7.5/10 on IMDB and 8.1/10 in TV.com – Desperate Housewives was first broadcasted on 3rd October 2004. And since then, it has garnered huge fandom across the globe and that is evident with 8 successful seasons. For the uninitiated, Desperate Housewives is an American mystery comedy-drama television series created by Marc Cherry and produced by ABC Studios and Cherry Productions. Currently, it is available on Amazon Prime. The story is set on a fictional suburban area of the USA named Fairview. The street where the characters live is known as Wisteria Lane. 5 housewives befriend each other coming from different backgrounds and the story is narrated or seen through the eyes of their late friend who dies in the pilot episode. This set of housewives were desperate to live their lives, take their challenges, commit their mistakes, and learn from their mistakes.

Over a span of 2004-2012 – it made the fans love these characters, hate them, and also learn many lessons from them. But the current generation also watches it and loves it. I started to watch it recently and within 1 and half months I have reached the 7th season. There is so much to love and learn both. So, here are some of the life lessons that I have observed from the show. Hope you will also find them useful.

Money Is Definitely Not Everything:

One of the most loved characters from the series is Gabrielle Solis (Eva Longoria) or Gabby. She was a successful model and that’s what she always wanted to become. Her priorities were too clear to her – she just wanted to be rich, shop the best clothes in the world, and have all the best jewelry, makeup, and shoes in her closet. So, quite obviously, she gets hitched to a very successful businessman named Carlos Solis (Ricardo Antonio Chavira). Carlos is always busy in his business trips and conference meetings and to relieve her monotony she starts an affair with John – her gardener. She also ends up spending more time in shopping and salons. When the couple tries for surrogacy, the biological mother is reluctant to give her child to the Solis. Thus, a bank full of money also cannot fulfill their emptiness.

People Have Their Dark & Deep Secrets:

Everyone you see walking on the road, shouting on the phone, or waiting for someone on a park bench – has secrets. Their secrets and reasons are best known to them. You are no one to judge them. You may see them smile or dance at a party – but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their share of sorrow or secrets to hide from the world. In every season of Desperate Housewives, a new member or family comes to stay on Wisteria Lane with their baggage of deep and scary secrets.

Your True Love Can Come More Than Once:

“True love happens only once” – this is an age-old theory. In the practical world, you actually change with time and broaden your thoughts and it is absolutely ok to fall in love more than once. Bree Van De Kamp played by Marcia Cross falls in love with a psycho pharmacist after the death of her husband. After the death of the psycho pharmacist, she falls for a dentist – Orson Hodge. Later, she divorces him too and starts dating someone who is 17 years younger to her. She was simply true to herself and enjoyed her time (in the show) – and that’s what we all should do in life.

To Err Is Human:

Alexander Pope said this phrase centuries ago. But do all of us understand the gravity of this phrase? Everyone commits a mistake. Susan Mayer (Teri Hatcher) goes to pry at Eddie’s place and accidentally burns it down. After divorcing Carlos, Gabby starts her affair with the Mayor of Fairview who turns out to be a psycho. So, see no one is actually perfect. That’s why forgiving is a must. Someone forgave you too when you committed a mistake and that’s the cycle in which life functions.

Accept The Change & Be The Winner:

We all have notions about ourselves in our minds. But believe me, all that changes with time and situation. You end up knowing your new limits and strengths. Gabby was an ex-model whose motto was never to have a baby but by 5th season we see her as a happy mother. Lynette was shown as a dedicated advertising person who would have never thought to be a full-time mother. But once in her sabbatical, she enjoys motherhood more than anything else. Bree Van De Kamp was shown as a full-time housewife who later becomes a successful chef and cookbook author.

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover:

The moment Eddie Britt is shown on screen – you will have reasons to hate her. She is literally a b**ch. Eddie tried to snatch Mike Delfino from Susan Mayer. She also started a live-in relationship with Karl Mayer and later Carlos Solis (ex-husband of Susan Mayer & Gabrielle Solis). Eddie is again someone who is great at sassy dialogues and insulting people. But inside her also lies a caring mother who loves her son too much. But she keeps her son away from herself because she is not able to provide him a great life like her husband. Therefore, judging a book by its cover should not be a practice.

There are many more things to learn from Desperate Housewives and I can go on and on with that. But for now, these are all I can share. Do share your views and learnings from Desperate Housewives.

In this marketing-oriented world, we are surrounded by advertisements everywhere. They have become such an unavoidable part of our lives that we try to overlook them on TV, billboards, metro stations, and every possible place we come across them.

But once in a while, we come across some socially relevant advertisements. They grab our attention and tell a powerful story. They deliver strong social messages with such ease that both the brand and issue etched in our minds forever.

So here are some of the best Indian advisements that put light on social causes which are worth watching.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Ad- Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

This ad features Kangana Ranaut in the role of Goddess Laxmi along with other TV actors, including Ravi Kishan, Isha Koppikar and Amitabh Bachchan who narrates the ad. In the advertisement, a woman throws out the trash from her home without thinking about the people downstairs. A panwala cleans his kiosk while littering the street. An office-going man throws the trash out of his car’s window. Each of these people has a photo of Goddess Laxmi, which disappears while they litter the street and their surroundings. Later, Kangana Ranaut appears in the ad as Goddess Lakshmi who only stays where there is cleanliness. So this ad is a suggestion to the God-fearing common man than Cleanliness is next to Godliness. And urges them to maintain cleanliness not just at home but in their surroundings as well.

Dekh Le By Whistling Woods International

This ad by Whistling Woods International is a strong take on men who stare at women in public and treat them as objects. The ad displays four instances where women are being ogled by men with a relevant background song “Dekh Le Tu Dekhte Hue Kaisa Lagta Hai.”

The ad starts with two guys on a bike staring at the thighs of a girl wearing shorts and riding a scooter. In the second instance, three men in a bus stare at a girl’s cleavage while she is asleep on the shoulder of her friend. In another scene, a man ogles at a woman’s waist with a tattoo on it. And in the fourth instance, a man traveling in a train stares at a woman wearing a burqa. Later in the ad, one by one, all the men in those four instances are put to shame when women flash a reflective surface on their faces. That shows the men how stupid they look when they stare at women with their shameful intentions.

Ariel- Share the Load

This ad is a touching initiative by Ariel that sends across the powerful message that domestic chores are not just the responsibility of women. The ad displays a woman juggling between household chores and laundry while being on a work call. She makes tea for her husband, attend her father and clears the mess scattered by her son. The father watches her daughter handling several responsibilities at once. While her husband sits in one place watching TV and does nothing to help. He realizes how he set the wrong example for his daughter while bringing her up that only women are supposed to handle domestic responsibilities. At that moment, he decides to change by helping his wife with the household chores. This ad tries to send the message that helping around the house isn’t just a woman’s job. Men should share the load as well.

Vogue India- Boys Don’t Cry

With this ad, Vogue tries to convey the message that the serious issue of domestic abuse can be addressed at the early stage by changing the way we raise boys. Growing up, we all have seen people teaching boys that “Boys don’t cry” as it is considered the sign of weakness something that only girls can do to express their emotions. This core message is etched in their mind that crying portrays them as a sensitive individual, which is a girl’s domain and boys are not supposed to behave like that. So, these boys develop aggression and resort to violence as a way to express their views.

In this ad, there are shown several instances in a boy’s life where he starts to cry. While being sent to school, being taught to swim against his wish, being taken to a doctor’s clinic or being heartbroken after a relationship ends. But every time he starts to cry, he is nagged by parents and friends and told that “Boys don’t cry.” In the end, a boy is shown on the verge of crying while he twists the arm of a girl and leaves her on the floor after the incident of domestic abuse. Madhuri Dixit narrates in the end that we always teach our boys not to cry, but it’s high time we should teach them not to make girls cry.

Dove- Let’s Break the Rules of Beauty

The ad begins with a woman narrating that in India, there are 631 million women, but there is still only one face of beauty. Growing up in India, all girls idealize tall, thin, and gorgeous as the beauty standards and very few of them are able to match them. Throughout their life, this complex runs in their mind like an undercurrent. The advertisement shows women from the entire country having different complexions, age, and body shape. It attempts to break the conventional notion of being beautiful. In recent years, the country is observing sincere initiatives towards women empowerment. The aim of the ad film was to depict beauty as a source of confidence and it seems that it has succeeded in it. The ad has substantially strengthened the debate of evolving ideas of beauty in India.

The deep and powerful messages conveyed through these advertisements are commendable that challenges the stereotypes predominant in our society.