Who doesn’t like to shop? It is said that women love it a bit more than the guys. Some women are extremely calculative when it comes to shopping while some are spendthrift. To some women, shopping is a leisure time activity and for some, it is an addiction. But have you ever thought that your zodiac sign can have something to do with your shopping habit? Yes, it can reveal a lot about your shopping style and habit. Read below and know more about the zodiac signs and the unique shopping styles of the ladies falling under them.

Aries Style of Shopping:

The Aries woman is quite loud and she enters the shopping stores to conquer it literally. She wants the latest fashion trends and colors for the season right away and she is quite an impulsive shopper. The Aries woman also loves shopping because she enjoys the challenge that comes with bargaining.

Taurus Style of Shopping:

She is that kind of shopper whom you see in the movies – swinging by the delicatessen for a sample and sweet treat to accompany her while she is taking a round of the shops. She loves to feel the fabric and gets the finest pieces of luxury and comfort for herself. And that’s why she prefers to shop offline and not online. She knows that she is spending her hard-earned money on her fine and rich taste and that’s why she wants every penny to worth the buy!

Gemini Style of Shopping:

Gemini is that person who is more of a seller than a buyer. If you find someone trading her stuff for an exchange – chances are ripe that she is a Gemini. She is also the one who normally flashes in and out of the shops and checks the latest trends. She even talks to everyone she meets at the shop because she wants to be sure of what she is buying.

Cancer Style of Shopping:

Cancer women (and men too) have a penchant for fine cutlery and home décor things. They have an impeccable sense of aesthetics and thus you will find them shopping more for their home rather than themselves. This shopper will walk miles to find that exact kind of sheets matching her cushions. When you visit her place, you will be served the best chocolates and every cutlery at the barbecue party or Christmas party will match the theme of the occasion perfectly. She is also that kind of person whom you can take shopping when you are confused to buy gifts for your people!

Leo Style of Shopping:

Leo is that person who loves leading the way and you will generally find a Leo woman shopping in an entourage. She will lead the way and make sure everyone got something back home. They are very generous and benevolent and thus shopping never ends with shopping bags only – they believe in a lovely meal afterward. Leo women are those kinds of shoppers who take pride in every item bought. She loves to enthrall people with cute anecdotes buying those things.

Virgo Style of Shopping:

Virgo women believe in small buys rather than big ones. So, they don’t mind going to the same store multiple times a day also. They are perfectionists and that’s why take a long time to settle down on any buy.

Libra Style of Shopping:

Libra people are generally indecisive when it comes to shopping. Every choice they make requires a second thought (several times). So, if not happy, they will return the product. But they buy mostly for their partners and for the self they may buy only once a year.

Scorpio Style of Shopping:

A Scorpio woman is never wrong in her fashion parade. She is always the best, unique, and unconventional at times. So, you can only imagine what discreet eyes of details she carries while shopping. Also, she loves to have a collection of things that other people only desire to own and thus you will find the finest and unique things at her place – be it an antique showpiece or a rare book. Scorpio women also believe in acquiring things and thus everything they buy has some deep meaning attached to it.

Sagittarius Style of Shopping:

You can say that souvenir shops were made for these ladies. They go out of their way to buy a seedpod from a baobab tree or the exotic spices from Africa. They come home, keep the bag, hardly bothers to open them, and then plans to visit the next market. They just feel satisfied that they got something rare or unusual.

Capricorn Style of Shopping:

This is the most pragmatic zodiac sign when it comes to shopping. Every zodiac sign has some kind of weak spots for shopping but not this sign. Capricorn ladies shop only when they know they can afford it fully. They want to be sure that every penny spent is worth and that’s why settle for those things that are of good use and will last for some years to come. In short, they are very intelligent buyers.

Aquarius Style of Shopping:

They love to spend on music, books, and gadgets and don’t mind pre-booking them online. But they also have a great pair of eyes for unique and unconventional things. So, a Scorpio woman would be a great companion for an Aquarius woman while shopping. To get that desired piece of thing they will scout the whole market and will come back empty-handed if the object is not up to her standards.

Pisces Style of Shopping:

They generally don’t prefer the malls to shop and to avoid crowd, they will go to the offline markets at early or late hours of the day or evening. Artistic things top their list and she will also bargain well. Apart from pieces of art, Pisces women love to spend only on useful and necessary things.

We ladies have so much to look after & that includes getting ready too. Every morning we have a to-do list for the entire day before we even take a fresh breath of air to thank god that we made alive another day in this world. For women working it gets hard to make decisions every morning about what to wear. Here are 5 basic must-haves that are also extremely versatile. Having these can make it easy for you to repeat clothes and still keep your fashion statement on point.

1.    White Shirt
White Shirt
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A white shirt can go long way if you know just how to pair it with different things in your wardrobe. The color white can get along with almost everything. Pairing your white shirt with a pair of blue jeans and a pair of nude heels/pumps or just simple flats (because of the comfort) looks casual and comfortable. The attire is effortless and classy. A White shirt can be coupled with a long pencil skirt and heels for that matter. And if you don’t want anyone to notice if you were to be repeating your shirt, add a denim jacket on top of it or wear it with a t-shirt inside and keep the buttons open. A white shirt attire can turn heads trust me!

2.    LBD
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Moving on to the next item, LBD as we all know it. I suggest every woman must have at least one Little Black Dress in her wardrobe. It is such a versatile and statement piece. It can be dressed button up or down. Wear it just as it is, or add that classy white shirt on top of it. You can add a denim jacket on it, or a simple t-shirt and in winters you can throw a trench coat on top of it, add some stockings and heeled-boots and you’ll be good to go. You can also pair this LBD with a long shrug or kimono in summers with your work footwear and voila! LBDs are a staple piece in our wardrobe that can make a statement, however.

3.    Classic Pair of Heels
Classic Pair of Heels
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Owning a classic pair of heels can make dressing up so easy! Just go out at any brand, find yourself a classic black heel, strap, no strap, pumps, wedges, or whatsoever! A pair of black heels can make your whole outfit go from okay-ish to WhAAATTTTT! One thing that you need to take care is they must be comfortable to walk around. Wear them with jeans, trousers, palazzos, skirts, dresses basically anything and everything. Heels are women’s best friend. And you can never go wrong or too much with heels. They’re the perfect possessions in our wardrobe. Invest in good & comfortable heels.

4.    Blazer
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Blazers play an important role in our wardrobe. They are the quintessential outfits for every woman. You can throw a blazer on a shirt, t-shirt, LBD and you’ll be good to go. Investing in a good blazer can make you go versatile with so many different styles. Blazers can be worn in winters, or even if it’s just mildly chill. You can carry it with you to your workplace and just keep it there as an option of any sudden meeting. Become an unconventional slayer in your group by possessing a classy & yet a casual blazer.

5.    Dainty Statement Jewellery
Dainty Statement Jewellery
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This is one thing that can amp up your whole outfit in seconds. Any dainty statement jewelry piece can make it look so dressy. Become a hoarder of dainty jewelry pieces for styling minimal yet classy. A single piece of neckpiece can change the whole outfit perspective. Or add a touch of sophistication with elegant statement earrings. Wearing jewelry to work can be a tricky choice. One doesn’t have to go all out there. A Single piece of chain with a little pendant, layered neckpieces or loops can work their charm. Try this and you’ll be amazed how a little piece of jewelry can amp up your outfit.

These wardrobe essentials need no explanation and can never go passé. They can be your foundation for your styling wardrobe. Add the right basics to achieve the best wardrobe. Try these staple styles by mixing and matching.