India is one of the most vibrant and culturally rich countries, which is also blessed with some breathtakingly beautiful places. Whether you are planning a weekend getaway or looking forward to taking a road trip with your buddies, the options are plenty.

From picturesque landscapes to clear water beaches, quiet backwaters to beautiful valleys, India is full of Instagram worthy spots to travel with your family, buddies, and partner. And who doesn’t like a magnificent Insta feed with likes pouring in every second!

So all you #travelbloggers out there, we bring to you a list of stunning destinations in India. These places are sure to leave you speechless with their beauty and serenity.

Pangong Lake
Pangong Lake
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Pangong Lake is the largest lake in the Himalayas situated at a height of about 4350 mt. The name Pangong is derived from the Tibetan word ‘Banggong Co.’ It means “enchanted, long, narrow lake.” The lake stretches for some 130 kms with a width of about 5 kms. One-third of the lake is in India while the remaining two-thirds lie in Tibet occupied by China. The bright blue waters and rocky lake shore is sure to leave an everlasting impression on your mind. One interesting fact about Pangong Lake is that it displays multiple colors ranging from shades of blue, green, and sometimes reddish. The rugged Himalayan Mountains in the background make a stunning panoramic view, which is a must to capture in your lens.

Valley Of Flowers
Valley Of Flowers
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If you ever want to experience magic close to Mother Nature, then you must visit the Valley of Flowers. The entire place is filled with wonderful meadows and several water tributaries. The gorgeous flowers and immense beauty of this place will behold your attention at the very first sight. You may even forget to blink even once. The flowers blossom between July & September, which is the best time to visit this heaven and witness the alluring flora species and scarce animals like black deer, brown bear, fox, musk deer, and blue sheep. Visiting this place will be a sheer pleasure for photography enthusiasts. And each photograph clicked will speak about the splendor of this place.

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Munnar is a hill station in Kerala and one of the most picturesque destinations in India. The sprawling tea plantations make this place look like heaven and creates a picture perfect setting. Taking a stroll among the many tea plantations here feels quite like a dream. It is common among honeymooners and has lately become a favorite spot for pre-wedding shoots as well. The exquisiteness, tranquility, and the favorable climate of this place throughout the year are ideal for a refreshing holiday. Situated in the Western Ghats, Munnar houses several tourist places like Mattupetty Dam, Pallivasal Falls, Kundale Dam, Tea Museum, Potamedu, etc. You may get tired of clicking all the awe-inspiring views that Munnar has to offer. But it will never stop to amaze you with its hypnotizing beauty.

Spiti Valley
Spiti Valley
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Wild and isolated- on your journey to Spiti Valley, you’ll come across the unexplored and less traveled roads. It takes a strong heart to conquer this cold desert with narrow roads and a raging river. Still, the journey seems more beautiful than the destination itself. Spiti Valley is the dream of every adventure lover and photography enthusiast. The Key Monastery surrounded by a grand mountain range, cool blue lakes, dreamy walk under the shining sun, and prayer flags fluttering in the breeze are some of the stunning experiences that Spiti Valley has to offer its visitors.

Rann of Kutch
Rann of Kutch
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The surreal beauty of the White Desert of Kutch is something that you need to witness yourself. Because no matter how appealing it looks in photographs, none of them can ever portray the natural splendor of this heavenly looking place. Witnessing flawless white sand under your feet and limitless sky on a full moon night is an amazing experience that will stay with you forever. It becomes all the more beautiful after sunset when the color of the sand and sky looked exactly similar. And not to forget the flamelet flamingos that you’d find wandering here and there! The voice of the folk songs, dance performances by locals in traditional Kutch attire and the famous camel ride will leave you flabbergasted.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets, pack your bags, and get ready to capture the enchanting gorgeousness of these wonderful destinations in your camera forever.

Do you love to travel? Well, I am sure you do! Travel is the therapy one needs to be happy. We all are always looking for places to visit, places with a story & maybe places where we can click awesome pictures. The best way of discovering new places millennials have is scrolling through the Instagram feed of travel bloggers! And honestly, I find that really fascinating! Looking at some of these pictures on Instagram, you might lose yourself in them.

Well if you’re a Gallivanter, you must follow these 5 Travel Instagrammers:

1) Abhinav Chandel @abhiandnow

Number of Followers- 104K Followers

A travel enthusiast who quit his job to follow his passion for traveling & photography.

His Instagram profile says:

“Discovering life via traveling, writing, and photography
Living in abundant love and opportunities.”

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Sometimes it requires more courage to write than to click, and sometimes it requires more courage to travel than to click and write. And sometimes, it requires courage to be, when everything seems falling apart and you somehow try to hold on to every last hope, while wondering if it'll be worth it, wondering if those who gave up were cowards, or were actually the smart ones. And these questions come storming into your mind, making you stop in your tracks, and while all the voices behind you are shouting that you're lucky, when all you're doing is walking aimlessly for you no longer know about the journey you're upon. And then there are days, you don't know what to call them, you don't know what to call yourself, and don't know who to call to rescue yourself, and you fall down upon your knees, look at the sky, look right into the sunlight streaming through the trees, whispering to the winds fluttering prayers flags. Hoping that someone somewhere might be listening to you. And if you're there; hold on, relax, wait for a bit, trying listening to the sounds of nature, to the whispers left in these mountains years ago, and by no one else but you. When you were kneeling down the last time. Listen to the prayers you once let out, years ago. And realise how beautifully you have survived since then. And accept, that if you just keep walking upon these paths, you'll once again beautifully exist in future that right now looks bleak. Just hold on.

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He is definitely justifying it traveling around the country and clicking mesmerizing pictures with his lens. He shares stories behind a lot of the pictures he posts, which just makes us fall in love with his pictures.

His Instagram profile will embolden you to travel & explore new places!

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2) Savi and Vid @bruisedpassports

Number of Followers- 298K Followers

A couple in love with each other and travelling! They have been travelling together for 12 years and have visited over 90 countries & hundreds of cities. They are in true sense globetrotters!

Their Instagram profile says:

“Bruised Passports
Entrepreneurs, storytellers, dreamers, travellers
We’ve been to 90 countries together

Finding a partner who has the same hobbies as you do & then you both end up taking it up professionally? They are the real relationship goals!

Every picture they post has a beautiful story behind it, a lovely caption and at times, a travel tip!

Their Instagram will make you smile for sure!

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3) Shivya Nath @Shivya

Number of Followers- 68.2K Followers

A girl who gave up her entire life to travel. She quit her job, gave up her home & sold most of her belongings to live nomadically! She travelled for around 7 years before she wrote a book called “The Shooting Stars” where she tells her story of how she became a traveller.

Her Instagram profile says:

🌎With a home nowhere, I have everywhere to go
✍🏼Author:The Shooting Star
👩🏽💻Travel blogger

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Stravaig (verb; Scottish): to wander about aimlessly… . . In my latest blog post – “Autumn, adventure and artful living in Aberdeenshire, Scotland” – I let my mind wander about aimlessly in free flow writing, to introduce you to the ‘shire’ around Aberdeen in Scotland. Link in my profile @shivya or read it at the-shooting-star.com ✍🏼 . . An excerpt: “I look skyward, between bunches of leaves, orange and red, aglow with the golden sunlight. The ageing walls of the 13th century stone house that is Meldrum House glow warmly. Hints of the blue sky meet my eye. There is a nip in the air, and a familiar scent I can’t identify.” . . Go read, then tell me, is Scotland on your travel bucket list? . . Collab with @lovegreatbritain @visitabdn ; shot on the hill range of Bennachie. . . #theshootingstar #rainbow🌈 #scotlandtravel #visitabdn #lovegreatbritain

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Her Instagram feed is full of enchanting pictures & little stories. Her feed is definitely going to inspire you to follow your dreams!

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4) Mridula Dwivedi @mridulablog

Number of Followers- 8,717 Followers

An ex-professor, Mridula Dwivedi has been travelling since 2005 and quit her job in 2015 to concentrate solely on travelling. She has been to 27 countries so far!
Her blog has been featured on BBC, The Guardian & National Geographic.

Her Instagram profile says:

“Travel Blogger, ex professor

#travelblogger #indiantravelblogger

Her Instagram profile is a delight to look at! It is so colourful & lively that it almost feels like you’re living those pictures. Her blog has all the travel tips you’ll ever need.
Ladies, she is definitely an inspiration to all of us!

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5) Larissa Dsa @larissa_wlc

Number of Followers- 328K Followers

Creative Head & Founder of “We Love Customade”, She is a fashion, lifestyle & travel blogger. She posts about her adventures over youtube with amazing tips & places one could explore!

Her Instagram profile says:

“☀️Life + travels + beauty + style
🎨Graphic artist
🎥Creator & Ambassador @GoPro

Her Instagram feed feels like Goals! It is Vibrant and picturesque. If you’re fond of travelling and fashion, you must follow her.

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Wanderlust Much? Go ahead, follow these Instagrammers, get inspired, travel & do share your stories with the world fearlessly!