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Classic things can never be wiped away from our memories. Like any other classic and timeless movies, Jab We Met didn’t meet with stupendous Box Office collections. It was definitely a hot film but when compared to the content of other potboilers, the profit of Jab We Met was low. But who wants to know the Box Office of Mughal-e-Azam, Pyasa, or Silsila? There are certain movies which are made ahead of times and their charm crosses the boundaries of time easily. Jab We Met is one of those rare movies which would always make you more confident about yourself, make you enjoy life, urge you to shed your inhibitions, and finally teach you to love yourself to the fullest.

The most interesting fact about this movie is that nobody expected anything from this movie. Imtiaz Ali was a flop director, Kareena & Shahid had a string of historic flops in their career. But this movie made them emerge from the ashes. Till today the fashion and dialogues of this movie are followed with pride.

In October 2018 this movie would celebrate its 11th anniversary. Let’s revise some major life lessons taught by this classic movie and refine our life once again.

  1. Love Yourself Without Conditions
Love Yourself Without Conditions
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No one can fall in love with you if you don’t love yourself. This is the most important tenet of Jab We Met. “Main apni favorite hoon” – Geet says it without any inhibition. She knows she has flaws like others but is simply proud of the way she looks or the way she thinks or the way she behaves. Half of the problems of life would change if you start loving yourself the way Geet loves herself.

  1. Practice What You Preach
Practice What You Preach
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It is definitely easy to preach something to others but practicing what you are preaching is most important. Geet was a happy-go-lucky, cheerful, and optimistic girl in the first half of the movie who teaches Aditya that one should never lose hope in life or face his challenges with bravery rather than escaping. But when life hits a rock bottom, she forgets her own teaching and becomes a pessimist who has no motive in life.

  1. Everything Is Fair In Love
Everything is Fair in Love
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Very simplistically, Geet understands the problems of Aditya’s mom even when she has never met her. A middle-aged lady who has an adult son runs away with her lover leaving only insult for the whole family – this is what Aditya thinks of his mom. But Geet enters his life and utters that age-old priceless logic – everything is fair in love. It really is! Maybe for a temporary time, your friends, relatives, and family members would be angry at you but eventually, they would understand. That’s why you should take every possible step to fulfill your love without fear.

  1. Break-Up is Just a Part of Life
Break-Up is Just a Part of Life
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Geet is madly in love with Anshuman whom she met during her college days. After her return to her home, she learns that her family is fixing her marriage with one of her childhood friends and she runs away from home only to learn that Anshuman is not ready to marry her. He breaks up with her citing she is very childish and crazy. Geet cannot handle this break-up and becomes another version of Aditya. Just like your job, social status, peer group, etc., the break-up is also just a part of your life, and not your whole life. Your whole life, therefore, cannot succumb to self-pity – right? The right one would enter your life just at the right time!

  1. Follow Your Heart …. Always
Follow Your Heart …. Always
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This is from the book of Shah Rukh Khan and his romantic mannerism in Bollywood. Your brain and your heart would always have a tussle but always follow what your heart says for happiness in the long run. Geet thinks that she cannot convince her family easily to marry a non-Sikh man and thus effortlessly plans to run away. Why? Because her heart is convinced that after some time, all will be fine! And she takes up every other step with that ease!

  1. Simply Play Life, Don’t Get Serious
Simply Play Life, Don’t Get Serious
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Here is another lesson from the world of Geet and Aditya – stop taking your life seriously. Be attached to everyone, feel for everything, but also know to free yourself from everything. Because the moment you are serious, you feel pain more intensely. Geet is a family-oriented person who would do anything for her family but she also knows how to get the love of her life and thus doesn’t wait for her family to reprimand her for choosing a non-Sikh man. Instead, plans to elope with plans of returning later. In a line or two, she changes the world of Aditya. She says that “In the future, I don’t want to blame anyone and say that my life got ruined because of you”

  1. Never Let Go Off Your Passion
Never Let Go Off Your Passion
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You may have a passion – everybody has! Never ever give up on that passion. Life may make you do something else but always save your time for that passion because that would keep you happy. Aditya forgot about his singing passion and started leading life like a robot. Geet made this logic clearer to him and he found happiness in his office.

  1. Friendship & Love Is found In The Least Expected Places & Situations
Friendship & Love is found in the Least Expected Places and Situations
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You never know when and where you will meet someone who would become an intrinsic part of your life. Maybe you end up influencing that person or get influenced by him/her in a big way. Geet found Aditya in a train traveling between Mumbai and Delhi. With a spate of horrendous incidents, they explore each other and become friends. Geet ends up inspiring an almost dead (emotionally) Aditya. Geet finds love when her ex-lover is back in her life and is ready to take the relationship further. So, basically, life is full of surprises and friendship & love which forms the major part of life are formed when least expected.

  1. Be Crazy Now To Laugh Later
Be Crazy Now to Laugh Later
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There is some need for craziness in your life. These crazy or weird attitude would give you some shining memories to ponder forever. The tasks that we do in life are mundane and sometimes you simply need to jerk off the monotony. Geet urges Aditya to take a plunge into deep water. She also urges him to burn his ex-girlfriend’s picture and flush it away. All these are creepy to Aditya but he finds a charm in it later.

  1. The family Is Always The Medicine During Crisis
The family is Always the Medicine during Crisis
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The family is the one place where you are always safe. You can be wrong or very wrong, but your family would always accept you. They may punish you for a while or say something harsh but that is only for a moment. They will always love you unconditionally and without any expectation at all. Geet was away from all contacts for 9 months and her family doesn’t ask anything to her, simply accepts her.

  1. Plans Hardly Work Out, So Don’t Fret
Plans Hardly Work out, so Don’t Fret
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Geet had a plan ready for herself after college. She was supposed to elope with Anshuman, the love of her life, and later settle in the hills. But life definitely had some other plans for her. Sit down and count your best memories – how many of these memories were a result of pre-planned actions? I hope you got the answer – always rely on unplanned trips or activities and never fret when plans are dissolved. Because the Almighty always keeps the best plans for you.

After reading this whole blog, you must be feeling like watching this movie again! Go and enjoy it once again and don’t forget to share with us about your favorite life lesson from Jab We Met.