionately romantic love. They are the ones who will drag you out on a rainy day to soak in the rain together. Readers are the ones who will sometimes surprise you with a candlelight dinner. And sometimes if you find a lovely poem in your pocket or bag – don’t be surprised. You will always get a sense of fulfillment while in a love-relationship with a reader because the romance in them never dies.

No Materialistic Demands:

They will never bother you with high-maintenance demands that will make a hole in your pocket. All they need is books to keep going apart from the essential things in life. They are practical-minded people who have a great understanding of money and expenses too. A reader will never bombard you with a materialistic or luxurious list of things and thus you can save a lot and be thankful towards him/her.

They Will Never Cling On You:

If you say that you cannot make it to the promised date or cannot spend the weekend together, they won’t complain. Because they always have their books to lean on and they always have much to read and learn. One of the many problems that makes regular couples part ways is that neediness to stay close and this is the problem you will never face while dating a reader.

Not At All Superficial:

Ok so when you are dating a reader, remember that everything he/she says has a deep meaning. They are not at all shallow or superficial people who go for show-offs. Being pretentious is just not their cup of tea. These readers know a lot and that’s why the depth of mind and heart they carry is something you just cannot find in others.

Great Listeners:

The biggest advantage of dating a reader is that they will always listen to your minutest details. They can never leave you unattended because they love to listen and know more about everything that is entwined with their lives. So, whatever you are feeling or experiencing you can always a have shoulder to lean on and talk fearlessly.

Learn Vocabulary:

The way a reader speaks is way different than anyone else. Being voracious readers, they have a great romance with words. So, you will be astounded with the great vocabulary he/she always puts in the speech. This way you can also improve your vocabulary. You will always learn a new word and its history. Isn’t that exciting?

Understanding Partners:

The best quality of a reader is that they understand you like no one else ever did. They patiently listen to all your problems, understand them deeply, and offer a nice solution. Readers read regularly and that’s why they are wiser than the rest, they think more and understand more than any regular person. It is always easy to deal with them.

Easy To Please:

Whenever there is a special occasion, you don’t need to sit and scratch your head and think about how to please him/her. You know the latest book or anything related to reading like a bookend, handmade bookmarks, or a reading lamp can please your reader lover. It is always so easy to decide to gift such a person.

Creative Genius:

Readers are creative people because they have read a lot, learned a lot, and have a great sense of understanding. Whenever you are stuck somewhere they are there with their creative brains to offer you a solution. The one-liners about worldly affairs, the captions to your photographs, or the poems about you – they always prove their creativity.

Healthy Discussions:

One thing is assured when you are dating a reader and that is you will never get bored of him/her. There is always so much to talk about. Rather than fighting over stupid things, arguing about your schedule, or getting angry on habits of each other, you will always end up having healthy discussions that will have a constructive effect on your personality.

So, if you are getting up, close, and personal with a reader, then, don’t leave him/her.

The personality types of people can be broadly divided into two parts – introverts and extroverts. Introversion is one of the major personality mannerisms identified in many theories of personality. People who are introverted tend to be inward turning or focused more on internal thoughts, feelings, and moods rather than seeking out external stimulation. Introverts are those shy people who have fewer friends and don’t like talking much to people. Instead, they love talking to the self and think on varied subjects. How is it like dating an introvert? Well, you are really lucky if you happen to date any of these shy and quiet bunch of people. Their silence is often taken as arrogance but there are many perks when you are dating them.

Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy while dating an introvert.

Mostly They Are Readers & Writers:

Most of the introverts are avid readers. Many of them are great writers too. So, they always have beautiful stories to delight you and some amazing words to sweep you off your feet. Also, because they are quite observers and read a lot means they will come up with the best advice for anything and everything bothering you. They will also surprise you with handwritten notes or sometimes describe the regular day into beautiful phrases which will leave you in awe. In total, they will always make you feel good!

Their Sensitive Mind:

These introverts carry a sensitive mind and thus they will understand your pain and agony like no other. If you trust them and tell them about your problems, then, know one thing for sure – they will stick to you through your thick and thin. They are always supportive and will never leave you disappointed. Introverts are the ones who will derive their happiness in your smile. If you are dating an introvert, then, there will be no situation when you feel alone or low because they are very emotional and sensitive.

Eyes of Observation:

Things are bare both in front of you and your introvert love interest – but he/she will see those things which you cannot see rather observe. That’s because these introverts have a keen eye for observation. Their curious gaze lets them unravel many different aspects of things and people around them. They may even say something unique about you which you have perhaps never noticed about yourself. So, in their company, you will always learn something new about yourself and the world around you. Their unique perception about things in the world is so different that you will be amazed at how they can associate so many thoughts with simple things in life. Isn’t that a treat?

They Never Quit:

See the thing is – what is a piece of cake to the extroverts is a long struggle for introverts. It means that mingling with people, being social, and making good friends is the character of an extrovert. Whereas an introvert is never comfortable in social circles and almost pathetic in making friends. They also pick their friends and are very protective of them. So, if you are dating an introvert, he/she will make all efforts to bond with you. When you are having some issues in your relationship this person will try every way to make this relationship work. They will never leave you easily and thus with an introvert partner you can be sure of commitment and loyalty.

Always Attentive:

When you have gained the confidence of an introvert – you have all the attention of them on you. They will always focus on your presence and listen to you minutely. For your introvert lover, you are one of those very few people who can make them comfortable and thus they treasure you. Therefore, they will direct all their energies towards you. You will always be appreciated for all big and small things you do for them and thus you will never feel left out.

Introverts Are Thoughtful:

The most amazing part of an introvert’s character is that they will think a thousand times before acting or reacting to any situation. Therefore fights with them will be devoid of yelling and will be more like an intense discussion over a particular or varied topic. The conversation that you are enjoying/fighting with them has been rehearsed many times in their head. So, when you are in doubts about where the relationship is heading while having a fight, they are already making changes to save it. Apart from that when it comes to happier moments, like a birthday or anniversary celebration, be ready to experience the most thoughtful gifts!

They Listen Carefully & Patiently:

Introverts are always the best people to-go when someone had a bad day because they allow people to speak their mind calmly. So, don’t worry at all – you can come back from work and tear your heart out in front of your introvert partner. That person will not miss a single word uttered by you and after you are done, he/she will surprise you with the kind of coffee or food or movie you prefer so that you tend to feel better. They are that kind of persons who will also appreciate your achievements rather than judging you on your mistakes.

We all know at least one or many (in some cases) blockhead in our lives. It gets worse if any of you have fallen for one. It’s after a while, that we girls start to notice the red flags billowed by this nutcase (all sorts of synonyms for you know what sort of “Boys”). In this blog, I’m going to talk about the 5 typical types of these “Nutcases” we come across in our course of dating period. Taylor Swift’s I Knew You Were Trouble When You Walked In” is all about such commitment fearing boys. There are more terms to define them, we’ll read them as we proceed. They’re plenty of boys who you might know or have dated whose behavior is Double Dutch to you now.

Boys, don’t fret if you fall into one of these categories—we are humans, we can stoop down to different levels! Be glad that you made to someone’s list, be even happier if you’re on the top! But no offense, recognition is the first step towards change. As quoted by William Shakespeare “I will find you twenty lascivious turtles ere one chaste man”. 403 years later, nothing really has changed, you will have to date 20 douche bags to win that one perfect man.

The types of “I knew you were trouble…..” guys are commonly, globally known as F***Boys, which is why the title…
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Now there are numerous definitions for this term, Urban Dictionary says “F***boys know what girls want to hear but they hurt so many girls. While doing my research for this blog (Yes I did research on them. Imagine my life, like having met them wasn’t enough!), I came across the term “F***Boy Syndrome”. Which means an incurable disease that leads to perpetual immaturity and disrespect towards most women. Common symptoms may include but are not limited to: no communication skills, living in their mother’s basement, never-ending weed smoking, no job, constant GTA playing, and refusal to grow up and act like the adult that they should be. This pretty much sums up why are exes used to behave in a certain manner. Hope they all get well soon!

Too much said, let’s look at the types now:

Warning: You may experience nostalgia or Déjà vu!
1.   The One who’s Faux-Gentleman
The One who’s Faux-Gentleman
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How to spot the one pretending to be the “Gentleman” is he’ll have chiseled face, well-groomed beard, waxed chest, abs popping out from his tucked in shirt. Who wouldn’t drool over such a good looking man? This man is too hot to handle, his Instagram famous-self flourishes with the attention he gets from girls. You’ll find him clicking macho face selfies, or making hookah (Vape) videos in the corner of a club, or getting clicked with some of his female friend curled up in his arms. This Gentleman is well not so gentle and would definitely drop you when things get real. He’s in a constant search of that Instagram-worthy beauty because otherwise, his relationship won’t have a point. He spends most of his hours building that body but can someone let him know to strengthen his ego? Because darling, why get offended so easily!

2.   The One who’s a Pseudo-Lover
The One who’s a Pseudo-Lover
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Have you been hearing “I love you” more than the times you breathe? Dump Him before he goes on planning your future kids’ names as well or eventually vanishes. It’s easy to spot these because all they can do is lie to your face. And you’ll get the vibes too! They’ll fall in love with you within two months, would let their friends know they’re dating someone, like the perfect guy. You wouldn’t once think if he’s lying, but one day you’ll get to know there’s much more to his super-chivalrous gestures! He’ll be emotionally unavailable! Conversations elicit fear inside them, fear of “what if she gets serious?” Dude, you were the one going gaga over my soul!

You’ll be surprised, they won’t even have any reason for this detachment. Next, you know is he’s ‘wifey-ing’, ‘baby’, ‘boo’- ing someone else! Oh, he also warns you about him ending his life for you if you won’t say yes to him! Like “yes, please go ahead! Cut those nerves, slit your neck, and stop that ugly heart from beating!” (One less Fboy in the crowd. Yay!)

3.   The One who’s a Ghoster
The One who’s a Ghoster
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The term GHOSTER isn’t about the guy ghosting on you, well that’s one point we can say which is actually correct. But let’s mention the ghosts who want to control your life, like an evil spirit. He may think of you as a possession. Such guys desire to control in their life. Beware, because he doesn’t acknowledge you as a woman, for him you are an easy target. Get out of it before it gets out of hand.

4.   The One who’s a Chaser
The One who’s a Chaser
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He’ll be a chaser until you fall for him! Chaser guys would chase you until they get the required attention and god knows what joy they get. Maybe it’s like feeding his male ego, of making a woman falling in love with his disgusted soul & ugly heart! He’ll pretend to be The One you always wished for, says the right things at the right time, treats you well but drops you like a brick. (Hit his head with the same brick) His mission’s accomplished when you fall in love with him and after some time he’ll just leave! Don’t let your dreams of being with The One come crashing down!

5.   The One who’s Needy AF
The One who’s Needy AF
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Oh! We know these ones too well! All they want is some action! And to make it more “Exciting” (for him) he’ll send a picture of his genitals. C’mon, who needs a conversation with him?! Don’t let yourself get fooled by such needy & greedy douchebags. They’re all over the internet! Guys who do such ill exhibitionism, are well aware of not being able to impress women, so let’s just scare them off! Eww!

Okay, frankly they’re all Greek to me. All the Fboys got more excuses than you can count, don’t be ho to his boat. You deserve much more than someone trying (Literally) to be just there for his own good. Patience is truly a key to something worthy. Wait for your right person, you’ll eventually know if he’s worth it. He might resemble some of the types but the one meant for you, won’t change over time.

Love and romance have become the thing of the past. This is the world of modern dating where relationships have become a way to pass time instead of having something substantial in life with an actual goal.

People meet on dating apps, exchange numbers, and get in a casual relationship sans any commitment. When things don’t work out they call it off over a text. Surprising? But that’s the truth of modern dating. However, love in old school days was really special that made relationships happier in the past than they are in the modern world.

Here are some significant reasons why we believe old school romance is better than modern dating.

Those Were the Times of Romantic Love Letters

In the old times, when there were no Whatsapp, FB messenger, or emails, love letters were the only means for lovers to express their feelings for each other. There were no emoticons to express instant emotions but only handwritten love letters with teardrops on them that expressed a vast ocean of feelings without saying anything.

The Charm of Occasional Meetings

There was no such trend of going on dates every weekend or partying till the wee hours. Lovers back then had to make a lot of arrangements to meet each other just once or twice in a month. But even that one meeting meant so much to them. And every moment they spent with each other gave them memories galore to cherish till their uncertain next meet.

There Were No Dating Apps

Yes, there were no dating apps like Tinder, bumble, and Happn in old times still the relationships were quite sorted. People actually used to meet in real life to get to know each other better. And on the basis of their compatibility quotient, they would get into relationships.

Relationships Used To Grow Organically

In old times, getting into a relationship was more about finding a companion with whom you can share your feelings, happiness, and sorrows. Holding hands, exchanging glances, and stealing kisses were the initial steps that lead to physical intimacy after a long term of understanding and knowing each other. Unlike modern romance that is based on the foundation of physical attraction rather than emotional connection.

Relationships Were Meant To Be Enjoyed Not Controlled

In the modern dating process, everything happens so fast that people hardly get any time to enjoy and absorb its beauty. One little mistake can ruin the entire relationship within seconds. While in old times, people used to be very forgiving of their partner’s little mistakes. Instead of fighting over silly things they used to work on their weaknesses to make their relationship better. People used to enjoy each other’s company even if their relationships were full of unpredictability. They never knew till when they would be together, still they used to enjoy it as much as they can that made their relationship more passionate.

Relationships Were Not Meant To Show Off

Declaring love on social media platforms has now become a relationship rule. The more you show it off on Facebook or Instagram or any other social media platform, the truer your love exists for your partner. Or at least, this is what millennials like to believe. While in old times, people didn’t feel the need to announce their love to the whole world. It was more like a sacred thing between two people that the world didn’t know about. It made old school romance more magical and priceless.

Pain & Gain of Commitment Is Missing

Commitment- the biggest phobia that every millennial has which keeps them away from any sort of long-term relationship. We understand relationships are not always about love, roses, and mushy conversations. There are challenges, failures, and barriers but they can be overcome if you try a little harder. In old times, relationships used to be the priority of people and they were fully committed to it. They teach us that you cannot let go of an important person in your life simply because he/she has some weaknesses. Always remember, nobody is perfect and everybody deserves a second chance.

I oftentimes get asked, “what’s your height?”  I answer 5’7.5”. The following comes “Itna lamba ladka kahan se milega? (Where would we find such a tall guy?)” You don’t have to find because nobody asked for it, not me at least. Being a woman I have always been the tallest among my friends, classmates (except few guys), college mates, or in my office. I was an active basketball player of’ course because of my height moreover I had my own interest as well. My height never was an issue until I grew up and wanted to date. I don’t really consider myself tall (and this thought trigger my friends to kill me). Reason being I have seen quite a few women taller than me (sulking in the corner over my insecurity). It would be surprising but I actually wanted to grow a little taller. When you’ll reach the end of this blog, you’ll know the advantages & disadvantages of dating a tall woman!


If you’re a tall woman and afraid of dating short men, here’s why you actually should be afraid other than just the tall men preference.

Bye, Bye High Heels!
Bye, Bye High Heels!
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Wearing heels or even the thought of it is so wrecking when you’re dating a smaller man. Maybe he doesn’t feel awkward about it, perhaps! But we do, sure WE DO! (How ironical is it to be dating a smaller man and actually writing about the cons of it! Well, love really is blind!)

Kissing, if only they can reach delectable lips!
Kissing, if only they can reach delectable lips!
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It definitely gets weird while kissing. You just cannot kiss while standing and hence, the monotony kicks in. And this may trigger his Napoleon Complex! (Oh boy, that’s mean!)

You don’t want to look like his Big sister or MOM!
You don’t want to look like his Big sister or MOM!
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The last thing on this planet that you would want to worry about being a tall woman. You surely don’t want to look like his sister, let alone MOTHER!

Problem clicking selfies, such a tragedy!

The era being the gram generation, relationships and the perspectives about physical appearances all this leads to SELFIES. A relationship just isn’t complete without a few of them. And for gorgeous tall women, no Selfie is a tragedy! (How is she supposed to validate her relationship otherwise?)


Dating shorter men also have some advantages, maybe not for you but for them! Let’s check them out:

“Oh, he’s dating a model!”
“Oh, he’s dating a model!”
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With the thought occurring to you that you might look like his mother or elder sister, it isn’t the same for the stud. Your duo becomes the talk of the town because you’re stratospheric. His people would often question him about you being a model or an athlete! (Darling, you’re a knockout!)

He’s got so much ‘More’ to love!
He’s got so much ‘More’ to love!
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Being tall means, more of you to love. The legs are the most tempting thing about a tall woman after her IQ (if that’s a preference!). If you love legs, tall women have more of them. Not like more legs, they only have two of them unless you’re dating a giant spider.

She gives the Best Hugs!
She gives the Best Hugs!
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Tall people, in general, give the best & warmest of hugs! You can literally curl up on her arms because she has those long limbs to have you all cuddled!

Spoon however you want!
Spoon however you want!
Image Source – Google

When she’s taller, you guys can spoon however you want. You can be the little spoon and he can the little spoon too! *Win-win*

Mastered the Art of Sarcasm!
Mastered the Art of Sarcasm!
Image Source – Google

If you like a brainy woman with long legs she’s the one for you! After getting all sorts of weird questions about her height, she has mastered the art of sarcasm so you just take a backseat and enjoy watching her conquer the world with her wittiness!

She’s never getting lost!
She’s never getting lost!
Image Source – Google

So if you guys ever go to a crowded place, swarming with humans, don’t worry! Your woman isn’t getting lost. You can spot her from far away! (Worry if you get lost though!)

Dating a tall woman is almost every man’s fantasy because c’ mon who doesn’t like whatever we have mentioned. She has been different all through her life and like literally stands out of the crowd. They look absolutely stunning because their closet is filled with clothes that fit them best and gives them confidence. And being tall is being powerful, you would agree if I’d say that if you look at a tall woman and see strength & confidence. They are an absolute dream! Would you or would you not date a tall woman? Tell us in comments below.

“I am so sick of that same old love”- Selena Gomez

With time everything has changed! Technology, fashion, lifestyle, and everything else. Everything around is changing, then how do we expect for the dating culture to remain the same. Remember how dating used to be about just hanging out with the opposite? Now it is about hookups! There have been so many changes in the dating culture from the 90s until now. Let us compare how the dating era has changed.

  1. Finding Dates
Finding Dates
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In 90s:

When you liked some you relied on your friends to convey it to their friends. When you wanted to date someone random, your friends set you up with their friends, or their Significant other’s friend or maybe a cousin they have! Finding dates was tough. The toughest part when you liked someone was a confrontation! You had to look for the perfect timing for you to walk up to them and confess that you like them.

In 2018:

If you like someone? Add them on Facebook! Message them on Instagram! If you have common friends, get their number and WhatsApp them! If you just want to date someone randomly, you have apps for it. Tinder is the guru of dating apps. You just need to log in and start swiping left and right. Some other ways to meet someone is at parties, at clubs and apps like Tinder, Truly Madly, OkCupid, Aisle, etc.

What I feel is BETTER?

90s was tough but it was thrilling, but now it is easier and more convenient. Tinder is fun sometimes and at times- ‘Madaaame date pe chalogi?’ sapiosexuals & travellers creep me out! So 90s WIN!

  1. Finding Out About Someone
Finding Out About Someone
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In 90s:

In the 90s the internet wasn’t really popular! The only popular form was email, and there were no social media websites. If you wanted to know about someone, you could ask your friends and hope they have common friends with them or at least some common connections with them. Your pals were GOOGLE to you!

In 2018:

Want to discover someone’s deepest secrets? No problem, Hello Social Media! You could just browse someone’s Instagram profile and tell who they’re dating, browse someone’s Facebook and you’ll get to know where they like to eat or shop, Browse through their Snapchat stories and you’ll know their taste in music, and if you want to know their views over things- Twitter is the place you go to! Finding things about someone is not really difficult in 2018.

What I feel is BETTER?

Definitely 2018! It is so much easier and convenient than asking people around.

  1. Approaching Your Crush
Approaching Your Crush
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In 90s:

You had to convey your messages through a friend, send them a love letter and if you’re brave enough, you could simply stand outside their college/office and wait there with flowers. Moreover dropping hints was tough yet sweet. Sharing your handwritten notes with them, taking their side while an argument in the group, & offering help them with little things.

In 2018:

You don’t have to approach them directly! You can drop a message on their social media, or as per Indian rappers, you just declare your love by a huge gesture and no matter what they have to accept your proposal because you are so cool! Dropping hints means you gift things, ask them out to meet you alone, or flirt.

What I feel is BETTER?

The 90s it is! Although making the first move and dropping hints were difficult but, it was sweet and romantic.

  1. What is My Type?
What is My Type?
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In 90s:

Determining your type in the 90s was really simple, you followed the activities they took up in college or the classes they took up. Even simpler- Hey, what is your sun sign? A Scorpio? I am Cancer. Till death do us apart!

In 2018:

Figuring your type has become much more complicated in 2018. You look for the type of Netflix shows they are interested in, whether they eat Vegan or Non-Vegetarian, What are their career aspirations, What is their height, What kind of friends do they have, and the list goes on.

What I feel is BETTER?

I am old school which is why without any doubt, the 90s! It was sweet and less judgmental. It is so complicated and tough now.

  1. Who is going to propose first?
Who is going to propose first?
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In 90s:

It had to be the guy! The guy was expected to approach the girl because the girl was expected to be Sanskaari. Haye Taube for the girls who approached guys!

In 2018:

Gender does not matter! If you like someone, you tell them.

What I feel is BETTER?

Definitely 2018!

  1. Exploring Your Sexuality
Exploring Your Sexuality
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In 90s:

Same sex dating has always existed. It was just a little more submissive in 90s. People did explore their sexuality, but again they didn’t come out so soon or expressed themselves in public.

In 2018:

We’re living in the time where Section-377 has been decriminalized! Same sex dating is no more a taboo or well, maybe it is for a few people, but the law approves it so YAY! It is definitely a good thing!

What I feel is BETTER?

Definitely 2018!

  1. Staying in Touch
Staying in Touch
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In 90s:

Staying touch meant meeting in college or school, calling on their landline & waiting for them to come online on yahoo messenger. There was an excitement to talk to them because it was tough!

In 2018:
Messaging on Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, & other social media platforms all the time. Along with texting, you talk for hours & hours over the phone because everyone has a mobile phone!

What I feel is BETTER?

This is a bit tricky because while staying in touch is easier in 2018 and was difficult in the 90s but, I would still say 90s was better. Since it is easy to talk to your better half, people have started taking each other for granted. That excitement & passion has faded away!

  1. Deciding a Place for the Date:
Deciding a Place for the Date:
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In 90s:

There were few selected cafes and places where you’d go on a date. If someone is really special, you’d take them to your go-to place.

In 2018:

There are so many places you’d go on a first date. As time passes by, Netflix & Chill are your dates with them.

What I feel is BETTER?

There is no comparison between the two eras. While dating in the 90s was authentic, and how a date should be, in 2018 it has become more comfortable and casual.

  1. Commitment
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In 90s:

If you’re going on a second date, you’re officially Girlfriend & Boyfriend!

In 2018:

When you ask your friend about someone they’ve been seeing for a while, they reply “We are keeping it casual. We don’t want any tags.”

What I feel is BETTER?

90s Rule! Good things do take time but why are people so afraid of commitment in 2018?

  1. Post-Break Up:
Post-Break Up:
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In 90s:

After a break-up, the only way you’d know something about them would be by asking your common friends. You’d see them only if you’re invited to a common party!

In 2018:

After the break-up, it is so easy to know what’s going in their life. You have the option of stalking them on social media platforms. Off course, if they don’t block you!

What I feel is BETTER?

Definitely the 90s! While it is easy to keep a track of your ex in 2018 but why do you need to? If you aren’t with someone, you don’t have to know what they’re up to. It is only going to be tough on you!

There are many differences between dating then and now. Every era has its own advantages & disadvantages. I would say that I love how people dated in the 90s and respected each other, the admiration for each other, the excitement & commitment for each other. In 2018, it is amazing how dating same sex is not a taboo anymore, how asking out for a date is no more about chivalry or how comfortable it is to decide the date venue.

Dating isn’t about what era we’re living in. Date as per the era you liked more!

It’s difficult for someone to deal with anxiety and it gets even more difficult when someone else has to suffer the consequences. Dating someone with anxiety can be awfully horrible. You cannot help to whom you fall for, but you can choose to fight and stick by each other. Anxiety is like the third person that wriggles in between you & your partner making it difficult for the relationship to thrive.  This person constantly sows doubt & confusion. There isn’t anyone out there training you with how to deal with the problems but with understanding anxiety in general can make you connect and love in a new way.


Anxiety disorders causes nervousness, fear, apprehension, and worry. These disorders alter how a person processes emotions and behave, also causing physical symptoms. Mild anxiety might be vague and unsettling, while severe anxiety may seriously affect day-to-day living.

Anxiety is a normal and an unpleasant part of life. One where an individual feels worried about the fears. When it comes to relationships, the anxiety is generally about the other person’s behavior & wellness. Certain questions that an anxious person might over think about are:

  1. What is he doesn’t love me as much as I love him?
  2. What if he’s lying to me? What if he’s lying to me?
  3. What if he’s hiding something from me? What if he’s hiding something from me?
  4. What if he’s cheating on me?
  5. What if he likes someone else better? What if he likes someone else better?
  6. What if my anxiety ruins our relationship? (Anxiety about Anxiety)
  7. What if we break up?
  8. What if he doesn’t text me back?
  9. What if I’m always the first one to reach out?
  10. What if he leaves me?

A lot of you wouldn’t agree because these seems like normal questions that one might think. But trust me when we say its anxiety, this gets pretty deep and intense with each thought. Few of the individuals show extreme caring nature which to an extent is their concern but after that it’s their fear taking over.

If you’re dating someone with anxiety, these are the thoughts that runs through your partner’s brain. And they most likely spend time worrying and ruminating about anything and everything that can possibly go wrong with the relationship.


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You might get stressed & agitated with the constant nagging, doubts and confusion but it’s much more than that for that one person. Anxiety is real mental health issue and nothing made up. It is normal, everyone has it but it’s an issue when it’s severe. One cannot imagine about how anxiety can be debilitating illness for one to function a normal life. Situations can make them experience fight or flight reactions and stress about their partner cheating and leaving. An individual suffering with anxiety disorder can over think about the pettiest of things and consequences that can be life threatening. Anxiety doesn’t have a fix cure to it. One’s who have it wish they didn’t have it. They oftentimes feel like a burden on people that they are connected with. There are anxiety-motivated behavior that people experience:

  1. Anger and irritability
  2. Being Controlling
  3. No focus and being distracted
  4. Avoidant or passive aggressive behavior
  5. Perfectionism

5 Tips That Can Help You Deal with Your Partner’s Anxiety

  1. Trying Couple Therapy with Your Partner
Trying Couple Therapy with Your Partner
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When you truly care for someone and you want to encourage them to battle with their stress, trying couples therapy can be a huge help. You can gently guide your partner to see a therapist for it doesn’t harm anyone. The therapist can work on their anxiety as there might be reasons from the relationship as well. Therapy not necessarily has to be for your partner. Couples therapy offers you tasks and issues that you both work on together, making you understand the condition with your partner and for them it makes them stress a little less.

  1. Creating a balance
Creating a balance
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We often go back and forth assessing over what needs our attention the most; our partner’s attention, ourselves, or the need of the relationship. It’s fulfilling when we fill these needs respectively and accordingly. But when our partner is suffering from something that isn’t going away, we don’t have to ignore our own needs because then with time it gets greater. Balancing the needs accordingly is what is required. You need to work on your own needs that require immediate attention and then your partners. It’s rightly said, set your priorities right! (Not in a negative way)

  1. Be supportive
Be supportive
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With that constant fear of losing you, comes the immense need of affirmation that you’ll be there or you’re there. Showing that you care and supporting your partner with the suffering can not only make a difference to them but on the relationship. All they need is for you to be around them. With today’s technology, you can still be around even when you’re not.

  1. Stay Positive!
Stay Positive!
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Focusing on the positive parts of the relationship can be the biggest attributes of the relationship. Doesn’t matter how your partner is feeling, you don’t have to focus solely on the suffering. That is the time when you need to remind yourself the many reasons why you care for them in the first place.

  1. TALK!
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There’s nothing that a conversation cannot resolve. Talking to them about their fears can make them feel that they’re heard. There’s someone to listen, there’s someone to hold on to. Talking is the first and the foremost way of taking the fears out the mind. And in fact it might make it easy for you to understand what you’re partner’s going through. There are chances that the conversation may not go well but that is when you need to focus on the words and not the gestures & actions. Communication is the key to any relationship. For you, you might be busy but for them, they feel disconnected!

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Anxiety doesn’t have to put your relationship in jeopardy. By using the right coping strategies, you can have a healthy relationship and stop anxiety from causing too much stress.

If you look for the meaning of the word ‘travel’ in the dictionary, it clearly says- to move or go from one place or point to another. But in actual, travel is not just limited to movement from one geographical location to another. It is a journey that brings you face to face with several challenges and gives you opportunities to discover who you are. Traveling let you explore new places, meet new people, and experience new traditions and cultures. It develops skills in you that you didn’t know you had, takes you on an unexplored adventure, and helps you develop a perspective of your own.

Imagine how wonderful life would be with a partner for whom traveling is a priority. You will get a companion who is always up for trying crazy things and of course, encourage you to save for your next possible trip. So if you are single and looking for your one true love, then date a girl who travels. She will always keep you on your toes and show the world you always imagined to witness in real life.

Here are a few convincing reasons to read and know why to date a girl who travels.

She Always Has New Stories to Tell

A girl who travels often always have a plethora of interesting and adventurous stories to share. Be it her backpacking trip from last summer or skydiving experience, there will be a number of fascinating accounts that she will keep recounting. There will never be a dull moment with her as she’s always planning her next trip or trying to get you to go on another trip.

She Is Not Materialistic

A girl who travels believes in exploring and creating unforgettable memories rather than collecting things. She knows that it is the precious moments that make life worthwhile and not the few silver coins that you are left with at the end. You don’t need to worry about buying her a fancy present or taking her to candlelight dinners at expensive restaurants. Traveling and spending quality time with you is something that she will always cherish with all her heart.

She Is Strong and Independent

A girl who has traveled around the world and explored new places by herself is capable of handling challenging situations in life on her own. She is confident, headstrong and knows that independence is the only way of being herself. A girl who travels often won’t be clingy or dependent on you for her happiness because she knows what she wants from life and how to achieve it.

She Loves Trying New and Exciting Things

A girl who travels is quite spontaneous and fun-loving. She is always up for a blast, be it going to someplace new or trying something for the first time that sounds fun and exciting. Will always nod yes for that last minute trip or river rafting with a group of friends that will double up the fun of whatever you are doing.

She Is Highly Adaptive

Travelling comes with its own perks and challenges. Like, you may end up taking the wrong path to your destination, miss flights, and have to use unhygienic restrooms or eat not-so-tasty food. You may feel discomfort at the moment, but it only helps you become more adaptable to the unexpected situations. So no matter how hard life gets for a girl who travels, she always handles it with a grin on her face.

She Knows Herself Well

Traveling helps you discover yourself. You may end up in situations that you have never experienced earlier, the way you react to such circumstances not only prepare you for the future but also gives a deep understanding of yourself. A girl who travels a lot is sure of herself and knows what she wants from life more than anybody else.

She Is Hard-Working, Problem Solver & Good at Managing Finances

A girl who travels takes up a couple of jobs to fund her trips. Being on the road for most of the time she runs into several problems which help her develop the abilities to find the perfect solutions for all of them. And speaking of financial management, not only she spends her money wisely but also keeps thinking of innovative ways to generate more funds for her future trips.

After reading all these reasons you would totally agree that dating a girl who travels is worth it. She will have a positive impact on your life and fill it with optimism and adventure!