Do you love making her smile? I am sure that her smile brightens up your day, and knowing that beautiful smile is because of you is one of the greatest feelings in the world. At times making her smile might be easy, but at times it will be really difficult to turn that frown upside down. Well, that’s what you think! It is very easy to make her smile. It’s not about the big romantic gestures you do but about those little things you do without realizing things which make her feel like you care, and things which she finds adorable.

  1. Asking Her How Is She Doing?

    You may not realize this but you’ve stopped asking her, and that is bound to happen. You talk to her every day, and it is not like you don’t know what’s happening. If there is something wrong, she will tell you, you don’t have to ask her this question formally. At times, she needs to feel like you care. Maybe she was feeling a little low last night when you do ask the next morning “How are you feeling now?”

Trust me, even if she was feeling low, this will uplift her mood.

  1. Send Her a Voice Note

    You might be busy and do not have time to write a text, so you decide to send a voice note. Well, listening to your voice makes her smile. This makes her feel like you’re taking efforts and makes her feel special.

  2. Mid-Day Calls

    You may call her at night when you’re free and have time for her. It is okay to do so, but when you call her in the middle of a busy day just to tell her that you love her, it will make her beam with joy. Even if it is for a minute, it will make her feel important.

  3. When You Get Jealous

    She just came back from the party and starts telling you all about it. She tells you about her friends and then tells you about her guy friends, that little jealousy you have makes her smile. It makes her feel like you value her, and are afraid to lose her. Off course not being extremely jealous but a little jealous.

  4. Share Things with Her

    When we go through problems, we share it with our partners. When you do share your problems with her, she not only tries her best to solve them but feels happy. She feels happy that you trust her enough to share things with her. She feels happy that you consider her as an important part of her life, hence your problems are not a burden for her.

  5. Respect Her Choices

    Be a gentleman, and value her point of view. When you do that, she feels respected and valued. Make her feel like your equal, and she will be happy in true sense.

  6. Send Her Songs

    You’re listening to a song, and it suddenly reminds you of her. Maybe because of the lyrics, or the music but it just reminds you of her. Send her the song, it will make her smile like a fool. She knows that you think about her, and makes her feel secure.

  7. Send Her a Text Telling Her How You Feel

    You don’t have to send a long text with fancy words but simple words telling her how you feel. This makes her feel super special, and even a single line telling her how you feel makes her more special than a 3-page essay. You just need to be true.

  8. Honest Opinion over a Sugar Coated One

    No matter what she says, she loves to hear the truth. This makes her feel that no matter what it is, you will tell her the truth and won’t cheat her because you are not someone who lies. She will always seek your advice because she knows it is genuine.

  9. When You Explain a Sport You Love

    Almost every guy does it! She may not even know the basic rules of football, but when you explain it to her, she loves it. It makes her feel included and honestly the glow in your eyes make her feel happy.

  10. When You Do Silly Things to Get Her Attention

    She may have been busy or angry at you, and you start acting silly just to make her smile or grab her attention. She likes it. You’re taking efforts and she likes it.

  11. When You Remember Something She Told You

    Maybe you got her favorite chocolate or ask her how was her presentation at work? You remember something she told you, and you remember it. This is incredibly adorable to her.

You don’t have to make grand gestures to make her smile, but small things which do not take any time. What do you do, which makes her smile? Comment and let us know!

The personality types of people can be broadly divided into two parts – introverts and extroverts. Introversion is one of the major personality mannerisms identified in many theories of personality. People who are introverted tend to be inward turning or focused more on internal thoughts, feelings, and moods rather than seeking out external stimulation. Introverts are those shy people who have fewer friends and don’t like talking much to people. Instead, they love talking to the self and think on varied subjects. How is it like dating an introvert? Well, you are really lucky if you happen to date any of these shy and quiet bunch of people. Their silence is often taken as arrogance but there are many perks when you are dating them.

Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy while dating an introvert.

Mostly They Are Readers & Writers:

Most of the introverts are avid readers. Many of them are great writers too. So, they always have beautiful stories to delight you and some amazing words to sweep you off your feet. Also, because they are quite observers and read a lot means they will come up with the best advice for anything and everything bothering you. They will also surprise you with handwritten notes or sometimes describe the regular day into beautiful phrases which will leave you in awe. In total, they will always make you feel good!

Their Sensitive Mind:

These introverts carry a sensitive mind and thus they will understand your pain and agony like no other. If you trust them and tell them about your problems, then, know one thing for sure – they will stick to you through your thick and thin. They are always supportive and will never leave you disappointed. Introverts are the ones who will derive their happiness in your smile. If you are dating an introvert, then, there will be no situation when you feel alone or low because they are very emotional and sensitive.

Eyes of Observation:

Things are bare both in front of you and your introvert love interest – but he/she will see those things which you cannot see rather observe. That’s because these introverts have a keen eye for observation. Their curious gaze lets them unravel many different aspects of things and people around them. They may even say something unique about you which you have perhaps never noticed about yourself. So, in their company, you will always learn something new about yourself and the world around you. Their unique perception about things in the world is so different that you will be amazed at how they can associate so many thoughts with simple things in life. Isn’t that a treat?

They Never Quit:

See the thing is – what is a piece of cake to the extroverts is a long struggle for introverts. It means that mingling with people, being social, and making good friends is the character of an extrovert. Whereas an introvert is never comfortable in social circles and almost pathetic in making friends. They also pick their friends and are very protective of them. So, if you are dating an introvert, he/she will make all efforts to bond with you. When you are having some issues in your relationship this person will try every way to make this relationship work. They will never leave you easily and thus with an introvert partner you can be sure of commitment and loyalty.

Always Attentive:

When you have gained the confidence of an introvert – you have all the attention of them on you. They will always focus on your presence and listen to you minutely. For your introvert lover, you are one of those very few people who can make them comfortable and thus they treasure you. Therefore, they will direct all their energies towards you. You will always be appreciated for all big and small things you do for them and thus you will never feel left out.

Introverts Are Thoughtful:

The most amazing part of an introvert’s character is that they will think a thousand times before acting or reacting to any situation. Therefore fights with them will be devoid of yelling and will be more like an intense discussion over a particular or varied topic. The conversation that you are enjoying/fighting with them has been rehearsed many times in their head. So, when you are in doubts about where the relationship is heading while having a fight, they are already making changes to save it. Apart from that when it comes to happier moments, like a birthday or anniversary celebration, be ready to experience the most thoughtful gifts!

They Listen Carefully & Patiently:

Introverts are always the best people to-go when someone had a bad day because they allow people to speak their mind calmly. So, don’t worry at all – you can come back from work and tear your heart out in front of your introvert partner. That person will not miss a single word uttered by you and after you are done, he/she will surprise you with the kind of coffee or food or movie you prefer so that you tend to feel better. They are that kind of persons who will also appreciate your achievements rather than judging you on your mistakes.

Who doesn’t want to fall in love? Every face that you see in a crowded metro or busy street – from the shy ones to the ones shouting over the phone – need love at the end of the day. Some get lucky while some don’t. Some perhaps attract love, enjoy love, but cannot keep it. And then there are some who not only attract, enjoy, and keep love but also radiate love. Feng Shui or the Chinese geomancy – the pseudoscience originating in China has the resolution for almost any problem in your life. It is all about channelizing the positive energy in the proper direction and reap good results out of it. So, if you follow some interesting Feng Shui Tips, you may attract more love and romance in your life.

Know the Feng Shui Love & Romance Special Tips for a Happy Life Ahead
Crucial Southwest Direction of Your Home
Crucial Southwest Direction of Your Home
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Southwest is the direction that is related to love and romance and thus you must take special care of this area. Southwest direction resonates with the Earth element and earthly colors should populate this area of your home as they will promote tenderness. You may also keep objects related to Earth or Fire element to activate the Earth element in this area. Soft yellow or soft brown color or natural crystal stones in Southwest direction would enhance more love and romance in your life for sure.

Cozy Seats
Cozy Seats
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You should not keep one chair at your place. If you are in love or in a relationship, then, clearly, there should be two chairs and a cozy and comfortable one. If not, then, it will signal that you are not prioritizing the presence of the other person in your relationship.

Pictures Say A Lot
Pictures Say A Lot
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Remove all those pictures, sculptures, or paintings, or photographs that are gloomy, show loneliness, speak of a long wait, or depicts sadness. These are the things that will block the positive energies traveling your way towards achieving a successful love life. See the trick is when you want someone special in your life, the things at your place be it a painting or sculpture should radiate that “desire”. Keep a happy couple painting in your home and see the results.

No TV or Mirror In Bedroom
No TV or Mirror In Bedroom
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There should not be any TV in your bedroom. When you have TV, both of you may tend to watch a match, series, or movies and that will eat away the time you should spend with your partner. Plus, when you put the TV off, the reflection of you or your bed would fall on the TV screen and that is a taboo in Feng Shui. Similarly, the mirror should also be avoided. But you can also keep the mirror in such a position so that the reflection of your bed doesn’t fall on it. They invite infidelity in love relationship and that’s why they must be avoided.

The Choice of Bed Sheets
The Choice of Bed Sheets
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Regular washing of your bed sheets, quilt covers, pillow covers, or cushion covers is an essential part of your routine. And these things affect love life a lot. The smell of fresh or new bed sheets always relaxes the mind and invites more love and romance. Choose the soft shades of pink or red like coral, rose, salmon, etc. colors and decorate your bedroom. You will notice the changes soon!

Keep The Bed Away From The Wall
Keep The Bed Away From The Wall
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If you keep your bed against the wall, then, there is hardly any chance for love to expand in your life. The wall acts literally here and doesn’t allow your love to grow leaps and bounds. So, arrange your bed in such a way that there is space on all sides to walk.

Flowers for Singles
Flowers for Singles
Image Source – Google

Those who are single and want to be in a relationship should start keeping a vase of peonies in the living room. In case, you don’t find peonies, then at least keep a photograph or painting of vase filled with peonies in your living room. But don’t keep them in the bedroom. And remember that this tip is only for the singles, and not for the engaged or “in a relationship” or married people – they may attract someone else in their relationships then!

Positive Energy in Bedroom
Positive Energy in Bedroom
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Stress is the prime factor in the decrease of love, romance, sweet-talks in your relationship. So, you have to populate your bedroom only with those things that alleviate stress and any kind of negative thoughts. Bring in fragrant candles in yellow or multicolor shades, dim lights, and soft music and enjoy a quiet, soothing, and romantic time with your partner. These things help couples to connect to each other rapidly.

When in love, actions definitely speak louder than words. The phrase ‘I love you’, over the years has lost its charm. But what works like magic are a few gestures that are not only romantic but can convey your love swiftly. These are the signs that you know someone’s head-over-heels in love with you. And if your partner does nothing like these, we’re pretty sure they love you but maybe in a different way!

Now if you want to express your love through your actions, these are the things that you need to follow. Or if you want to know if he/she feels anything for you, you can tick them off from this list!

1. Love Letters

Love Letters
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Now, these old school love expressions have faded away over the generations. Nevertheless, they are actually pretty adorable. Pouring your heart out on a piece of paper is the easiest way of letting your feelings out of your system. Make your partner read them and let them know how much they mean to you. Love letters are precious and can be treasured for life!

2. Making a Playlist

Making a Playlist
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Sharing the same love for a particular music genre is a steal! If you and your partner can listen to the same playlist and enjoy, then go ahead and make one with all the songs that express your heart’s sayings divinely. You can combine the lyrics of their favorite love songs into one song!

3. Three Taps

Three Taps
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Whenever you are out in public, hold their hand and tap thrice. They’ll know, they adore you at the moment and want to say ‘I love you’ but cannot! Isn’t that adorable?

4. Ride Together

Ride Together
Image Source – Google

Take a ride together to work! If you both work, and live separately. Just drive together. If he/she shows up after work to pick you up just because they want to see you is an absolute heart melting gesture!

5. Back Rubs

Back Rubs
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Back Rubs work both ways. If your girlfriend/wife is on her periods or if your boyfriend/husband is sick, rub their back for a little relief. The big relief is they will know they have you! Now even if you’re tired at the end of the day, rub their back to sleep. The feeling of having someone to take care of us is so romantic!

6. Hold Hands

Hold Hands
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Holding hands all the damn time gives a sense of touch which makes your heart warm & relaxes at the same time. Go out on random walks holding hands! Explore places whilst holding hands! The sudden demonstration of affection will definitely have your partner smiling from ear to ear.

7. Forehead Kisses

Forehead Kisses
Image Source – Google

Forehead kisses scream love! I personally love them. No intimate gesture is as romantic as this one. This romantic gesture speaks volume of your feelings or your partner’s.

8. Cook up a Storm

Cook up a Storm
Image Source – Google

Chill, it’s an idiom. If you’re bad at cooking or specialize only in boiling water, then you surely can nail this gesture. If your partner enjoys food cooked by you, they surely are in love with you. It’s a thoughtful gesture of cooking for someone when you don’t know how to cook, but it’s more about the other person if they don’t complain! Embracing our partner’s flaws and accepting them is the true meaning of loving someone.

9. Random Texts

Random Texts
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When in love, they’re our favorite notification. And receiving random texts from them is the highlight of any regular day. Now the text could be anything, text that says miss you, love you, thinking about you, kiss & hug emoji, or something that they want to talk to you about. It simply means, you matter! They’re thinking of you at that very moment. Don’t only receive them, send them too! They too deserve to know they’re special! Calls work the same charm as texts!

10. Getting Gifts

Getting Gifts
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Who doesn’t love gifts? It’s as amazing as receiving texts or calls. Show that they mean the world to you with getting them gifts. One doesn’t need occasions to shower your lover with gifts. Spoil them with their favorite things, tickets to someplace they want to go, gadgets for your man, make-up or a dress for your lady, book if they love reading. It’s definitely the thought that counts here.

If you aren’t brave enough to say those three magical words, just think of gestures that can convey the same. But at times, it’s important to let your partner know with words as well because it’s always special to hear those little somethings that aren’t little!

Marriage is an institution based on the strong foundation of companionship. But there are some bouts of the squabble in every marriage that even the oh-so-in-love couples cannot avoid.

Yes, the silly, stupid fights where married couples get angry with each other over complete nonsense. Sometimes these fights can be really funny that has no solution, but married couples still fight over them all the time. But in the end, these fights always bring them closer to one another more than ever.

So, here is a list of silly things that married couples often argue about:

  1. Every day and night they end up fighting over the AC temperature. Like how hot or how cold the room needs to be. Two different bodies need two temperatures. And that mean temperature that suits both of them just doesn’t exist.
Image Source – Giphy

2. The universal issue that leads to a fight between couples all the time. What to watch on TV? I mean the fight is sure to happen when the wife wants to watch a Rom-com while the husband is a huge fan of the action thriller. These are the two choices poles apart.

Image Source – Google

3. Who would have thought that people can actually fight over how to arrange dishes in the dishwasher? Well, married couples certainly make it look easy! They always pick up a fight about whether the dishes must be pre-cleaned before placing them in the dishwasher or just hope that the dishwasher will itself clean them efficiently.

Image Source – Google

4. Who will answer the door when maid rings the bell first thing in the morning? Because our bed is so precious to us that we just never want to leave it and would even pick up a fight with our partner for an extra 5 minutes sleep.

Image Source – Giphy

5. The curious case of ‘keeping things from where they were taken out.’ Every wife is tired of reminding this thing to her husband a thousand times a day but men won’t change and they’ll still leave things where they are not supposed to be.

Image Source – Google

6. Those irritating, loud snores at night that sometimes make you want to strangle your partner. And the worst part is that your partner would never accept that they actually disturb your sleep with their bad snoring habit. In that case, the fight is bound to happen!

Image Source – Google

7. What? Did you just say your parents want to visit us? But they went back last month after staying with us for a full three months. Yeah, the same old story where every woman goes into the state of despair after knowing that her in-laws are visiting. I mean, there’s nothing personal but nobody likes to be corrected about doing things the right way or should we say according to the in-law’s way.

Image Source – Google

8. There’s no doubt that sometimes men baffle their wives with their inappropriate dressing sense. I mean checks over checks for men’s dressing is quite a weird choice. That is sure to make their wives ask, ‘What are you wearing?’ And there goes another hour of argument over a pointless issue, which could have been easily avoided in the first place.

Image Source – Giphy

9. To attend or not to attend family functions! Sometimes both the partners do not agree on attending a family function. One thinks that it is important to go and socialize with the people who are an important part of their life while the other one just wants to pass and spend some relaxing time at home instead. And guess what the final decision is never easy to make without getting in a fight.

Image Source – Giphy

10. What to order? This happens all the time and with every couple. You are too tired to cook dinner after a busy day at work and just want to order from outside. As simple as that. No, actually not! To order food, first, you need to decide what you want to eat and then it should also match with your partner’s choice, which doesn’t happen most of the time. Your partner wants to eat Chinese but you do not because that’s what you ate last week. You like Mughlai but your health-conscious partner cannot afford to eat all the oily stuff. And that’s how food discussion ends up in a silly argument.

Image Source – Giphy

11. Falling asleep on the couch can be your favorite thing to do but you can only imagine how much it annoys your partner. Because you end up ruining the setting of the sofa cover that your cleanliness conscious partner absolutely hates.

Image Source – Google

12. Leaving wet towels on the bed. Men do it all the time. Now, the sheets are wet. The towel smells bad. And your partner’s temper is an all-time high. You are in trouble man. Save yourself if you can or maybe just change your habit!

Image Source – Google

13. The million dollar question, who is going to get back out of bed to turn the light off? I mean you can just take turns and call it a truce. But that’s not the most viable option with couples, I guess. They’ll fight over it for another half hour and then the person who has to get up early in the morning will go and turn off the light.


Image Source – Google

No matter how big or pointless arguments get, married couples still have them all the time and end up getting a good laugh about them later.

Love and romance have become the thing of the past. This is the world of modern dating where relationships have become a way to pass time instead of having something substantial in life with an actual goal.

People meet on dating apps, exchange numbers, and get in a casual relationship sans any commitment. When things don’t work out they call it off over a text. Surprising? But that’s the truth of modern dating. However, love in old school days was really special that made relationships happier in the past than they are in the modern world.

Here are some significant reasons why we believe old school romance is better than modern dating.

Those Were the Times of Romantic Love Letters

In the old times, when there were no Whatsapp, FB messenger, or emails, love letters were the only means for lovers to express their feelings for each other. There were no emoticons to express instant emotions but only handwritten love letters with teardrops on them that expressed a vast ocean of feelings without saying anything.

The Charm of Occasional Meetings

There was no such trend of going on dates every weekend or partying till the wee hours. Lovers back then had to make a lot of arrangements to meet each other just once or twice in a month. But even that one meeting meant so much to them. And every moment they spent with each other gave them memories galore to cherish till their uncertain next meet.

There Were No Dating Apps

Yes, there were no dating apps like Tinder, bumble, and Happn in old times still the relationships were quite sorted. People actually used to meet in real life to get to know each other better. And on the basis of their compatibility quotient, they would get into relationships.

Relationships Used To Grow Organically

In old times, getting into a relationship was more about finding a companion with whom you can share your feelings, happiness, and sorrows. Holding hands, exchanging glances, and stealing kisses were the initial steps that lead to physical intimacy after a long term of understanding and knowing each other. Unlike modern romance that is based on the foundation of physical attraction rather than emotional connection.

Relationships Were Meant To Be Enjoyed Not Controlled

In the modern dating process, everything happens so fast that people hardly get any time to enjoy and absorb its beauty. One little mistake can ruin the entire relationship within seconds. While in old times, people used to be very forgiving of their partner’s little mistakes. Instead of fighting over silly things they used to work on their weaknesses to make their relationship better. People used to enjoy each other’s company even if their relationships were full of unpredictability. They never knew till when they would be together, still they used to enjoy it as much as they can that made their relationship more passionate.

Relationships Were Not Meant To Show Off

Declaring love on social media platforms has now become a relationship rule. The more you show it off on Facebook or Instagram or any other social media platform, the truer your love exists for your partner. Or at least, this is what millennials like to believe. While in old times, people didn’t feel the need to announce their love to the whole world. It was more like a sacred thing between two people that the world didn’t know about. It made old school romance more magical and priceless.

Pain & Gain of Commitment Is Missing

Commitment- the biggest phobia that every millennial has which keeps them away from any sort of long-term relationship. We understand relationships are not always about love, roses, and mushy conversations. There are challenges, failures, and barriers but they can be overcome if you try a little harder. In old times, relationships used to be the priority of people and they were fully committed to it. They teach us that you cannot let go of an important person in your life simply because he/she has some weaknesses. Always remember, nobody is perfect and everybody deserves a second chance.

Office romance! We all have fallen into the guilty pit at some point in our lives! If not, then we may have thought about what would it be like? Well, those who fell into the pit and now are finally out of know the reason why it is a mineshaft.

Why do we work? To earn & have a career, right? Then why do we find ourselves getting distracted by our attractive co-workers? We spend 8 hours a day in the office which means 40 hours a week, that too from the major portion of our day. We see our colleagues more than we meet our friends. Which is why these faces eventually turn friendly! Since our major portion of our day is spent in the office, it is likely to get charmed by them.

You should avoid falling into the mineshaft for the following reasons:

Office Rumors & Gossips
Office Rumors & Gossips
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You could be a victim of office gossip! If you think you can hide it, you are probably wrong. Someone will find out for sure or doubt, and there starts the gossip. People will constantly judge you & wouldn’t stop talking about you. The scrutiny is hard to escape.

Work Strife & Jealousy With Your Partner
Work Strife & Jealousy With Your Partner
Image Source – Google

You may love your partner and respect them a lot. But let’s be honest, everyone is working towards their goals at work. We are always in competition with our co-workers for promotions, appraisals & appreciations. Now imagine competing with your partner for the promotion you’ve been waiting for a really long time! Would you give it up for them? No? Thought so!

Even if you decide to handle it like “May the Best Man Win”, the one who loses will end up feeling envious.

Dating Your Senior? That’s A Sin!
Dating Your Senior? That’s A Sin!
Image Source – Google

So if you’re dating your boss, then every time you get appreciated for something, your co-workers are going to be like “It is because she is dating the boss.”

If you get promoted or get an appraisal, you will turn into the office bitch. Your hard work would go neglected.

Dating Your Junior? You’re a fool!
Dating Your Junior? You’re a fool!
Image Source – Google

Yep, that is right! People wouldn’t stop judging you, regardless of your gender. If you are dating your junior, then they’d call you a fool!

It Might Affect Your Performance
It Might Affect Your Performance
Image Source – Google

When you’re in love, that one person could be on your mind all the time. Imagine having them around. It would be hard to concentrate on anything! You might want to take longer lunch breaks and often may find yourself thinking about your partner.  Again, what about your career goals?

Claustrophobia Much?
Claustrophobia Much?
Image Source – Google

If we think about it, it is really romantic to be around someone you love. All the office shenanigans, it can get really stressful. Someone present there to support you constantly can be really great. But after a while, it can get claustrophobic! You may find yourself in a situation where you wouldn’t be able to talk to anyone but your partner. A possessive partner may restrict you talking to other people & take most of your time.

Office Is No More Your Thing!
Office Is No More Your Thing!
Image Source – Google

Remember how Rachel told Ross that she likes how he is not a part of her office life. How she feels it is something she owns, something which makes her feel independent, and she liked it. We feel accomplished at our workplace, and those accomplishments are just ours! It is very important for humans to feel this way, it keeps them motivated. Having your partner around could ruin things for you.

No Individuality
No Individuality
Image Source – Google

Humans crave for individuality. We all want to have a personality of our own. Who would like to be referred to as “his girlfriend” or “her boyfriend” at their workplace & not by their name?

You will mostly be referred to as a couple!

Co-Workers Treating You Differently
Co-Workers Treating You Differently
Image Source – Google

Your co-workers may start treating you differently. They may call you names & may mock you for not spending time with them but only your significant others. They might even stop asking you for hangouts! In all the start looking at you very differently.

Post-Break-Up Shenanigans

Office romance may or may not last. Humans change their mind, get over people & breakups may happen.

Living With Your Ex In The Super Market
Living With Your Ex In The Super Market
Image Source – Google

Those of who have seen Friends, know what I’m talking about! Those of you haven’t, remember when you bumped into your ex in the supermarket? It was super awkward! Now imagine living in that supermarket with your ex!

Spilled Secrets
Spilled Secrets
Image Source – Google

People do crazy things in love & crazier stuff after breakups! You may trust someone blindly while you are attracted to them and tell them all your life secrets. After break up, your ex might just go around the office telling everyone your business.

You could be the target of office gossip because you broke their heart!

Please Stop The Rumors
Please Stop The Rumors
Image Source – Google

Your ex might end up spreading malicious rumors about you around the office. There is no way to stop them. Because people may believe them as they spent a lot of time with you! These rumors may even jeopardize your career.

Moving On Becomes Harder
Moving On Becomes Harder
Image Source – Google

It is difficult to get over a break-up! Now, if you see your ex every day it will become 1000 times harder to move on. And if you weren’t the one who broke up, every time you cross paths with your ex, you will end up missing them even more.
In case, if your ex starts seeing someone else in the office, it will become really difficult for you to not feel desolate.

Legal Hustles
Legal Hustles
Image Source – Google

In case if one person decides to change their mind but the other one isn’t ready to give up, there are high chances of the HR getting involved in your personal mess. Who needs that kind of drama in their life?

I am not saying that all workplace relationships fail. Some go beyond the hardships and turn into enduring relationships. But most of the times it is tough to sustain them. You need to be very vigilant about who you date, take these risks for someone who is totally worth it.

Romance is oxygen in love relationships. It is a strong adhesive that keeps the couple intact. In fact novelist, Elinor Glyn said that “Romance is the glamor which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze”. Romance is thus a much-needed element in a successful relationship. Whether you are in a live-in relationship or are married for years – romance should be there in your relationship. Without romance, things may fall apart. Actually, when you observe a lack of romance in your cute love story, you don’t feel the strength in your relationship anymore the way you felt when you started. If you see the following symptoms in your relationship, then, darling, those are signs of the dying romance that you once shared with your partner.

Read and analyze your relationship and do something about it now!

  1. He/She Is No More The 1st Person To Share The Big News

There is a place for your best friends in your life. But the reality is when you are in love or in a serious relationship with someone, then, that person quite generally becomes your best friend, companion, and secret-keeper. And that’s quite a common phenomenon across the world. You always feel the urge to share the big news or breaking news like losing a major client, winning a lottery, getting promoted, or getting a free pass to a concert, etc. with your partner. If you observe (both in your & your partner’s case) that all the big news are shared with a best friend, a new friend, or a family member, then, probably there is a lack of romance.

  1. Thinking of A Break-Up Constantly

If nowadays, the thought of a “break up” is constantly buzzing in your head, then it is a serious warning that romance has already died in your bond. Deep down in your mind, you always know the truth but the acceptance of that reality takes a long time to transform. If your gut feeling is saying “break up” quite often, then probably you should now take a step forward.

  1. The Feeling of “Loneliness” In His/Her Presence

Nothing can beat this one truly. There are two types of couples basically. The first kinds are the ones are extremely opposite to each other & have different choices, yet, they share a room/home and feel complete in each other’s presence. They both may be enjoying two different movies or books but there is a comfort in that silence and difference. The other kind of couple is the one who is perhaps watching the TV or the same movie & one is enjoying while the other is not. Or they are eating at the dinner table and one is expecting attention and conversation while the other is totally investing in his/her phone or tablet. If you belong to the second category, then buckle up, please. Always remember that in a romantic relationship, the differences are meant to be respected and not ignored.

  1. Weakness Pushes The Strengths Away

In the initial phases of your romantic union, everything seems good. The differences, behavior, sleeping pattern, the taste of food, or cleanliness – everything seems “cute” and you just “AWWW” those moments. But then of late, if you see these things more than the understanding and the romantic evenings spent together, then, definitely there is a problem.

  1. Avoiding Spending Time With Each Other

For any relationship to prosper, spending time with each other is mandatory. If you or your partner is avoiding or re-scheduling or canceling the promised times to spend together, then, you should worry. Is he/she spending more time on social media than spending time with you? What is there on social media that real people cannot fill? Find that out if he/she has started to talk to random people on facebook or insta. Maybe he/she is bothered with something and feeling afraid or shameful to talk to you which is resulting in this turmoil. If you don’t find suitable answers, then you are smart enough to figure out what to do – isn’t it?

  1. Are Your Conversations Boring?

After a considerable period of time, the conversations between partners turn to these – “have you bought the medicine?” “Didn’t you feed the dog?” “Where are the groceries for the week?”. But that’s ok also like both of you have to run a house. The problem is if you are not talking beyond these things. If there is silence after these question and almost monosyllabic answers, then, definitely you should worry. You must have spent some amazing times together, shared laughter, and made jokes at each other. Start all that again and if you see a reluctance in your partner, then, of course, talk it out so that romance can be back again.

  1. A Significant Change

Yes, it is true that “change is the only thing permanent in this world”. You must not forget that a little of both of you have changed since your relationship started. More than “change” that is called adaptation and adjustment to accommodate love & romance in life. But if you have recently noticed a significant change in your partner, it could mean romance has started to evaporate from your love for sure. You may see your partner change his/her entire wardrobe, visiting family & friends more than before, spending more time in the office, shifting the taste of music & movies, or spending money on very unusual things that are totally opposite to that person’s dictionary. These are symptoms that either he/she wants a new life, found a new love, or simply is done romancing with you!

When you fell in love that may have not been because of any reason but when you end up with them that definitely has some back story. Break Up by actual terminology mean the separation of something into several pieces or sections. After a relationship ends, there are 100s of questions dancing in our head. One very prominent one is “Should we stay friends? Or can we stay friends?” The answer to that question is NO! Why? Well here are 5 reasons why you cannot be friends with your ex!

1.    The heart wants what it “Needs”!
 The heart wants what it “Needs”!
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When you separate from your partner and decide to stay friends, it impacts your healing process. To let go & move on you need to distance yourself from your ex and grieve the breakup. Your heart needs to heal from the separation to have a better next. In order to have a better next, you first need to grieve about the present situation.

2.    Friendship = Friction!
Friendship = Friction!
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To have a better next-relationship afterward you need to cut the ordeal with your ex. Being friends may cause friction in your next. Your new partner might feel slight insecure or threatened with your awkward friendship with your ex. In order to have a healthy relationship, one must cut the ties with their exes.

3.    You’re Inviting More Pain!
You’re Inviting More Pain!
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While being friends with your ex can be casual & cool, it isn’t easy when you cling onto hopes & expectations. You’re simply inviting more pain for yourself. It was difficult in the first place, and then clinging onto hopes of winning them back might get you messed up. It only gets worse after the break up because you’re clearly not over them and they have moved on. Now, what joy it is to see someone you loved one is in love with someone else? Do all your loved-ones around you a favor and please move one. Saying it is easy but is equally difficult. But it isn’t doing any good to you.

4.    Simply NOT “Necessary”!
Simply NOT “Necessary”!
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The world is full of nice people who’re looking for love & friendship. Why do you want to cling onto the past? All that “Let’s be just friends” drama isn’t at all necessary. Be open to opportunities, you never know what or who may surprise you! And if not, life’s all about learning & growing. I’m sure you’ve heard of “You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince!” So, get your lazy-sad bum moving and go find some frogs before you find your Prince!

5.    Boy, Bye!
 Boy, Bye!
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This one isn’t exactly a reason to not be friends with your ex but just something that actually makes sense. All these exes teach us lessons or make us realize our flaws (if one wants to accept). When you’ve learned about yourself, you might want to find someone better to match your standard (no offense). With all ‘Knowing self-worth’, you really don’t want to waste your time anymore on the last one, right? So don’t be friends with your ex!“

There you go with reasons to not be friends with your ex. Is there any good reason to stay friends with your ex, kindly share. We’d love to know.

Life is hard, but with the right person by your side, things seem a little easier. Who is this right person? How and when will you meet him? We all have these questions in our mind. We know a few things for sure:

  1. Right Person is the one we feel comfortable with!
  2. No one person is perfect, we got to make compromises and accept people for their good and bad.
  3. There will be times when you do find the right person, but the timing would suck!

We meet many people before we find the one for us. I am one of those few people who got a chance to explore my choices (Although I strongly feel, I hardly explored). I know what is like to lose love, the little joys of being in a relationship, the fears, the struggles & the excitement. Here is an open letter to every boyfriend:

Dear Boyfriend,

How are you? I know we spoke this morning and last night as well yet I still feel the need to know if you’re okay because I genuinely care about you. Please don’t feel agitated by my constant need to know if you’re feeling okay.

Before I say or express anything, I want you to know that you are a wonderful human being. I have always admired the way you look at the world and things which is why I fell in love with you. Do you remember the first time we started talking? Our first conversation over text messages? We initially started with flirtatious messages, and I almost thought you were like any other boy. We flirted back & forth for a few days. Then came the night when we first talked for the entire night and that’s when I realized that you weren’t like any other guy! You told me about your dreams & hopes, about the time your heart was crushed, you revealed your little fears about life, and how you feel so strongly about football. That very night, I started to like you. As time passed, you put in a lot of efforts into our conversations and that’s what compelled me to agree for our first date. The date I will never forget! You might not remember the details, but I sure do! I remember what you wore, where we went, what we talked about & even what we ate. I was anxious because I wasn’t sure if you’d call me back after the date or simply ghost me but then you texted me and I felt a sudden rush of happiness. I always tell you that I have been sure about us since the beginning, but the truth is I haven’t! I wasn’t sure about you, about us until our first I love you. I am sorry about being so skeptical, but my past experiences have been really unnerving. Well, you certainly did manage to change my mind!
There are things I have been meaning to say, but I always hold myself back because I fear they might hurt you. I fear to lose you over stupid thoughts in my mind. I have expressed these feelings in the past but, ended up getting deserted. I want to take this chance with you!

Annoying Things

I know you want to take things slow, but I look forward to having a future with you. It may or may not happen but, what’s the harm in thinking about it? I hope this doesn’t make you feel claustrophobic.

I do trust you, but I feel insecure a lot! I feel scared when you talk about other girls when you tell me how beautiful & intelligent are. It is almost like maybe I am not enough for you. I may act angry, but I am just terrified. You keep telling me that you aren’t going anywhere, yet the thought petrifies me! I sometimes secretly stalk you over social media which I know isn’t right, but it really helps me calm down. It’s not like I don’t have faith in you, but it just somehow helps to calm down my anxiety.

I sometimes peep into your phone while you’re texting! I know how erroneous that is, but it gives me relief & comfort that I trust the correct person.

There is one thing I’ve been meaning to ask you for a very long time- Why don’t you express yourself often? This one thing is what I definitely do not like about you! How am I supposed to know that you’re jealous of my male friends or that you stressed out about work? You can’t always sleep over things! I need to know every time you’re sad, angry, jealous, happy or excited. I can sense these things, but I still would like to hear them from you. Since you don’t say them, it makes me feel like you don’t care enough or consider me an important part of your life.

Another thing which makes me feel really anxious is why do you feel the need to hide me from your friends? I know it’s irrational and immature to complain about something like this because all your close friends know but, all my friends know about you! Just saying!

There are little things you do which annoy me. When we spend the day together, why do you keep checking the match scores on your phone? I know it’s important, but it’s not like we meet every day. Why is it so easy for you to sleep immediately after we’ve had a fight because I keep thinking about it all night! Since we started dating, you eventually stopped taking efforts. I am not asking for constant validation, but for a little compliment every now & then doesn’t hurt.

And the most important thing- Why don’t you understand that there is a thin line between appreciating someone and flirting with them?  When a guy sends me a text saying I look pretty, it’s flirting! When you text a girl saying that she looks pretty, that is appreciating? What is that about? Also, please do not check out girls while we are together or be smart enough to do it in a way that I don’t notice. I don’t like when you tell me that what I’m thinking or saying makes no sense! Please try to scrutinize things with my perception.

Things I Love

Way too much nagging? Well, there more things I love about you than the number of things which irk me. I love the way you look at me when I crack silly jokes, I love how you get angry when someone says something wrong about me, I love it when you listen to me talk about the futile fights I have with my friends, I love it when you reply to my texts in the middle of the football match, I love it how you give me such good career advice, I love it when you call in the middle of the day & I love it when you tell me honestly about things I’ve been wrong about!

All these things make me fall for you even more with every passing day. No matter how crazy I am, no matter how much I overthink things & no matter how troublesome I am, you love me. It all makes me feel like I have a responsibility towards you, responsibility to make you happy.

You don’t have to be worried about guys being interested in me, I want you! I need to know- Do you feel the same about me? Just need to be assured that you’d hold me the same way in the future and that my little lunatic things wouldn’t drive you away!

I have had a rough past and so have you, but I am still very hopeful that we will last. Do you feel the same? I guess it will always be uncertain, but I’d like to know that there is hope, the same feeling in your heart!

P.S. I Hope None of This Makes You Feel Uncomfortable! Forgive me for being so ambivalent. I can’t be flawless, but I am trying to be the best version of myself for you.

You’re definitely are my MUSE.

Yours Lovingly,

Your Anxious Girlfriend.