Cause baby now we got bad blood!”

-Taylor Swift

We have friends, then there are good friends, best friends, special friends and there are friends who disguise as good ones but in reality, are toxic! One needs to be careful of the latter category. They are toxic and drain the energy out of you. Those friends are the ones Taylor is talking about in Bad Blood!

Who is a Toxic Friend?
Who is a Toxic Friend?
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A toxic friend is anyone who is a hurdle in your personal growth. Whenever they enter the room, they bring negative energy with them. Such friends affect your mental health which is why it is very important to identify such friends and get rid of them! Below are the signs of a toxic friend:

  • They try to control your life: Toxic people love controlling people around them. This makes them feel empowered!
  • Put you down constantly: They are always going to make you feel like you are less than they are. They are always going to make you feel like your dreams and, your perspective do not matter.
  • Isolation: They may try to stop you from making other friends or maybe even control your spending time with other people. They want all your attention!
  • Humiliation: Just to make themselves feel better, they may try to humiliate you in public by making fun of you.
  • Blame Game: They are always the victim! To them, everyone has wronged them in some way or the other. Whenever things go wrong, they will blame everyone around them, but never admit if it’s their mistake!
  • Inconsistent Personality: Everyone has mood swings! But this one friend would change their mood every second. They’ll be happy and after seconds, they’ll be angry. This can stress you out!
  • Pessimistic: They are cynical about everything! Every good thing you tell them, they will find a flaw in it.
  • Inconsiderate: They are inconsiderate towards your feelings. They wouldn’t think about your emotions before they speak!
  • They are Resentful: If they feel you have wronged them, they will feel no shame in taunting you every second.
  • Judgmental: This one trait is the most prominent one. No matter what you tell your toxic friend, they are going to judge you.
  • Bad Listeners: Your toxic friend is always talking about themselves. They would never want to listen!
  • They may Gossip: They are gossipy and may even gossip about you behind your back!
  • Drama: They love drama and will do anything to make things about themselves.
  • Needy & Clingy: Your toxic friend will only come around when they need something. They will depend on you for emotional support to the extent where they’ll drain out your energy!
  • Attention Seekers: They always want to be the one in the spotlight! They may do and say things if they aren’t getting enough attention.
  • Jealousy: Whenever you achieve something, they will be jealous and will try to belittle your achievements.
  • Compare & Compete: Anything you buy or experience, they end up comparing it to what they have! You will always find them competing with you.
  • They always Lie to you: They will never tell you the truth about their dating life, their Friday plans, their problems, or if you ask them for the feedback!
  • Make you feel guilty: If you hang out with your other friends without them, they might make you feel guilty about doing it! It won’t matter even if you asked them to join, if they can’t come, they wouldn’t expect you to go either.
Why to get rid of a Toxic Friend?
Why to get rid of a Toxic Friend?
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As they say, toxic people always pollute everything around them! This exactly what a toxic friend does! They will befoul the vicinity around you and will make you feel like you don’t matter.  If you stay around them, you might start to feel emotionally drained and unhappy. A toxic friend, putting you down constantly will make you question your own self-worth. Their pessimistic energy might make you feel low all the time. Since a toxic friend is always jealous of you, they will always tell you that your dreams are invalid & unrealistic! Who needs that kind of energy in their life?

A toxic friend will restrict you from doing things, and you may feel compelled to listen to them because there is a constant fear of validation from them. They manipulate your decisions, trying to control your life. Moreover, when you achieve something they wouldn’t be really there to celebrate the occasion but draw all attention towards them. With your toxic friend around, you constantly try to make them happy and honestly, nothing works.
Having a toxic friend definitely effects your mental health! Feeling worthless, always in competition, and stressed out might affect all aspects of your life. You might feel tangled up and complicated all the time. And anyone who doesn’t make your life better but worse, you certainly don’t need them! Anyone who does not have good intentions, you don’t need them in your life! You do not owe anything to anyone.

Rather than squandering your time & energy on a toxic friend, take care of yourself! The very reason to lose that friend is: You need to love yourself!

How to Get Rid of the Dementor- Toxic Friend?
How to Get Rid of the Dementor- Toxic Friend?
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You’ll meet new people, and you’re going to lose some! That is what adulting is about. Since you will eventually lose people, why not lose the dementors & parasites? Here are a few ways to get rid of the toxic friends:

  • Set Boundaries- It is said that one can get in your head, only when you let them! You need to start standing up for yourself in front of your friend and let them know that you aren’t comfortable. Since dementors prey on weak, you’d see that your toxic friend will start to disappear because you aren’t giving them the sadistic pleasure of ruling you.
  • Be Truthful- Well, if you have the courage to tell them that you don’t want to be around them anymore, go ahead! Be honest with them and let them know.
  • Put Yourself First- Your obnoxious friend is used to all the attention you give them, once you start putting yourself first, they wouldn’t really want to hang out with you.
  • Make New Friends- When you make new friends, you may spend more time with them. This would make you feel more positive and happy, and there would be no time left for the toxic friend!
  • Use the Fade Away Technique- Stop messaging and calling them. Start telling the dementor that you are busy! Every time they try to make a plan, tell them you’re busy. They might eventually take a hint and back off!’
  • Ghost Them- Not an ideal way but, it definitely works!
  • Start Asking Them for Help- The dementor never likes to help! Every time you ask your friend for help, they will have a reason to back out. When you start asking for help frequently, they will drop you like a bad habit.
  • Contradict & Question them- Toxic people love to be right! It is almost like their drug. If you start questioning them and contradicting them, this will drive them away.
  • The Tit for Tat Technique- Start acting as they do! This will repulse them away.

It is essential for you to lose the dementor in your life, for your own mental health & peace. Remember, a toxic friend can harm you more than an enemy ever can!

First things first, if you suspect that your partner is cheating, then let us tell you the doubt does not grow out of anywhere. Either there is a drastic change in your partner’s habit or there is noticeable guilt in their behavior.

In both scenarios, things seem to be going south for your relationship. In your mind, you must have raised this question a million times “Is he cheating?” But how are you actually planning to confront him with the question “Is he cheating?” While it is good to talk about your suspicion but facing reality can be difficult at times. So, if you ever find yourself suspecting your partner of cheating, there here are a few simple steps you should take.

Analyze the Entire Situation

Think about things that make you suspect your partner! Take a good look at your partner’s daily activities. If your partner is spending too much time on his/her phone. The communication between you two is not how it used to be. If the spark has faded between you two. Or your partner is trying to spend as much time possible being away from you.

Confront Your Partner

Once you have identified your feelings about the entire situation, it is time to move to the next step. Talk to your partner about how the recent change in his/her behavior affects you. This is something you are doing for your peace of mind, so do it with full dignity and respect. Your anger is reasonable but does not try and dominate your partner when you speak about your feelings. Accepting faults require a lot of courage. Your partner may be sorry for his/her behavior. Or it is also possible that your partner may deny it at first.

If Your Partner Deny, Show Evidence

In case the latter happens, show your partner the logical pieces of evidence. The phone call list, photographs, exchanged text details, hidden emails, credit card statements, etc. Because there are chances that your partner may deny it until you show him/her the actual evidence.

Allow Your Partner to Express Their Perspective

When your partner takes the blame, allow them to narrate their side of the story. We understand that cheating is never justified. But it cannot always be baseless. Ask your partner about things that they fail to achieve in a relationship, such as affection, companionship, sex, lack of understanding or any other important factor. Is your partner able to find all these things outside the relationship or not? Or does your partner need any sort of therapist help to deal with problems and issues? Talking about all these things will help you understand the problem much better.

Discuss the Damage Caused To Your Relationship

Of course, when your partner cheats on you it takes a toll on your relationship and equation. Discuss with your partner the damage that his/her behavior has caused to the relationship and your emotional sanity. That will help your partner gauge the intensity of their wrong actions.

Consider Pros & Cons for Final Decision

After everything said and heard comes the final step where you have to decide whether you want to stick or twist. Do you want to break up with your partner or give them another chance for redemption? Every relationship is different and sacred for the two people involved in it. If you believe the loss is irreplaceable and staying with the same person will give you nothing more than pain and anxiety, then moving out of it seems a viable option. But if your partner accepts his/her mistake and does everything to heal your wounds, then at least he/she deserves a chance. The final call should be made from deep within your soul!

Always remember what doesn’t destroy your relationship, makes it stronger!!

Marriage is the commencement of a new journey that brings along several sweet-bitter experiences, which are worth cherishing. Some new people become an important part of our lives. We feel more connected to our partner and have a support system 24*7.

There are a few changes that people expect and love to accept after they get married. But the single people have a very different perspective about their married friends. They believe that the life of their married friends turns completely upside down after tying the knot. And it becomes almost impossible for them to carry on with their normal lives like they used to do it.

So, here is a list of weird yet funny assumptions that single people make about their married friends.

  1. The married people are on 24*7 PDA ride. And all they do is to hold hands together, be with each other every second and never want time away from each other. While the reality is we all need some personal time to keep our sanity intact. So, no! Married people are not the brand ambassadors for PDA association.
  2. People believe that married women would drop all their single friends and would socialize only with other married people. Because birds of the same feather flock together. That’s completely incorrect. Getting married doesn’t change your thoughts, interests or people you like. Married women like to hang out with single friends as much as they like to mingle with their married friends.
  3. The single people assume that their married friend is now permanently tied to her husband who wouldn’t go anywhere without him. News flash! Your friend who is now married has still got a life of her own and she can very much do things she wants with or without her husband.
  4. Now that your friend is married, she is licensed to get intimate with her partner. So, the single friends assume that their married friend is living with a guy and she is definitely having sex all the time. Sorry to burst your bubble, but sex only slows down post the marriage.
  5. The married woman can’t go out without her husband’s permission. She can’t be invited to a sleepover. Because she is married and can’t spend the night at someone else’s home. Guys, your friend just got married, she isn’t under a house arrest that she cannot go out anywhere she wants.
  6. Married women should know how to make Mughal, Chinese, Caribbean, French, Greek, Italian & several other cuisines along with the expertise in desserts. The truth is, some women don’t even know how to make chapattis long after they are married. And nobody in the family starves to death. Because it is not just the responsibility of newly married daughter-in-law to cook for everyone in the family.
  7. Married women need to behave and can’t crack non-veg jokes in front of her husband. Guys, your married friend is still the same fun-loving person and her husband for sure doesn’t mind a good laugh.
  8. That married women can’t be a part of all girls trip abroad because she has a husband and whole family to attend, feed, and entertain. Well, hello! She’s still a human who likes to travel, have fun, and spend time with people who are not her husband or in-laws.
  9. Married women are always fully dressed up in front of their in-laws. Their friends believe that they wake up before everyone else in the family to make tea and coffee for everyone. And sleep wearing a 9-yard saree with makeup on. Being an individual, a married woman has several other responsibilities besides pampering her in-laws all day long. And you only come across a woman sleeping wearing a 9-yard saree in Ekta Kapoor’s daily soap.
  10. Married people are expected to have babies as soon as they get back from their honeymoon. People start bombarding them with questions like “So, when are you giving us the good news?” or “When are you guys having kids?” Not everyone is obsessed with making babies as soon as they get a chance. Some people don’t even want to have kids now, in the future, or ever. And it’s totally a decision to be made by the couple without any intervention of society, friends, or family members.

We hope married people would relate to every point mentioned above. And would agree how crazy their single friends are to make to all these weird assumptions.

Aunties! One thing that scares every millennial to their guts! Aunties have the power to ruin your lives and make you look like Komalika, destroying your Tulsi like Image. But, they also add extra spice and drama to your boring lives. The reason you dread them is “What if that drama she chooses to talk about is from my life?”

Let’s take a look at the most irksome aunties we all have:

1) The One Who Runs the Monarchy of Gossip
The One Who Runs the Monarchy of Gossip
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This aunty is the most frightening one! Whenever you spot her, you run for your life because she is going to dig up some deep dirt on you as well. She is going to follow your every move, wait for you to do something which is not acceptable to her narrow brain, and then go around telling an exaggerated version of the story!
She is the one who is secretly observing everyone at a family function sneakily and judging them like it’s her moral duty.
If you need to dig up dirt on one of your cousins, or need some kind of entertainment in your dull life, you go to her for some guilty pleasure.

“Aunty ji, please get a real hobby! Have you ever heard this Jiyo aur Jeene Do Phrase Aunty?”

 2) The Curious One
The Curious One
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When you spot her, you run! She has to know everything from what you ate for breakfast to what are your views on a random social issue. If they catch you, they are going to ask you everything like What are your future plans? What is your salary? When do you plan to get married? Who are your friends? Who is your boyfriend/girlfriend? Etc.
She just won’t stop asking you questions, you may feel like you’re playing Kaun Banega Crorepati with her. At a family function, you may spot her at a corner, asking questions to one of her victims!

“Rehem Karo Aunty Ji!”

 3) The Superior Mrs. NRI Aunty
The Superior Mrs. NRI Aunty
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We all have many relatives around the globe, but there is this one aunt who feels that because she lives outside India, she is superior to the other people in the family. When you meet her, she would just keep bragging about how the country she lives in is so much better than India. How she catches allergies every time she visits India, and how the Indian air is full of pollutants!
She’d is often found showing off her broken English skills she learnt after years of practice and flaunt her horrifying Amreeecan Fashion Sense.

We get it aunty! You are very modern and we are just peasants, aunty. We get it!

4) The One With Perfect Kids
 The One With Perfect Kids
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As per this aunty, there is no one better than her kid! She would not let any opportunity wasted to show off her sneaky little son. She spots someone dancing? My son can dance better!
Someone performing well academically? Well her son just got into IIT!
No matter what it is, her children are better than the other kids in the family.
As per this aunty, her children are always right & haven’t committed a single sin in their life.

Hey, wait! Aunty isn’t that your son behind the trees, smoking a joint?

 5) The Walking Matrimonial Site
The Walking Matrimonial Site
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Run for your lives! This aunty has a rishta for everyone. You just turned 21? You’re on her list now! They are never short of rishtas and it’s their life goal to get everyone hitched.
At family functions you’ll find these aunties enquiring about everyone about their marriage plans, asking everyone if they have anyone in their life & offering rishtas like sweets!

“Nahi Aunty! My life goal is not to find a rich husband! And I definitely do not need your help to find a husband.”

6) The Trendy Social Media Stalker Aunty
The Trendy Social Media Stalker Aunty
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This aunty has the latest iPhone and is on every social media app. She once innocently started from Facebook and now she is addicted to every social media app ever! She sends you good morning & goodnight quotes on WhatsApp every day & she stalks your every move on social media and whenever you meet her, she would ask you right in front of your parents “Beta use din kaha party kar rahe the?”
And in case if her Facebook request is pending, she’ll keep asking you about it!

“Aunty when you are already so fantasized about the internet, why not use it to understand the basic notions of acceptance & privacy!”

7) The Know-It-All Wise Aunty
The Know-It-All Wise Aunty
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“Beta humne duniya dekhi h!”
She has a way of doing things, and it is definitely better than the way you are doing it! This aunty goes about giving free pieces of advice, especially when no one asked her. She will give her unasked advice about cooking, raising children, fashion and career!

“Aunty, thanks for the advice but would have been better if someone asked for it.”

 8) The Lazy Guest Aunty
The Lazy Guest Aunty
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This aunty never does anything! When you visit her, she would make you feel like she’s at your house, when it is the other way round. At a family get together when everyone is working, you would find her either reading the newspaper or standing in the kitchen, eating cookies while gossiping. And if she is visiting you for the weekend, well she definitely means 1 week!

“Aunty, please teach me how do you avoid working?”

9) The Drama is Life Aunty
The Drama is Life Aunty
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She can make a scene out of everything! She can crib about things like, why didn’t you cook paneer for us but did when the other aunty visited?
She’d be hugging you and crying every time, crying when someone opposes her viewpoint, cries when someone misses out saying Hi to her.
Attention is her drug & drama is her way out!

“Keep going! You are entertaining!”

 10) The Life is a Race Aunty
The Life is a Race Aunty
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For her, everything is a competition! Did you get 90% in Boards? Well her son got 101%!
Did someone get a Merc? Well, she would buy Audi! Someone said they’re tired? Well, she hasn’t slept in years!
No matter what it is, she will compete. She has this weird need to win everything! She craves Victory.

“You Go Girl!”

11) The Maya Sarabhai
The Maya Sarabhai
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With her high profile kitty party stories, and bragging about how she has met every Indian Celebrity. She is a threat to the NRI aunty! She would swank about all of the places she has been to, all brands she has & her sophisticated lifestyle.

“Insert any Indravadan Sarabhai Quote!”

12) The Funny Modern One
The Funny Modern One
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Well, she simply doesn’t understand fashion but as per her, she is the most fashionable person in this universe! She would wear really funny clothes and keep asking everyone how they’re looking.

“I really admire you confidence aunty but it hurts my eyes!”
Well, you cannot escape them, and each one of these aunties have their own unique way of burning your soul and at times your ear & eyes too! But life wouldn’t be the same without them. They bring much-needed drama to your lives!

“The best thing about being cheated on is I get to go on more first dates.”

-Britney Spears

Relationships are built on trust & understanding. In a relationship, you need to understand each other & trust that the other person will stand by you. We need to be really thoughtful towards the feeling of our partner. Would you say you have always been attentive towards them? Would you say that you’ve never cheated on your partner? Did you know that cheating is not just physical, but emotional too! You may be cheating on your spouse emotionally without even realizing. It has a term: Micro-Cheating.

 What is Micro-Cheating?
 What is Micro-Cheating?
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The concept of Micro-Cheating was introduced recently by an Australian psychologist Melanie Schilling. She says micro-cheating is when one looks for affection outside their relationship. It involves any kind of covert flirtation & things you feel necessary to hide from your partner. Every relationship has its own threshold of what constitutes as cheating, but you’re definitely cheating on your partner when you are putting in some extra effort to be noticed by someone or maybe you are deleting texts, fearing that your partner might find out.

Let’s take a look at a few things which constitute as Micro-Cheating:

  • Saving a friend’s number with a different name so your partner does not find out that you’re talking to them.
  • Confiding in someone else when you’re upset or angry, even when you can share it with your partner. You might end up sharing your problems with someone else because you surely will get the desired response.
  • Harmless texting with that girl/guy you find really hot, indicating that you might be slightly interested.
  • Having an account on a dating app when you’re already in a relationship.
  • Hiding your relationship status, so you can flirt freely.
  • Flirting with a hot stranger in the club, because what’s the harm in flirting?
  • Telling your spouse that you can’t tell your friends about them because of some complications, whereas the only complication is that you want to keep your options open.
  • Telling everyone that your relationship isn’t really serious whereas you have already dropped the Love Bomb on your partner.
  • Dressing in a certain way to grab someone else attention, someone who isn’t your partner.
  • Obsessively stalking your ex’s social media profiles! Yep, that is the most common one.
  • When something awesome happens, you choose to share the news with someone else first because you really aren’t thinking about your partner but the other person.
  • Reaching to an ex and telling them you miss them, on special occasions like birthdays & anniversaries.
  • Telling someone else that you’ve been thinking about them all day!
  • Indicating that you’re interested in someone & hiding your relationship status from them.
  • Sending your ex a picture reminding them of old times & good memories.
  • Flirting with a co-worker regularly, and going out of your way to compliment them.
  • Sending “Good Morning” texts to someone else who isn’t your partner, with the mere intention of wishing them good morning.
  • Telling your partner that you’re meeting this person only for work for drinks, whereas it isn’t true. You aren’t meeting them for work.
  • Recommending your partner to dress in a certain way, or wear a certain perfume because it reminds you of your crush. It basically means that you’re trying to make your spouse look/smell like your crush! Do you really think that is fair to your partner?
  • Hanging out with someone you find attractive and hiding it from your partner.
  • Exchanging contacts from someone in the club or a party for no particular reason.
  • When a stranger offers you drinks in the club, you never turn them down!
  • Entertaining strangers on social media and flirting back with them.
  • Hiding your texts & friends from your significant other.
  • Sending sexual texts to someone or joke about having an intimate relationship with them.
  • Imagine having an intimate relationship with someone other than your spouse.
  • Constantly talking about someone else in front of your friends, telling them how awesome that person is because you have a low-key crush on them!
How Does Micro Cheating Affect Your Relationship?

Some say micro-cheating can be good for your relationship, while others may believe that micro-cheating wrecks your relationship. It is like a coin has two sides!

Good Side of the Coin
Good Side of the Coin
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People believe that compliments, flirting & knowing that someone is fond of you, may give a boost to your ego or maybe give you a dopamine hit which is like happy high. People often argue that it might be good when you fantasize about someone other than your partner in a sexual way, it might be refreshing and you could bring the same spark to your relationship with your spouse.

Bad Side of the Coin
Bad Side of the Coin
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Whereas, others argue that any form of cheating if wrong! If you’re cheating emotionally, that could be worse. Your emotional energy might start draining which would result in divided attention. What starts as an innocent conversation or flirts may give the other person false hopes or hurt your partner which is worse than cheating physically.

So, it is safe to say that micro-cheating is a slippery slope! You invade a grey area of cheating. Since you are lying to your partner, you are not 100% loyal. And since you are not actually cheating on them, some say it absolutely okay to do it!

How To Deal With Micro-Cheating?
How To Deal With Micro-Cheating?
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As I mentioned above, micro-cheating is a grey area so dealing with it can be a little complicated. You obviously do not wish to hurt your partner which is it is very important to communicate with them. The best way to deal with it is by talking to your partner about it! Telling them everything you do, asking them what hurts them & what is okay with them.

You can establish a cheating threshold for your relationship which will help you to determine the line where you need to stop. Moreover, if you feel like your partner is doing something wrong, instead of confronting them aggressively, you could confront them peacefully! Many times one isn’t aware of the things they are doing but, if you tell your partner that it hurts you, they may just understand.

You can turn this concept of micro cheating into a healthy thing for your relationship than a reason to fight about!


 “Who run the world? Girls”- Beyoncé

It’s as exciting as weird it sounds. Galentine’s Day is now an official celebration of female friendships. Back in some 2009-2010, in a show called “Parks and Recreation”. The leading lady Leslie invented this unique & interesting way to celebrate the perks of female friendships. In today’s world, where feminism is a descriptive word for one’s personality. While you’d witness woman taking down a woman to satisfy her complexes, you’ll also get a glimpse of a lifetime female friendship. Galentine’s Day wasn’t much recognized but it very much got popular because the event found a market in real life. The now-official event is celebrated on 13th February, an evening before Valentine’s Day. The day is a fairly standard celebration.

This Day isn’t that famous in India, but I’d hope it gets as popular as Women’s day because we need it. Galentine’s day celebration would be such a delight to witness, women going out for dates with their girlfriends, partying with “Lady’s Drink” in their hands and singing from the top of their lungs! The idea of the day is so pleasing to one’s heart. If you’re finding reasons to celebrate this platonic love that female friends have for themselves, then keep reading.

Here are 10 of the many reasons, why you must celebrate female friendships because A. Why Not? B. #SistersBeforeMisters!

1. Reunite with the Women in your life!
Reunite with the Women in your life!
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What better way to get all your favorite women together for a celebration that’s larger than life!

2. Remember That?
Remember That?
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When you have your girlfriends around you, its fun to look down the memory lane. Relive those memories you made while coming this long together.

3. “The Love” is miserable!
“The Love” is miserable!
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Oh well, having female friends is so much better than being in a relationship! Because Valentine’s Day makes some of us feel miserable. It reminds us of all those times when we were not thinking before dating “hunks” and then getting dumped! The only love that is constant is our girlies <heart>

4. Girlfriends are everything!
Girlfriends are everything!
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You’ve heard this right? When someone tells me not to tell anyone kind secret…my best friend doesn’t count! She knows everything and she’s everything. Female friendships are fascinating. They’re always there for whatever you need and whenever, be it relationship advice, chocolates, tampons, lipsticks or handling your PMS.

5. Women don’t fake!
Women don’t fake!
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That comes across different, but for women to women, girlfriends don’t fake. They’ll let you know when you look fat or sick, why are you dating a dumb head, they’ll tell you everything that you don’t wish to hear but you need to!

6. No.1 Support System!
No.1 Support System!
Image Source – Google

Your girlfriends are your constant support. They would always keep you going no matter how many failures may come your way. They’ve got your back always, Always!

7. Two Body-One Brain!
Two Body-One Brain!
Image Source – Google

Ever jinxed on almost everything that you say? Or she blurts out whatever going inside your brain? Yes, you guys share the same brain. It’s mind-boggling to know someone who has exactly the same thinking process. It feels like you guys found your way to each other among all these useless brains.

8. You be you, I be me!
You be you, I be me!
Image Source – Google

Your girlfriend seems like home to you your heart. You guys can be yourself with each other. When together it’s like you unlock your true self.

9. They Deserve It!
 They Deserve It!
Image Source – Google

With all that going in our lives, women having women is all we need. Having a female friendship is a blessing. They’ll be there when no one else would be. Along the ride, women get competitive, they think they need to win the race, but in reality, we need each other. Women deserve better and we can provide each other with the “better” at least!

Over the years, I only have few friends and they’re all females. Though I connect with males more than them somehow, I & my girlfriends have come a long way and in all honesty, it takes dedication & heart to preserve such friendships. The key is to forgive & forget the bad and celebrate the good in each other. We’re all flawed but we, as a woman can be there for each other completing each other. So, this 13th February goes out with your girlfriends and celebrate the love you all share. Because you all deserve it.


There is no one like the grandpa and grandma. The love and care of parents are no doubt special but grandparents form a very different equation with their grandkids. This special bond between grandparents and grandkids is purely based on love, appreciation, inspiration, fun, and joy. Being promoted from a parent to a grandparent is one of the most special moments in a person’s life. They relive their days of new parenthood again with the arrival of their grandchildren in their lives. For the grandkids, they are always a safe and secure home. When the kids get a good scold from the parents, they seek the patronage of their grandparents and in many instances, the grandparents save the grandkids from being rebuked!

Here are some more reasons, why this relationship is so special and unbreakable.

Children Suddenly Understand You More

There were instances while raising up the kids where the parents say NO to a certain demand of their kids. And later explained that “you would understand why I am saying NO once you become a parent yourself”. So, now when these children have grown up and become parents, they understand their parent’s point of view with more clarity. So, the new parents and the new grandparents form a stronger bond which makes the family happier.

Grandkids Give Special Names To Grandparents

Oh! This is perhaps the cutest phase of a grandparent-grandkids bonding. Every grandkid has a special name for their grandparents. Nana, Grandma, Honey, Badi Ammi, Dida, Dadu, Gampy, Nonna, Chief, etc. – the grandkids go much creative while framing a nice and cool name for their grandparents. The grandparents feel special because these are the names which are used to only call them and no one else!

Warmest Hugs

Many would agree to this point that there is no hug as warm, gentle, and lovely as a hug from a grandkid. The sight of the grandkids running to their grandma or grandpa resolves all the pains in life. Some kids even crave for their grandparents more than their parents.

Taking A Trip Down Memory Lane

The grandparents are lucky because they get to relive the moments of their kid’s childhood again. By looking into the face of the grandkids, they transport themselves back to those days when their kids first saw the light of the world. It is the most beautiful feeling in this world to cherish this grandparenthood!

Teaching Passions To Grandkids

Over the years while earning money and raising up kids didn’t allow much time to follow passions and thus at old age, they have much time for themselves. That’s why people often have a plan for the old age. Some start organic farming, some start painting, some sit down to write a book, while some move ahead to see the world. The grandkids then infuse their passions to their grandchildren who in a way also help them enjoy their passion more.

Learning New Skill From Grandchildren

It is a wonderful relationship when a 6-year-old kid teaches a new skill or technology to a 60-70-year-old. Be it the latest smartphone, how to play YouTube, how to Face Time, how to play PubG, etc. Then these grandkids and grandparents compete with each other in various games or share the weirdest tales over Skype! In short, the grandparents and grandkids form an unbreakable bond.

Being The Best Friend

There is always ease in the relationship between a grandparent and a grandkid. The parents can be best friends to their kids but somewhere they also have to draw a line and say, “I am your parent, not your best friend”. But with grandparents, this phase would never come. The grandkids can say things to their grandpa or grandma without any hesitation and they can, of course, come up with suggestions.

Feeling like there are butterflies fluttering in your stomach? You most probably are in love! Being in love & feeling lust for someone are two completely different things, but the “signs from the universe” come naturally the same! In this blog, you’ll get to relate to the occurrence of feelings when you’re falling in love, or majorly crushing on someone. Having said that, I’d also like to add that every individual feels different, well obviously. Considering that fact, not everyone would agree to these but hands down, love can make us go crazy. Let’s figure this out…

All Things KJo

All Things KJo
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Apparently according to Karan Johar from Indian Cinema love feels incredibly beautiful. You might hear violins in the background when you see ‘Your’ person talking (That’s one sign of hallucination and not love). A satin-silky cloth will fly all over your face making you feel the presence of that person so magical (Magical like a unicorn? Who are you falling in love with, human right?) Love does feel easy, right and natural but it’s not love until after all the petty arguments, and those silly fights you want to still be there with that person. I’d suggest you look over those signs that are similar to Bollywood. Once you feel the “want” for that person after hardships? That’s LOVE!

You’re In A Romantic Sit-com

You’re In A Romantic Sit-com
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Initially, when we’re connecting with that person we tend to stay connected all the damn time. Over the phone, thanks to the evolution of technology for video calls, texting, DM’ing over Instagram, sending snaps on Snapchat for streaks, sharing memes, all these nuances of love makes you sleepless and lose your appetite and happy at heart. To be honest, love doesn’t have to feel that way. Staying connected and dedicated is good. Communication is helpful. What’s the point if love can distract you from your own good? I believe love brings out the best in people. Losing sleep can make you insomniac, losing appetite can make you weak, and what if the right person stays connected with you and you two actually focus on the future while you enjoy the present? Romantic but meaningful. Love doesn’t have to be crazy enough to make you go crazy. Make the most of it while you fall for each other. Just when you feel the need to make the other person feel good about themselves in order to nurture and flourish, you’re in love!

Why Don’t You Be You & I’ll Be Me

(Heading reference- Let it go by James Bay)

Why Don't You Be You & I'll Be Me
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Beauty lies within. And in the eyes of the beholder. Let the other person look at how beautiful your heart is. The most beautiful & happiest part of being in love is when you can be yourself. How about your woman dresses up just how she likes it, lets her hair down, enjoys the music like she’s in a music video, dances like nobody’s watching not even you, blurts out anything that strikes her head? Similarly, how about your man being crazy about his favorite sports, wants to have his friends over his place with a crate of beer, leaves the wet towel on the floor, and doesn’t stay organized & tidy? All these silly things that make you, you, and if a person can love them about you is definitely love! Let them be comfortable around you and if they are, that’s a clear sign of love.

Little Things Aren’t Little

Little Things Aren’t Little
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The urge to share those little things that make us happy is real. Having someone to share your happiness is a blessing. It makes things so much better. Rightly said, every good thing gets better when you’re in love. Things that make us smile gets better and furthermore special when you share the joy. Sorrows feel like a burden. It seems little when we want to share every little thing because when you’re in love little things aren’t little. They matter and how. When you have someone to share your sorrows, doubts, and pain, the shoulder feels lighter. It’s crazy how a person can make every little thing better when in love. As stated before these things could be anything that brings your happiness and something that causes pain, this one person by your side subdues the pain and elevates your happiness in a magical way. Going shopping, running errands together, working together, or even doing the daily chores with him/her- all these little moments suddenly becomes romantic and makes you happy, you’re in love.

Here you have the universal signs that you’re in love. Go ahead and confess your love that you feel and make it even better because sharing makes it magically extra happy.

Self-Relationship – the relationship with your own self is inarguably the most important relationship in your life. No other relationship is as special as this one. Be it your parents, siblings, best buddies, love interest, spouse, boss, colleagues – your all other relationships would be based on how you treat yourself. Quite early in development, your relationships with others shape your relationship with yourselves. There are inherent tendencies about the relationship with the self as well. As you grow up, the way you were and are treated by others, and the way those others deal with themselves, serve as important factors influencing how you address yourselves as adults.

With years, you meet various people and many people change your lives in different ways. All these things affect your personality. With heartaches or changes in life, many of you start to neglect the self and build a wall around you. Sometimes, it is hard to climb that wall even for yourself. Sometimes, you also cannot identify yourself. Clearing a communication with the self is very important to enjoy your stay on this planet.

The more balanced the relationship you have with yourself, the more productive you would be to yourself, to family, to society, and to the nation.

Here are some ways to improve your relationship with yourself.

Sketch Some “Self-Love” Habits
Sketch Some “Self-Love” Habits
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It is always better than “self-pity” and crying around saying “nobody loves me”. Sketch some nice habits like going on a long drive with yourself, walking alone on a weekend, thanking yourself for cleaning the kitchen or making the bed, spending time and asking your heart how it is feeling on a daily basis, saying positive words loudly, etc. By developing these habits, you would see a stark change in your attitude towards yourself & others and this would change your life forever!

Learn To Forgive
Learn To Forgive
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It is sometimes hard to forget certain incidents – true. But holding on to someone and not forgiving that one person would lead to self-torture. You might question that “why would I forgive that person who brought trauma or who did everything wrong to me?” Well, the deal is if you keep on hating that person and cultivate an unforgivable attitude, then that would block certain positive energies coming your way. By forgiving, you bring peace to your mind, heart, and soul. This peace then helps you reach better heights in honing the self. Remember, the more refined you are from within, the easier you are able to talk to yourself.

Walking Barefoot
Walking Barefoot
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You know walking bare feet on the earth, over the grasses drenched with dew drops, feeling the soggy soil beneath your feet – these things connect you beautifully to Mother Nature. This activity actually counterbalances your energy and allows you to release any negative energy directly into the earth. Therefore, as a result, you will feel lighter, happier, and calmer than before. Make it a practice to do this on a daily basis.

Nurture The Habit of Writing
Nurture The Habit of Writing
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Writing here doesn’t mean that you have to be a Tagore or Gulzar. It simplistically means writing down all those feelings crossing your mind. It can be good or bad but once you have written about a certain situation, incidence, or person on the pages of your diary – you would feel a lot lighter. You must read what you have written and try to understand the written words are the exact mirror image of your thoughts or botheration or not. If not, then bring more clarity to your writing and see how beautifully you connect not only with yourself but also with others.

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Have you ever thought why Sadhus and Sants (Saints/Holy Men/Priests/Spiritual Leaders) are so calm? You would never see a fold on their foreheads and their system doesn’t know how to frown at all. They always have a pleasing smile on their faces and the fact that “they are at peace” reflects on their behavior. Meditation is the key to achieve some peace if not peace up to their level. Meditation is simply “doing nothing” and allowing your thoughts to flow freely keeping your eyes shut and mind open. Fix a time to practice meditation and with time you would see a positive change in yourself.

Live Real World & Leave Virtual World
Live Real World & Leave Virtual World
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The craze of social media is soaring higher day by day. It is nearly impossible to stop this craze and with time this craze would just enhance. Taking a day or half day off this virtual world and living life doing all the normal work would give you some relief. The more you are on social media, the more you are susceptible to “negative thoughts” lie jealousy! Most of the people fake their joy and happiness in this virtual world and you should not buy it because real happiness lies in the real world.

“Once I called my friend, and before I could say hello, she told me that the phone is on the loudspeaker and her mom is sitting next to her! We all laughed after 5 years!”

There are many moments when our parents start talking to us and, the only thing in our mind is “Oh dear god! Please kill me now!”

Don’t get me wrong. It is one of those moments when our parents start an innocent conversation, but it is super awkward for us. They might not understand why but it is probably because we can’t tell them the truth or lie to them. We just don’t know what to say? Like when your parents ask:

“Beta Geeta Aunty says she saw you with Anjali. Is she your girlfriend?”

“Beta, I was washing your clothes and found a condom in your pants. Is it yours? Why do you have it?”

“Beta Yeh Tinder kya hota hai?”

“Do you smoke? Do you have a boyfriend?”

And then they go on with “Arey beta hai toh bata do. We wouldn’t say anything. We are your friends!” Like why? Then moments when they’re trying to educate you about sex. You can’t even say “I KNOW EVERYTHING! I AIN’T JON SNOW!”

It is moments like these when I wish I had Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak.

Here are a few ways you can escape these awkward conversations with your parents:

  • Pretend You Got A Phone Call
Pretend You Got A Phone Call
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Now, this seems easy but really isn’t because you need to be really sneaky. At times your parents would just sit there, waiting for you to finish the phone call. You got to be really sneaky and careful. Take the phone call, and pretend like it is really important so you could slowly leave even if they won’t!

  • Crack a Joke
Crack a Joke
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So, when you notice the conversation is getting awkward and making either of you uncomfortable. Take charge and lighten up the conversation with humour. Like Chandler uses humour as a defense mechanism.

  • Nod Your Head
Nod Your Head
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Seems easy, right? Just don’t sit there nodding your head like Noddy! Understand what they’re saying. Comprehend it and know which ways to nod your head. If the conversation is awkward, do not make it worse by saying something. Pretend that you understand and agree with everything. It is not like you have to do as they say right on the spot!

  • Do Not Shout
Do Not Shout
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No matter what happens, do not shout. We often make the mistake of letting our parents know that we are irritated or embarrassed. Do not let them smell your fear. This will have serious repercussions. Firstly, they’ll know that something is up. And secondly, they will make you talk! They would never let the topic rest.

  • Shift Their Attention to Your Siblings
Shift Their Attention to Your Siblings
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So, if you have a sibling, this one will be a piece of cake for you. Shift their questions to your siblings. This is certainly not a very nice thing to do but, you got no option. You got to save yourself.

  • Tell Them Something You Achieved
Tell Them Something You Achieved
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If you’ve had a recent achievement like a promotion, aced the test or anything which will make them slightly happy with you. Shoot the news at them! There wouldn’t be a better time to do it. They will instantly forget about the awkward topic.

  • Stall The Conversation
Stall The Conversation
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Stalling isn’t a really good thing but sometimes when you got no other option, you got to do it. Do not refuse to talk about the topic, politely let them know that you want to talk about it but can’t right now.

Use something like “As much as I would love to talk about it, I got this paper due tomorrow. We can talk about it after I am done with my paper if that is okay with you.”

  • Throw in a Compliment
Throw in a Compliment
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Flattery is a way out of a lot of things & situations! And who doesn’t likes to be praised? As soon as the conversation starts to get awkward try and throw a compliment at your parents. Make sure you slip it in really carefully. Don’t make it too obvious otherwise, they’ll know what you’re doing!

You can’t avoid awkward situations & conversations with your parents, but you can try escaping them. Go ahead and try them out cheetahs! But be careful because they gave birth to you and “Baap toh baap hota hai!”