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Like any other millennial, Riya and Kabir left home after studies for their jobs in the city. Being a young, modern couple, they never actually shied away from accepting their relationship in front of anyone. In fact, they were popularly known as the ‘It Couple’ of the college. Ranging from compatibility, understanding, passion to loyalty their relationship had everything that anyone could ask for. That’s why moving into a live-in relationship was the only next feasible step they took when they shifted to Bangalore from Chandigarh.

It was all hunky dory in the beginning with love overflowing in their hearts for each other. From cooking together to sharing household chores, they enjoyed every bit of it. They used to pamper each other with little surprises every now and then. Be it the unconditional emotional support or physical intimacy, nothing was less than what you call perfect in their case. Saying that they were at the peak of their relationship would do justice to the magic they both were experiencing in their new live-in phase.

How Live-in Relationship Helps Riya & Kabir (Pros of a Live-In Relationship)

A live-in relationship not just keeps Riya & Kabir physically close, but also assure them the unrestricted emotional care of each other. They both get fair chances and enough time to know more about each other such as each other’s qualities and habits. That enhances the level of love and intimacy between them. With a deeper level of understanding, both Riya & Kabir give enough space and respect to each other. That increases the factor of both security and freedom in their relationship.

Pros Of Live in
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They share the financial burden which leaves both of them with enough savings to follow their passions. Both of them are committed to each other. But there is no pressure or responsibilities like people have in the marriage that burden their relationship. Being in the live-in relationship offers Riya & Kabir the opportunity to test their commitment towards the long-term relationship without the pressure of making it work anyhow. With physical proximity, no financial dependence on each other and enough space, it is easier for them to live peaceful lives with fewer conflicts.

The Struggles Riya & Kabir Face in Their Live-in Relationship (Cons of a Live-In Relationship)

Being in India where live-in relationships are not accepted openly and considered a taboo, Kabir & Riya faced severe challenges while finding a decent accommodation. Boy, talk about the glances they received from a number of landlords. On being told that both of them are planning to live together without being married. They still get unfriendly glances, face judgmental eyes and asked uncomfortable questions. By everyone ranging from their landlords, neighbors and sometimes colleagues as well. The small fights or disagreements between Kabir & Riya increases the probability of either of the partner walking out of the relationship. That gives birth to the factor of uncertainty in their live-in relationship.

Cons of live-in
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In the worst case scenario, they fear the trust issues and emotional setback after the break-up that they will end up having for the rest of their lives. Especially for Riya who being a woman is more emotional. She sometimes highly fear the ill after-effects in case of their separation. Though being together helping Riya & Kabir know each other better but the comfortable setup may end up delaying marriage for them. Or they fear that having discovered so much about each other will lessen the spark in their relationship.

Both Riya & Kabir understand that relationships are quite twisted and complex to understand. Therefore, they are letting things happen at their own pace. They both are trying hard to strike a balance in their live-in relationship by enjoying each other’s company. Never do they stop surprising each other that keeps the spark alive in their relationship. And make it strong enough to take things to the next level when time and their hearts allow.