Every relationship asks for something or the other. And everyone, be it a man or a woman has basic expectations out of their romantic relationship. This question waltz in everyone’s brain when they are in a relationship. “What does he want?” is what every woman seeks an answer to.

This question has been asked by women in the past, today, and it will always be asked in the future too. Reason being no one really knows what they want. But these basic cornerstones to form a healthy or a stable foundation for any relationship is what you could know & keep in mind.

There are times when your relationship gets rocky and you don’t know what went wrong. This is when the question arises, you ask your partner multiple times what do they want and they have no answer. Your partner goes all mum because they really don’t know how to make you understand what they want. Talking about Understanding, let’s start listing the 4 things that a man expects from his relationship (P.s. I assumed this is what they want)

1.  Understanding
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The basic requirement of any relationship is “mutual understanding.” Men expect their lady to understand them (even if they DON’T). It’s expected out of you that you understand why your man was late to the date night or why hasn’t he answered your calls. But keeping aside the silly reasons, he really expects from you to understand if he had a long tiring day when he’s occupied with a pile of work or anything that requires his attention. He wants you to ‘GET’ him like no one else. And if your partner lacks this cornerstone, the best exercise is to communicate. The more you communicate and share your life experiences, the more it will help your partner to understand you.

2.  Companionship
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With a better understanding comes companionship. No one likes to be alone. Similarly, men hate being alone. And when they are with someone they expect to spend time with their partner. On one hand, they want their woman to have meaningful conversations and on the other, they also want to have fun dates with them. They love it when their woman loves or even shows interest in what they love to do. Isn’t it exciting when you have similar interests? And then you decide and plan to hang out doing exactly what you both like? But isn’t it important to indulge and know what you partner likes? Men really appreciate when their woman spends time, let’s say, playing games with them (Mind games aren’t appreciated), watching their favourite Football team play, going out for adventures or whatever that your man likes to do. It’s the same when you like him being around while you splurge on shopping or get your nails done (how sexist, eh?) But yeah, this explains the 2nd cornerstone.

3.  Intimacy
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One thing that men really expects or wants from his relationship is intimacy. Quite a lot of men are actually vocal about this topic. Few of them have clear intentions about intimacy, that it is one of the important things in a relationship. But there are a few for whom the relationship revolves around this. For the former part, I’d suggest you stick around and try to learn what & how things evolve to have that intimate relationship. But for the latter, you must pack your bags and leave. Intimacy is a biological need and nobody should be blamed for wanting it. With intimacy, comes a bit BUT (yeah that too, but that’s not the point here). Fulfillment in intimacy is what keeps both happy. It can help them get closer but isn’t the only thing that can keep the relationship last longer. The conclusion is, intimacy is important but isn’t enough. Anyway, it does play a vital role in being the 3rd cornerstone.

4.  Respect
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I know I didn’t start with ‘Respect’ as the first cornerstone, but nevertheless, it’s the most important one. Respect is important for the teenager that just started to experience what a relationship feels like, or for one who had a divorce. Respect is one important cornerstone that builds a relationship stronger, no matter what the relation is. Even a relationship with your pet requires respect (not that I’m comparing your romantic relationship to that). It is for both and not necessarily for men to expect respect out of a relationship. It is required to survive. Men expect that if you allow them to be their selves you’re being respectful to them. If you feel you’re clueless about how to show that you do respect him, here are few ways; don’t judge his thoughts or opinions, don’t make ‘awkward’ gestures when you don’t agree with him, be grateful/thank him for his favors and help.

Practicing these basics can really help your relationship in a healthier way. These are the 4 basic things that I believe men really expect from their relationship. So if you are a man reading this blog, I know you’d agree but if you’re a woman I am with you when it comes to understanding men, just how it’s tough for them to understand “Women”.

And a big thank you if you made it this far while reading this blog. Drop some feedback in the comment section below.

People often wonder what puts off a woman and makes her lose interest in a particular person. Ever wondered what makes a good guy? While physical attraction plays a great role but there’s a lot more going on in that head to pick out one guy for herself. Oftentimes, it’s the little things that make the most of the impact rather than some grand gestures. So, to go further and get that pretty woman for yourself, focus on the good to get rid of the bad.

Here are some of the deal breakers for a woman. Start making notes you boys!

Unhygienic Stud!

It doesn’t matter if you go to the gym, work-out, look good and all of that jazz but if you’re not hygienic then my boy, you’re definitely out of the game even before it starts!


Well, are you the one who keeps talking about yourself and your awesomeness? You really need to consider going back to school to learn what confidence and overconfidence actually mean? Stop bragging about your grand plans!


You DO NOT want to fall into this category. Ignoring your woman and being adamant about what to she has to do and what she needs to decide. Decide for yourself not for her. Don’t be a snob! You’re not right, not always! You can figure these ones out from a distance if you find them fighting over the “RIGHT” thing because they cannot be proven WRONG!


Men with an awful schedule, life routine, messed up sleep timings or some weird family issues. They come with a baggage. A woman has to think real hard about how to talk to them or be with them. Generally, they aren’t worth the trouble! Move on, Darlings!

Male Chauvinist

Talking about these makes me feel eecky! They feel they’re the elite breed because they’re MEN! Well, guess what, we’re women. We’re elite but with brains (Something that you lack). If you disrespect a woman just because of the fact they’re women and all they could do is cook, give birth and die, you are, out of all, the worst one!

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It isn’t about traveling. It’s about his eyes. The lecherous eyes that wander around and gleefully check out other women. What-a-shame! Definitely a turn-off.

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We all know one or two. And they know all other women. All of them are their “Friends”.

They eye all types or women. These ones can never be satisfied with one woman.

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Why so clingy bro? Boys who keep touching their partners, cheeks, shoulder, thighs & try indulging in serious PDA are a big NO! There are things that are fine within the four walls. So much of touch can piss off any woman.

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Knock on the door, pull a chair out, hold the door, offer help, be gentle and kind, be polite with people in need, are some basic etiquettes that have to be taught while growing up. Women like men with manners.

Social Filter

This might get embarrassing if you’re dating one. Someone who blurts out everything that’s on his mind without giving it a second thought. These people require social filters.

Full of Himself
Full of himself
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I know I have mentioned a type before above. But it’s different here. These types are actually “FULL” of themselves. They do not care even if you’re breathing (Okay, too much!), they don’t care if you’re even present there. All they be doing is talk about themselves, think of themselves, plan things for themselves or what they like without keeping you in consideration. It’s like YOU DO NOT MATTER. And that’s annoying.


If that man isn’t a man of principles? He cannot be your man. He can never stand for a woman. You don’t need them. Period.

Compulsive Liars
Compulsive liars
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They do one thing, you question them and there comes another lie from that dirt mouth. It’s may get disturbing after a while for you to deal with all the lies that come out naturally from their teeth.

Possessive…OVER Possessive!

Being possessive is cute at the time. But being over possessive about everything that you do is annoying. “Don’t do this, don’t wear this, don’t go here, don’t talk to him” says people who don’t have a life of their own. They’re buzzkills, BIG TIME!

Horny? Ok, PLEASE!!
Horny? Ok, PLEASE!!
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Another one featuring all those men who like to get intimate in every possible situation and any given moment. No sense of time and place. And if you’re not around they look for alternatives like we all know we shouldn’t be getting indulged in. Kick these ones out right away!

Addicted to His Addictions
Addicted to his addictions
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Lastly, someone who’s addicted to drugs and substances. Alcoholics would work if it’s occasional. Smokers too. Addictions can turn out a girl or anyone for that matter. It’s hard to keep them going along.

Traits that are deal-breakers from a women’s perspectives. At the end of the day, you want the best for you. Women don’t need to compromise with something just to be there. If you’re unhappy with any of the deal breaking traits, leave and stay happy. There’s definitely something good for everyone out there.