Travel is always about the experiences, not the destination.

– Anonymous

Travelling changes the way you look at life. It fills you with excitement and turns you into a curious person who is always ready to explore and learn new things in life. Travelling is a life-changing experience that helps you improve as an individual and makes you more interesting.

Well, travelling with kids is a great concept to offer them new experiences and memories in life. And also a great way to keep them occupied during the holiday season. We understand travelling with kids requires a lot of planning, patience, and pain. But think of the ways you’ll be able to bond with them with ample time in your hands and teach them to be smart, strong, and independent.

Here we have listed some great reasons why you should travel with your kids.

  • To show them that there is a huge world out and this vast Earth is their playground.
  • To teach them to get out of their comfort zone and experience great things in life.
  • To teach them how to handle responsibilities and overcome any obstacle that life throws at them.
  • To help them learn how to patiently deal with difficult situations.
  • To expose them to new cultures, languages, foods, and traditions and let them discover new things in life.
  • To let them unplug from technology and spend some quality time together and develop a strong bond with them.
  • To develop a sense of adventure among them so that they can explore the world and gain new experiences.
  • To help them learn how to deal with change and accept it positively.
  • To help them experiment and uncover their hidden talent. It also promotes self-confidence among children.
  • Exploring new places and meeting new people help kids see things through fresh eyes in a whole new way.
  • To help your kids create wonderful memories that they can cherish for a lifetime.
  • Also, travelling with your kids is a great way to teach history than to actually have them learn through textbooks.

The immense joy of travelling with your children will be worth all the stress, challenges, and expenses.

Parenthood is one of the most beautiful joys in life. But no one ever tells you that it is not as easy as it seems. It takes a lot of thinking and planning at parents’ end to give the right upbringing to their kids. And the situation may get quite challenging at times. But when the going gets tough, parents do not shy away from telling funny yet harmless lies to their kids. All the parents reading this blog would totally agree that most of the time these lies work brilliantly and put kids in the right place.

Let’s have a look at some common & funny lies that Indian parents often tell their kids growing up.

About Tea

Kids are often fascinated by tea and want to taste and savour it just like adults. But parents who don’t want their kids to have tea at a young age and often scare them by saying that- drinking tea will make them dark.

About Eating Veggies

The green vegetables are healthy and essential for the growth of kids. So whenever the child makes excuses to not eat veggies, a white lie is thrown right at them that – not eating the vegetables will stunt their growth and weaken their eye-sight.

About Eating Chocolates

Eating too many chocolates will decay your teeth- the white lie we all have heard from our parents in childhood. Or whenever we opened the fridge looking for chocolates and couldn’t find them there, our parents told us that ‘the cat took away all the chocolates.’ And we believed them. Sigh.

About Chewing Gum

Don’t swallow chewing gum or your intestines will stick together- the most popular lie in the history that parents still tell their kids in the 21st century.

About Buying New Toys

These toys are for little kids and you are a grown-up now. You shouldn’t play with these toys anymore otherwise your friends would tease you.

About Washing Hand & Feet at Night

If you don’t wash your hands and feet before going to bed, then you’ll have scary dreams about witches and ghosts.

About Drinking Milk

If you don’t finish your glass of milk, all your teeth would fall off and never grow back again. This is the epic lie of all times that parents love to tell their innocent kids.

About Babies

Not all lies are meant to get things done from kids. Some lies are told just to keep their innocence intact. Like, the lie about how kids are made and born is one of them. When asked by kids, parents often say that God comes from heaven and put the baby in mummy’s tummy, which kids believe instantly.

About Santa

If you don’t do your homework on time, don’t drink milk or don’t sleep on time, then Santa won’t bring you any gifts for Christmas. This is one of the best white lies that always make kids behave properly.

About Watching TV

Watching too much TV will weaken your eye-sight and then you’ll have to wear a pair of big, round spectacles for the rest of your life.

About Doing Mischief

If you do any mischief and don’t be a good guy/girl, then we’ll send you to the boarding school. This is the lie we all dreaded during our childhood.

About Sports

“Padhoge likhoge banoge nawab, kheloge kudoge to banoge kharaab” – a lie that all Indian parents tell their children growing up just so that they pay more attention to studies than sports.

Once the kids grow up, they have a good laugh about these lies and how they used to believe them blindly.

They say marriages are made in heaven and once you are married, then the relationship sticks for 7 births! But they don’t say anything at all about divorces? Where do they come from? With a divorce, one of the beliefs is shattered – marriages are not meant to last for 7 upcoming births. This is a reality. Some marriages are meant to last for a little while and that’s ok. If the partners are “no more happy” with each other, they should part ways, rather than staying with each other under one roof and constantly bickering and leading a negative life. Divorce is a legal document which states that the husband and wife are now free from each other.

But the challenge strikes when the divorced partners have kids. Many divorced parents have to fight for the custody of their kids and that’s the most painful part of this process. It becomes a bit tough for the kids to digest the fact that their families are not like the families of other friends around. They start feeling a difference in the behavior of their parents and are sometimes difficult to talk to. For a long time, they don’t understand who would be a better friend and guide to them – the mom or the dad.

The mind of the kids are innocent and remember that the excruciating experience in childhood often shapes the personality and attitude of the kids. Being parents, you should thus avoid doing these following things to your kids:

  1. Never Badmouth About Your Ex-Partner

Kids always idolize their parents. So, when you badmouth about your ex-wife or husband in front of your kids, it becomes confusing for them. Their mind gets tossed up and they cannot decide who is good and who is bad. Rather than drawing parameters of good and bad, be simple and normal with your kids. Give an atmosphere to your kids where they respect both their mom and dad in spite of separation. If you provoke your kids to hate their mom or dad, it will come back to you someday. Keep the environment peaceful and let your kids grow in an amiable atmosphere. Otherwise, this constant squabbling may result in loss of concentration in studies or aggressive behavior at school, etc.

  1. Never Miss The Family Gatherings

It is tough to face the same old people who are legally not a part of your being but perhaps with them you have countless memories. They are related to your kids – some are their grandparents, some are uncles, aunties, cousins, etc. So, never let your kid miss the opportunity of being a part of the family even when you are divorced. It was not the fault of your kids that you and your partner couldn’t stay together so be graceful and tactful!

  1. Talk To Your Children About Divorce

It should be always you who talk to your children about your divorce. Your kid should not listen to it form someone outside in the society or from any relative. Choose your words well and explain your situation to your kids. Your kids will understand surely and with time learn to cope with reality too. But always be open to talking to them about any question regarding your marital status.

  1. A Happy Face Is Important

Divorce is quite naturally not one of the nicest things especially when you have kids. But it is also the best thing to happen when you are not happy in your marriage. It is a phase that leaves you with many questions for your partner and you will definitely face your weakest self during this time. You will want to shout, cry, and break things. But whenever your kid is around, try to put up a happy face because if you behave abnormally in front of your kid, that will play with his/her mind badly. Keep your emotional outbursts in front of your friends, chosen relatives, or therapists and when facing your kids, behave normally.

  1. Literally Move On

Moving on is very important and serves as a good example in front of your kids. As mentioned earlier, kids venerate their parents and seeing you move on in life will make your kids confident enough to face challenges of life. He/she will learn that “bad times come, bad relationships happen, but one needs to enjoy life by overcoming all these”.