There cannot be any other TV show as astounding as Friends. Can you believe it is going to be 25 years old in a few days? It is still so fresh and relevant and will always be that. I mean it is like the Bible to the ’80s and 90’s born or raised and it is watched by the Millenials too. It has achieved an unbelievable success rate in the showbiz world. The 6 friends or stars of the show still earns $20 million each year doing nothing basically. Warner Brothers earn $1 billion per year through syndication.

As this magical show enters its silver jubilee year, there are reasons to celebrate. So, here is my list of the best 25 moments from the show (it was really difficult to choose them as there are countless)

Rachel Entering Central Perk In Wedding Gown
Rachel Entering Central Perk In Wedding Gown
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What an entry that was! Just imagine someone enters in her wedding dress and sits next to you in a café – how would you feel? Surprised. Surely, this first episode is one of the best episodes and moments to cherish forever. She enters and everyone turns their head towards her and listens to her with interest.

When Emma Is Born

Ross and Rachel still don’t know they would be together or not but one thing they know – now they have a string to stick them forever. Rachel is sweating and tired from the labor and Ross is there touching his baby. They had tears of joy and victory in their eyes.

Turkey Dance of Monica
Turkey Dance of Monica
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In one of those Thanksgiving episodes, Monica reveals one of the old Thanksgiving secrets and that leads Chandler to get angry on her. She then wears Turkey on her head and dances – ridiculously funny and awesome that was!

Phoebe Saving Marsel

The lady from the animal department finds Marsel in a storeroom and aims a mild tranquilizer at Marsel. But Phoebe – the greatest animal lover we know jumps (and the camera goes slow just like in the old dramatic movies) to save Marsel and gets hit by that tranquilizer at her bum.

Chandler Admitting His Love

So everyone by then knew everything and still pretending to know nothing. Joey was getting confused the most to hide his words. So, Rachel and Phoebe plan to trap the new lovers. On the other hand, super-competitive Monica boosts Chandler to carry on his act. But Phoebe turns desperate and Chandler had to confess, “…..because I am in love with Monica”. Monica comes out from the bathroom all shy and amazed. Oh! that was such an adorable episode.

Monica Proposing Chandler
Monica Proposing Chandler
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So after all the planning, speculations, and apprehensions, Monica and Chandler are finally in a state where they can commit for a lifetime. Who will propose who – this game also went on for some time and then one fine day Chandler returns to a candlelit home and a Monica seated on her knees.

Ross Taking Rachel’s Name Instead of Emily

Nowhere in the history of sitcoms have I ever come across such an engaging and funny scene. Rachel didn’t go to attend the marriage ceremony of Ross in London because of her ego and realizing that she still loves Ross. But in the end, she travels to London to say Ross that she loves him but couldn’t. On the other hand, Phoebe is on call listening to the marriage ceremony and Ross takes the name of Rachel while the Minister asks to repeat after him. The whole crowd went berserk.

Monica Learning About Her First Kiss

Many years later when she is married to Chandler, she gets to learn that no Prince Charming was kissing her when she was in High School but it was Ross – her very own elder brother. On the other hand, Ross realizes it was his sister and not Rachel. Chandler exclaims – where am I married into?

Las Vegas Marriage for Ross & Rachel
Las Vegas Marriage for Ross & Rachel
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Ross drew a mustache on Rachel’s face with a marker which didn’t go off and she ends up staying in the hotel room and get drunk with Ross (the bill for which Ross had to pay for drawing tat mustache). After getting drunk, she draws something on his face and they both set out to roam around Vegas and ends up marrying each other.

Joey Learns Chandler & Monica Are Dating

Monica bluffs that she lost her eyelash curler and asks Rachel to lend hers. A few minutes ago Joey received a call from the hotel where Chandler checked in. They were saying the guests left an eyelash curler. It took 10-15 seconds for Joey (late bloomer) to crack this one and then he gives historic expression.

The Wedding of Phoebe & Mike

It was dreamy, simple, and elegant. Phoebe was the only one who had almost no family, who led a tough life on the streets, unlike others. She dated many guys before ending up with Mike. Her dreams of settling down with a man who promises to take care and be proud of her madness finally come true. I cried on that episode!

Finally, Rachel Getting Off the Paris Plane
Finally, Rachel Getting Off the Paris Plane
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We were all gasping what would Rachel do now (like Ross who was playing the recording machine). A few seconds later we find Rachel entering Ross’s apartment – finally, she got off the plane to Paris just to be with Ross forever.

Rachel Going To Airport With Flowers

With love in her heart, she goes to the airport to receive Ross and let him know that she loves him. But she finds out Ross brought someone as the love of his life.

Ross & His Sandwich

It was that phase when Ross was having anger issues and someone at his office ate his sandwich. He shrieks out loud and everyone gets terrified.

Armadillo & Holiday
Armadillo & Holiday
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Ross wants to educate Ben about his Jewish roots but Ben is too excited about Santa and Christmas. Ross gets into an Armadillo costume and tells the tale.

Joey & Chandler Missing Each Other

Joey leaves Chandler’s apartment because he is earning well now. But they terribly miss each other. They watch the same show on TV while talking to each other over the phone.

Phoebe Realizing She Mugged Ross

It was one of those episodes when they were talking about past school days and Phoebe realizes that many years ago, she was the one who mugged Ross. Later she takes pride in the fact that like others she also knew at least one from the group years ago.

All Those High School Days from down Memory Lane
All Those High School Days from down Memory Lane
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Ever single time, they talked about those High School days, it used to be a fun ride. The fat Monica, the Rachel without a Nose Job, Chandler and Ross with weird hairdos!

Phoebe Meeting Her Dad

All her life she wanted to meet this man and when that day finally arrives she gets jittery. She later discovers that the tune “Smelly Cat” and her talent of being a musician was gifted to her by her dad.

Phoebe Bluffing to Rachel about Her Pregnancy

It was Monica’s marriage and these girls were inside the washroom to test pregnancy. Phoebe bluffs Rachel that she is not pregnant and we could see Rachel breaking down and regretting not being a mother. Phoebe then says she was joking to see her reaction.

Joey & Rachel Realizing They Are Way Too Good Friends To Date Each Other

So, almost everyone around them is finding love, getting married, having kids, settling down, etc. Rachel is unable to find love and Joey is unable to fall in love. They end up dating but when they were supposed to get intimate – they simply couldn’t. They realize they are too good friends to date each other.

Monica & Chandler Getting Twins

Ok so the lady giving birth to their child never knew she is having twins. So, Monica and Chandler were super-excited to get 2 babies when they expected only 1. Ross asked – does the hospital know you are carrying two babies?

Phoebe Donating Her Free Money

She got some 7K in her bank account but she cannot accept windfall income so she donates that to a poor lady who collects dust bin garbage. In this world, you really got to have such a valiant heart to do that.

The Science Boy

Phoebe mugged Ross but saved whatever his bag had. Later she hands over the “Science Boy” journal to Ross which he made as a kid. Such a wonderful feeling – when you know you lost a piece of your childhood but later find out that was saved by someone.

The Last One
The Last One
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Only nostalgia rules for this last one. The apartment of Monica is devoid of any furniture, Monica & Chandler are moving to the suburbs to settle down, Ross & Rachel promises not to leave each other, Phoebe had Mike, & Joey is stable in his acting career now. We don’t know how they will meet because Monica & Chandler can’t travel every day to Central Perk. The last time, they all hand over their keys to Monica’s apartment and for the last time they go for a coffee.

The last episode aired 15 years ago and all the fans of Friends still hope for a reunion. But till that time you can simply rewind and re-watch.

Ross Geller & Rachel Greene entered our lives 25 years ago on 22nd September 1994. The most popular TV show ever made in the world – Friends has touched our lives intensely. We all wanted a friendship bond like the six of them. Among the six friends, Monica & Chandler and Ross & Rachel became lovers later. But the love story of Ross & Rachel was crazier and dramatic as compared to the other one. Ross always had feelings for Rachel since the school days but back then she was not interested in him (blame his Afro hairdo!!!). Years later when they find their lives condensing in New York Central Perk coffee shop – they not only became best of friends but also found comfortable love in each other.

Like all love stories, their journey was also not a cakewalk. They also had to face challenges and many a time they broke up. But in the end, after covering 10 years of their adult relationship, they also realized that they simply cannot run away from each other. Because a certain string of strong emotion binds them.

Check These 6 Important Things That Ross & Rachel’s Story Teaches Us:

You Simply Cannot Give Up:

Love just like life is not meant to be smooth always and that’s all right. Despite the incessant muck ups, the idea that perseverance unavoidably wins the hearts of lovers finally got them together. Fighting for what you really want is never passe. Ross was about to marry for the second time and Rachel was there to try to stop that (although she couldn’t). Rachel got a job in Paris and Ross had to stop her from leaving New York which he did quite dramatically. They were on a break, they were dating other people but no one could actually slip into the space of where they were.

Surprisingly Things Come Together:

Things were pretty complicated between Ross & Rachel. There was a drunk marriage, dating, divorce, and a child together. In spite of the biggest glue in their love story – the baby who they name Emma, Rachel agreed to go to Paris and pursue a new life. But until the last moment when she saw Ross expressing his love by almost stopping her flight, she didn’t realize the depth of their relationship. Great things perhaps take time to happen and when it happens it surely surprises you.

Hooking Up Is Not The Solution:

Ross & Rachel both have multiple hookups after they broke up and also after having a baby together. But what they find in each other was never completed by those prospective lovers. They hated each other at a point but that hate also came from deep love. Ross’s failed marriage with Emily or Rachel’s attempt to date other guys always failed miserably. They desperately wanted to move on but somehow certain bonds never wither away and that’s what Ross & Rachel’s story teaches us.

Certain Dreams Do Come True:

As per Phoebe, lobsters are mates for life. So, when you find your lobster, err… someone with whom you want to spend your “forever”, you should hold on to them and never let them go. Ross fell for Rachel in school days and never thought that one day he will be the father of Rachel’s child. Some dreams do indeed come true and that’s why you should never stop believing in your dreams.

Time Takes Time:

From the hopeless romantic school crush to the time when Rachel really got off the flight to Paris- there were plenty of crazy times this couple goes through which leaves them wondering if they were actually meant for each other? But the best part is this couple finally get their acts together and promises not to leave each other again. Time actually takes time and that’s the way to think when you are crazily and deeply in love with someone.

But…. Friendship First:

It is not necessary that your relationship has to be based on love. You can be best of friends, support each other relentlessly, and understand each other like no other – and then let love gradually come to you. Starting into the space of romantic love might not be always relaxing but with friendship as your foundation, you will always find the right kind of comfort. Ross had a huge crush on Rachel but love happened gradually over time. That’s how it should be – right?

In the end, I would love to quote Ross from the last episode “I don’t want to get over her…I want to be with her”. That’s what this sweet and valiant love story teaches us in the end. You simply cannot get over your true love and with each passing day this love just increases.

Friends – the most-watched TV series all across the world will complete its silver jubilee year this September 2019 and officially the makers will celebrate the legendary show. Their celebration has started – as you can see on social media. For the fans of Friends across the world – this is not just another TV show – it is an emotion, a sentiment, a piece of nostalgia. The characters are loved for their golden youth appeal – an appeal that is reluctant to lose its charm over generations. Imagine the youngsters of 1994 who watched that show felt the same excitement which the millennial’s of today’ age feel. I am sure our next generation will also have no problem in connecting with this show.

After this popular show, many groups of friends across length and breadth of the globe were trying to be just one of these characters and maintain a friendship just like these guys – now that’s what you call a successful show.

Joey Tribbiani is the only character who got another show with the name “Joey” post the success of Friends. He is loved for his adorable innocence and his stupid questions can make even the grumpiest person also laugh. All through the show, we saw him try various weird things and win our hearts

Check the list below minutely and if all the traits match with you then you are definitely “The Joey Tribbiani” of your group.

Food Is Life & You Don’t Believe In Sharing That:
Food Is Life & You Don’t Believe In Sharing That
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Food is everything for you. If the refrigerator is out of order, you will cancel all your appointments and sit back home to finish every item so that they are not wasted. You always make a point to save your food from getting wasted. Sharing food – the very thought appalls you. If you see a packet of food (or pizza box) lying in front of someone’s door or beside the dust bin – you feel no shame in checking if there is food inside it. If it has, you simply take that home and finish it. To you – food is love, food is freedom, and food is also a very big part of your dreams.

No Job Is Misfit for You:
No Job Is Misfit for You
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If you feel that no job is small or big for you – then you definitely belong to the Joey group. He is an actor by passion and tries to fit into characters but when he is out of shows or plays, he takes up any job. That job can be of a waiter at the Central Perk coffee shop or just standing in a Casino in Vegas wearing old Roman outfit. As long as it pays your bills – if you are also happy doing any kind of job, then, you have a Joey inside you.

Your Reaction Upon Learning Dirt of Your Friends:
Your Reaction Upon Learning Dirt of Your Friends
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Joey always had the funniest, craziest, and the most memorable expressions when other friends used to reveal their secrets to him. Remember that episode where he finds out Chandler and Monica are seeing each other? If you also have the same way of reacting to your friend’s secrets – you know who you are in your group. And your friends also share the gossips with you – just to see you react!

You Do Anything For Your Friends:
You Do Anything For Your Friends
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A friend in need is a friend indeed and you live by that phrase. You simply don’t care about anything when you have to save your friends. And you will pick up a fight with the neighbor next door for your friends. You console your friends when they need and like Joey, you can also pee on your friends if that’s the call of the hour.

Your Best Friend Is Your Soulmate:
Your Best Friend Is Your Soulmate
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In the group of friends, Chandler and Joey were the best friends. More than that they were soulmates, to be honest. The place Chandler had in Joey’s mind, heart, and life – was the most special one which he never gave to anyone else (not even to all those girls he dated). Do you feel the same bond with your best friend? Do you look at the chair next to you and feel like ringing him up and share your thoughts when he is not around?

You Are Proud of Who You Are:
You Are Proud of Who You Are
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You never ever apologize for being yourself even when people think you should. This means you accept the way you are. You know that you are perfect in your own sweet way and this self-confidence is what many people lack.

You Are A True Fashion Guru:
You Are A True Fashion Guru
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Like Joey do you have great looks and a fit body? Is there hardly any outfit in this world that you cannot pull off? For Joey – from the doctor’s dress of being Dr. Ramorey or the Soldier outfit in the Casino to the properly suited look for Ross’s wedding – Joey rocked in whatever he wore. Also not to forget – the ladies handbag that Joey carried for some time.

Defeat Never Defeats You:
Defeat Never Defeats You
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Joey has been chucked out his shows many times, he lost many auditions, he lost many jobs, and many girls left him. But all these setbacks never ever let him go down. He has a funky and cheerful spirit for life. Joey is the strongest of the lot and this trait of him is salute-worthy. That’s why his friends love him so much for his “never say die” attitude. If you also carry the same attitude, you are the Joey of your friend circle.

When you fell in love that may have not been because of any reason but when you end up with them that definitely has some back story. Break Up by actual terminology mean the separation of something into several pieces or sections. After a relationship ends, there are 100s of questions dancing in our head. One very prominent one is “Should we stay friends? Or can we stay friends?” The answer to that question is NO! Why? Well here are 5 reasons why you cannot be friends with your ex!

1.    The heart wants what it “Needs”!
 The heart wants what it “Needs”!
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When you separate from your partner and decide to stay friends, it impacts your healing process. To let go & move on you need to distance yourself from your ex and grieve the breakup. Your heart needs to heal from the separation to have a better next. In order to have a better next, you first need to grieve about the present situation.

2.    Friendship = Friction!
Friendship = Friction!
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To have a better next-relationship afterward you need to cut the ordeal with your ex. Being friends may cause friction in your next. Your new partner might feel slight insecure or threatened with your awkward friendship with your ex. In order to have a healthy relationship, one must cut the ties with their exes.

3.    You’re Inviting More Pain!
You’re Inviting More Pain!
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While being friends with your ex can be casual & cool, it isn’t easy when you cling onto hopes & expectations. You’re simply inviting more pain for yourself. It was difficult in the first place, and then clinging onto hopes of winning them back might get you messed up. It only gets worse after the break up because you’re clearly not over them and they have moved on. Now, what joy it is to see someone you loved one is in love with someone else? Do all your loved-ones around you a favor and please move one. Saying it is easy but is equally difficult. But it isn’t doing any good to you.

4.    Simply NOT “Necessary”!
Simply NOT “Necessary”!
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The world is full of nice people who’re looking for love & friendship. Why do you want to cling onto the past? All that “Let’s be just friends” drama isn’t at all necessary. Be open to opportunities, you never know what or who may surprise you! And if not, life’s all about learning & growing. I’m sure you’ve heard of “You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince!” So, get your lazy-sad bum moving and go find some frogs before you find your Prince!

5.    Boy, Bye!
 Boy, Bye!
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This one isn’t exactly a reason to not be friends with your ex but just something that actually makes sense. All these exes teach us lessons or make us realize our flaws (if one wants to accept). When you’ve learned about yourself, you might want to find someone better to match your standard (no offense). With all ‘Knowing self-worth’, you really don’t want to waste your time anymore on the last one, right? So don’t be friends with your ex!“

There you go with reasons to not be friends with your ex. Is there any good reason to stay friends with your ex, kindly share. We’d love to know.